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Books in the Bible5. Which book of the Bible talks about the apostles & their work?Romans Galatians Acts

1. Which book of the Bible contains the Love chapter?Matthew 1 Corinth


2. Which book is the shortest book in the Bible?Titus 3 John Jude

6. Which book of the Bible contains the ten commandments?Genesis Exodus


3. Which book is named after a doctor?Isaiah Mark Luke

7. Which book of the Bible talks about the New Jerusalem?Daniel Hebrews


4. Which is the last book of the Old Testament?Malachi Haggai Nahum

8. Which book of the Bible talks about Noah & the ark?Leviticus Genesis



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Kings in the Bible5. Who is the first king of Judah (Southern Kingdom)?Ahaz Asa Rehoboam

1. Who is the first king of Israel?Saul Solomon David

2. Who became mad and acted like a beast for a while?Darius Hezekiah

6. Which king married Jezebel?Abijam Ahab Ahaziah


3. Which king asked the wise men to look for the baby Jesus?Herod Pilate Archelaus

7. Which king saw the writings of the wall written by Gods Darius Cyrus Belshazzar fingers? 8. Who was the most wicked king of all?Amaziah Uzziah Manasseh

Produced by Simon Siew

4. Which king was punished by God with leprosy?Joash Uzziah Jotham


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Women in the Bible5. Which woman is one of the Judges of Israel?Hannah Rahab Deborah

1. Which Moabite woman married Boaz?Naomi Ruth


2. Which woman was responsible for Samson losing his hair?Dinah Delilah

6. Which woman is the sister of Moses?Rebecca Miriam Zipporah


3. Which woman is not one of Labans daughter?Leah Rachel Zilpah

7. Which woman married Ananias and died soon after her Lydia Priscilla Sapphira husband? 8. Who is the mother of Samuel the prophet?Hannah Abigail Esther

4. Who is the mother of John the Baptist?Elizabeth Tabitha Dorcas


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Places in the Bible5. Where did Jesus reveal that He was the Christ (Messiah)?Troas Ephesus Caesarea

1. Where were the disciples of Christ first called Philippi Antioch Christians?Jerusalem

2. Which place was destroyed by God through fire?Nineveh Sodom Babylon

6. Where did Paul find the people receiving the word eagerly?Galatia Berea Rome

3. Where did Jacob dream about the ladder reaching to heaven?Ebenezer Mizpah Bethel

7. Which place means Here the Lord had helped us?Mizpah Jabbok Ebenezer

4. Which place has an altar dedicated to the unknown god?Athens Lystra Corinth

8. Shalmaneser was a king of which country?Samaria Egypt Assyria


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Animals in the Bible5. Which animal is the Israelites compared to in Lamentations 4:3?Ostrich Buffalo Crocodile

1. Which animal is not one of the beasts of prophecy in Leopard Horse Bear Daniel? 2. Which animal did Samson kill with his bare hands?Lion Bear Leopard

6. Which living animal is better than a dead lion (Eccl. 9:4)?Camel Horse Dog

3. Which animal spoke to Balaam the prophet?Goat Sheep Ass

7. Which animal does Proverbs encourage us to learn from?Ant Deer Owl

4. Which animal was sacrificed by Abraham instead of his son?Calf Ram

8. Which animal represents the kingdom of Babylon?Bear Lion Leopard



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Prophets in the Bible5. Which prophet refused to go to Nineveh at first?Amos Joel Haggai Jonah

1. Which prophet told Hezekiah that he would die?Ezekiel Isaiah

2. Which prophet is known as the Crying Prophet?Jeremiah Obadiah Haggai

6. Which prophet married the prostitute called Gomer?Hosea Micah Zephaniah

3. Which prophet took over from Elijah?Elisha Nathan Samuel

7. Which prophets name means God is judge?Ezekiel Daniel Nehemiah

4. Which prophet prayed that rain would not fall for 3 years?Micah Elijah Nahum

8. Which prophetess saw the baby Jesus?Anna Deborah Lydia


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Numbers in the Bible5. How many nights did Jonah spend in the belly of the big fish?3 4 7

1. How many missionary journeys did Paul make?1 2


2. How many books are there in the New Testament?26 27 28

6. Which commandment forbids the stealing of someones goods?5th 6th 7th

3. How many pieces of silver did Judas get for betraying Jesus?30 40 60

7. How many people were with Jesus when He was transfigured?2 3 4

4. How old was Jesus when he was circumcised?6 7 8

8. How many wise men went in search for Jesus?Unknown 3 4


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Food in the Bible5. Which food did Jesus eat with his disciples after His resurrection?Beef Mutton Fish

1. What grain was Ruth gleaning when she met Boaz?Barley Wheat


2. Which spice was the Jews careful in tithing?Mustard Cumin Anise

6. Which fruit tree did Jesus curse and which withered soon after?Fig Grape


3. Which animal is considered unclean?Hare Quail Deer

7. The promised land is described as flowing with _______Wine Honey

Fruit juice

4. Which plant did the Israelites crave for during the exodus?Mint Figs Leeks

8. Which of the following is not part of the original diet?Egg Nuts Grains


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Mountains in the Bible5. On which mountain did Abraham attempt to sacrifice his son Isaac?Sinai Calvary Moriah

1. On which mountain did Elijah challenged the Baals Nebo Carmel Ebal priests? 2. On which mountain was Saul defeated by the Philistines?Gilboa Gerizim

6. On which mountain did Jesus weep over Jerusalem?Olives Pisgah Golgotha


3. On which mountain did Balaam attempt to curse Israel?Tabor Pisgah


7. On which mountain did Deborah & Barak descend to defeat Sisera?Gerizim Tabor Ebal

4. On which mountain did Jacob and Laban made their covenant?Harmon Horeb Gilead

8. On which mountain were the 10 commandments given to Moses?Sinai Carmel Gilboa


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Minerals in the Bible5. A good virtuous woman is compared to ________.Sapphire Diamond Ruby

1. Which metal represents the kingdom of Greece?Silver Bronze Iron

2. What was used to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah?Mud Hailstone Brimstone

6. What did Lots wife turn into when she disobey God?Salt Mud Stone

3. Which is the 6th stone of the breast plate of the priest (Ex. 28:18)?Diamond Silver Gold

7. Og the giant had a bed made of this material (Deut. 3:11)Gold Iron Brass

4. The streets of New Jerusalem will be a transparent _______Gold Pearl

8. Sinners are said to be brought out of _____ (Psalms 40:2)Silver Fire Hailstone Clay


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