Birthday parter as an absurd theatre

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<ol><li> 1. Name: Maru Riddhi Paper: 9 The Modernist literature Roll No: 21 Class: M.A.Sem.3 Year: 2016-2018 Emil Id: Submitted To: M.K.Bhavnagar University, Department of English </li><li> 2. 0. Born : 10th October, 1930 0. Profession : play writer, Screenwriter, Actor, Theater director, Poet 0. Nationality : British 0. Nobel Prize winner in 2005 0. His most Famous works : No mans Land, The Birthday Party, Betrayal, 0. His career being with the play, The Room 0.Died : 24th December, 2008 </li><li> 3. 0.It means the expression in art of the meaninglessness of human existence. 0.Theatre of Absurd is a term or particular movement started in Iate 1950. 0.Worid is without meaning and life is without purpose. 0.Associated with Existentialism. 0.Samuel Beckett, Jean Genet, Tom Stoppard, Friedrich Durrenmatt, Harold Pinter etc </li><li> 4. Critic Martin Esslin coined the term Theatre of the Absurdin his 1960 essay and, later, a book of the same name. He related these plays based on a broad theme of the Absard. </li><li> 5. No Beginning No End No Middle </li><li> 6. Broad Comedy menacing and tragic effect Alienation effect Hoplessness in Characters Fragmentations Parody of concept of well maid play Unconventional writing Irrationality </li><li> 7. Mainly it is found in the characters of Meg, Stanley and Lulu. Meg: Stan! I'm coming up to fetch you if you don't come down! I'm coming up! I'm going to count three! One! Two! Three! I'm coming to get you! (She exits and goes upstairs. In a moment, shouts from STANLEY, wild laughter from MEG) Meg: What are the cornflakes like, stanley? Stanley: Horrible. Broad Comedy </li><li> 8. 0 .Frightening effect we find very much as it is Comedy of Menace also. 0. In movie background sounds play vital role for it. 0. In movie we have many dialogues and scenes such as Blindmens Buff scene( Menace) and Interrogation scene (tragic element). 0. Very much use of screaming and shouting in the play. Menacing and tragic effect Life under the Constant Shadow of Fear and Menace </li><li> 9. 0.In almost every character we find a kind of disappointment and complain from life. 0. Meg keeps on running meaningless conversations like how is cornflakes ? or didnt you enjoy your breakfast ?etc. It is perhaps to fill the emptiness within her. 0.And Peteys indifferent silence. 0. Lulus frustration comes out when the dialogue between her and Goldberg occurs. Hopelessness and fragmentation in characters. </li><li> 10. Ambiguity and Mystery Ambiguity and Mystery Stanleys pastis so Mysterious Goldberg and McCann way of asking questions to Stanley Kafkas work intensifies the dreadful angst experienced by the protagonist </li></ol>