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  • 1. Featuring the High Powered Adventures of Cardinal and the Idea Program!
  • 2. People are much smarter than computers, not even close. People are the smartest animals. Easily. We are building a high performance bus. You and the idea program are going to be key! This is the Chinese Eye. This exercise can help you solve new problems and identify new opportunities! A fixed eye creates a rigid mind. Use your mind to turn problems into opportunities, and opportunities to advantages! Think like a magician, anything we can visualize is possible! There is more than one way to get the trick done. The simplest way is usually the best!
  • 3. We need straight thinking, But we also need ZIGZAG thinking. Below are the 3 types: Incrementally: Continue making gradual improvements Creative Solutions: Applying these to tricky problems. Redefining the Problem: Into an Opportunity!! Roadblocks are our most common problem. They are also the easiest to solve. Loosen up your brain so you can use your creative thinking tools. Set Lofty Goals! Seek to understand what you dont know!
  • 4. Routine Work Fix It Work: If routine work isnt done right the first time it leads here. This work is expensive and non-productive. There are three types of work:: Innovative work: Allows us to look at our processes, tools and training. What do we need? What can we stop? EVERYONE INNOVATES This program will strive to motivate you as innovators... ...Provide you with the environment for you to hone your skills. Aid in shifting time and priorities to allow for innovative work.. ...and take away the fear that can come from having a bright idea!
  • 5. What can we do when confronted with a problem? Clearly Define the Problem! The more time we spend defining the problem, the less time we spend finding the best course of action! And the happier we will be with the end result! So what kind of ideas are we looking for? Efficiency or Conservation of Resources! Sales or Customer Satisfaction!! Organizational Effectiveness!! Quality of (work) life!!
  • 6. So good luck in preparing for flight, and remember these tips that will help this program not just fly but SOAR! There are no areas of Cardinal that cannot be Improved. Your imagination is the only limit! Beware of mental roadblocks! Seek to fix recurring roadblocks! Embrace Change! And remember formula for flight.; its as simple as ABC! A iming High - Believe the small things can take us far! B asics - Be brilliant in the basics of your job! C ustomer Satisfaction - The need for satisfied customers never changes!! Stay tuned for an exciting training video headed to a home page near you!