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ID bird orders and take a quiz that uses a picture and song to test your bird watching knowledge!


  • 1. BirdsKingdom:Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves

2. Orders of BirdsSongbirdsPasseriformesBeaks: Short or pointy, crush seedsor grab wormsFeet: For perching on branchesWell-developed vocal organsLargest order 5,200+ speciesExamples: Sparrows,cardinals, wrens, larks 3. Orders of BirdsTropical BirdsPsittaciformesBeaks: Curved and strong to crush seedsFeet: For perching on branchesWell-developed vocal organsExamples: Parrots,cockatoos, parakeets 4. Orders of BirdsBirds of PreyFalconiformesBeaks: Sharp and curved tear fleshFeet: Talons for capturing preyExcellent vision, Vultures havegood sense of smellExamples: Eagles, hawks,falcons, vultures 5. Orders of BirdsNocturnal Birds of Prey OwlsStrigiformesBeaks: Sharp and curved tear fleshFeet: Talons for capturing preyBig eyes for good night visionCan turn heads 180 degreesExamples: Screech owl,great horned owl, barredowl 6. Orders of BirdsGame BirdsGalliformesBeaks: Pointed and tough to eat seedsFeet: Running have claws and spursBig, round bodies, little headsExamples: Chickens, quail,turkeys, pheasants, grouse 7. Orders of BirdsWaterfowlAnseriformesBeaks: Flat to grind veggies, filters at edges of billFeet: Webbed for swimmingStrong fliers, reach the highestaltitudes- 30,000 feet+Examples: Geese, swans,ducks 8. Orders of BirdsWadersCiconiiformesBeaks: Long and pointed for catching fishFeet: Long legs, non-webbed, largefeet Examples: Storks, herons, ibises 9. Bird-Watching QuizThere are 424 species of birds thatcan be found in Kansas. How manydo you think you see on a normalday?The Kansas record for the mostbird species seen in a 24-hourperiod is 225! 10. Bird-Watching QuizTo practice your recognition of thedifferent orders of birds and to seehow well you can identifyingcommon Kansas birds, you willtake part in a bird-watching quiz. 11. Bird-Watching QuizEach slide will show a picture of aKansas bird. You will need to writethe general name of its order.Your choices are:a) Songbirdse) Waterfowlb) Tropical Birds f) Game Birdsc) Birds of Preyg) Wadersd) Nocturnal Birds of Prey 12. Bird-Watching QuizYou will also receive half a bonuspoint for correctly naming any ofthe birds. 13. Bird-Watching QuizReady. 14. Bird-Watching Quiz#1: 15. Bird-Watching Quiz#2: 16. Bird-Watching Quiz#3: 17. Bird-Watching Quiz#4: 18. Bird-Watching Quiz#5: 19. Bird-Watching Quiz#6: 20. Bird-Watching Quiz#7: 21. Bird-Watching Quiz#8: 22. Bird-Watching Quiz#9: 23. Bird-Watching Quiz#10: 24. Bird-Watching Quiz#11: 25. Bird-Watching Quiz#12: 26. Bird-Watching Quiz#13: 27. Bird-Watching Quiz#14: 28. Bird-Watching Quiz#15: 29. Bird-Watching Quiz#16: 30. Bird-Watching Quiz#17: 31. Bird-Watching Quiz#18: 32. Bird-Watching Quiz#19: 33. Bird-Watching Quiz#20: 34. Bird-Watching Quiz#21: 35. Bird-Watching Quiz#22: 36. Bird-Watching Quiz#23: 37. Bird-Watching Quiz#24: 38. Bird-Watching Quiz#25 39. Bird-Watching Quiz~Answers~ 40. Bird-Watching Quiz#1: F- Game Bird Northern Bobwhite Quail 41. Bird-Watching Quiz#2: A- Song BirdBlack-cappedChickadee 42. Bird-Watching Quiz#3: C- Bird of PreyRed-tailed Hawk 43. Bird-Watching Quiz#4: E- Waterfowl Wood Duck 44. Bird-Watching Quiz#5:A- Song BirdRed-wingedBlackbird 45. Bird-Watching Quiz#6: C- Bird of Prey Turkey Vulture 46. Bird-Watching Quiz#7: G- WaderGreatBlueHeron 47. Bird-Watching QuizA- Song Bird#8: Western Meadowlark 48. Bird-Watching Quiz#9:C- Bird of PreyBaldEagle 49. Bird-Watching Quiz#10: E- WaterfowlCanada Goose 50. Bird-Watching Quiz#11: A- Song BirdEasternBluebird 51. Bird-Watching Quiz#12: B- Tropical Carolina Parakeet 52. Bird-Watching Quiz D- Nocturnal BOP#13:Barn Owl 53. Bird-Watching Quiz#14: A- Song Bird Blue Jay 54. Bird-Watching Quiz#15:F- Game BirdGreater PrairieChicken 55. Bird-Watching Quiz#16: C- Bird of PreyAmericanKestrel 56. Bird-Watching Quiz#17: A- Song BirdEuropeanStarling 57. Bird-Watching Quiz#18: E- Waterfowl Snow Geese 58. Bird-Watching Quiz#19:G- Wader Cattle Egret 59. Bird-Watching Quiz#20:D- NocturnalBOPBurrowingOwl 60. Bird-Watching Quiz#21: F- Game BirdRing-neckedPheasant 61. Bird-Watching Quiz#22: E- WaterfowlBlue-winged Teal 62. Bird-Watching Quiz#23: A- Song BirdHouseFinch 63. Bird-Watching Quiz D- Nocturnal BOP#24: Barred Owl 64. Bird-Watching Quiz#25: A- Song BirdBarnSwallow 65. Bird-Watching QuizOther Kansas Birds WoodpeckersDownyNorthernWoodpecker Flicker 66. Bird-Watching QuizOther Kansas Birds Whip-poor-whilDownyWoodpecker 67. Bird-Watching QuizOther Kansas BirdsMourningDove 68. Bird-Watching QuizOther Kansas Birds Belted Kingfisher 69. Bird-Watching QuizOther Kansas BirdsRuby-throatedHummingbird 70. ~The End~That sQuackt ast i c!