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    An ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 Certified Institute

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  • We continually face challenges in life - how we view them

    defines us. We at BVDU, choose to see challenges as

    stepping stones & opportunities that we have encountered

    along the way for us to use, to "step on" so that we can

    achieve more, develop further and ultimately actualize

    more of our goals!

    The new skills and competencies have become a key

    element in ensuring quality in the process and product

    alike. Therefore, to cope with the modern challenges, the

    development of students and staff at every level and at

    frequent intervals is imperative.

    The stepping-stones are here. Our results attest to this, our

    work ethic confirms this and our vision underpins this. Dr. Patangrao Kadam Founder - Bharati Vidyapeeth

    Chancellor - Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune

    Dr. Shivajirao Kadam Vice - Chancellor - Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Pune

    ''Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.''

    - William Shakespeare

    These words resonate with me personally. As a teacher I

    appreciate the premise that an individual's cumulative

    actions can result in a sustained development process. We

    have taken action and we have done it so collectively and I

    can only pay compliment to the outcome.

    We are all destined to make choices and these choices do

    largely control our actions. I am most fortunate that Bharati

    Vidyapeeth Deemed University has so many motivated

    people, who make positive choices, which ultimately lead

    to so many meaningful and productive outcomes.

    Message from the Vice Chancellor

    Message from the Founder

    BVIMR Admission Brochure 2017-18 [01]

  • We have accomplished a great deal - we identified our

    goals, set aside time to achieve them. Our work ethic and

    achievements are noteworthy. They are the collective

    results of each and every one. We aim to hone the

    academic skills, fine-tune the aesthetic senses and work

    towards building a Holistic culture that values the

    individuality of each student, helping them realize their

    innate potential. Students are encouraged to explore and

    revel in the joy of learning. At Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed

    University, each student is guided through an

    individualized work plan in consonance with his/her

    potential, thereby providing a complete learning


    Dr. Vikas Nath Director - BVIMR, New Delhi

    Dr. Vishwajeet Kadam Secretary - Bharati Vidyapeeth

    At BVIMR we opine that when students are groomed to

    become leaders they contribute to make a difference to

    their organizations and to the world around them.

    We are committed to strengthening this status by

    inculcating value systems and imbibing the spirit of

    innovation, thereby ensuring the professional success of

    our students. Whichever path they follow, they will reap

    benefits from an education that combines intellectual

    rigour with a practical orientation, to allow them make a

    beneficial impact on our world.

    The future embraces an incredible assurance for the

    Institute. We foresee being acknowledged as one of the

    premier management institutes globally.

    Message from the DIRECTOR

    Message from the Secretary

    BVIMR Admission Brochure 2017-18 [02]

  • A ‘8’ acres oasis in West Delhi – Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, Institute of

    Management & Research (BVIMR) is the only Institute adjacent to Metro Station,

    Paschim Vihar (East), with fabulous architecture, lush verdant woods and

    landscape gardens that provide an idylic environment to engage in Management &

    IT studies. BVIMR boasts of a world class infrastructure, state of the art facilities

    with air-conditioned classrooms, library and hostels that facilitate excellence in

    teaching, research, consultation and professional development activities.

    Established in 1992, the Institute has since then built world-class infrastructure,

    highly accomplished faculty and motivated students to emerge as one of the

    premier institutes for management education and research program.

    MBA program of the institute is re-accredited by National Board of Accreditation

    (NBA). It has excellent Industry Institute Partnership Cell christened as, C.R.C.

    which has signed LOU/MOU with more than 40 Corporate/Business Houses

    giving an added advantage of integrating classroom knowledge with practical and

    real life experience.

    About BVIMR

    BVCOE, New Delhi BVIMR, New Delhi BVICAM, New Delhi

    BVIMR Admission Brochure 2017-18 [03]

  • To be a world class management institute for social transformation through dynamic education.

    H To impart borderless inclusive, absolute ingress to management and technical education based on excellence.

    H To construct education system apt for the altering and assorted requisites of society and industry in a global context.

    H To proffer quality, advanced education for broadening the horizons of mind and creating skilled pools of talents.

    H To foster quality research in management and technical facets for a holistic societal development.

    H To develop national and international networks with industry, NGOs and research institutions to address the expectancy concerns of stake holders.

    H To nurture pervasive appliance of ICT for embellishment of teaching, learning and development for efficacious system inception.

    H To effect quality as an intrinsic component of all the institutional operations by advocating innovative practices.

    H To have intact, international benchmarks of quality assurance for perpetual self- introspection of its performance standards and quality enhancement.

    H To further the creation of learner centric, altruistic learning ambiance, to facilitate outcome based quality education, learning, training and development.

    H To enroot and harmonize ecumenical quality benchmarks for distinctive pedantic executive pursuits, so as to evolve a world class brainery.

    H To perpetuate fruition dossier of learners, personnel and institute via efficacious appropriateness of ICT for interminable auditing and amelioration of quality standards.

    H To convene training and development activities for personnel; to architect their competencies for implementation of quality praxis.

    H To incarnate and systemize quality aestheticism and savoir-faire in the Institute.

    H To specificate Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) of the Institute for penetrating recapitulation of performance and to design progressive future action plan for perennial quality enhancement.






    BVIMR Admission Brochure 2017-18 [04]


    Constituent Units Of Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University

    Institute of Management and

    Research, New Delhi

    Yashwantrao Mohite

    Institute of Management, Karad Institute of Environment Education

    and Research, Pune

    Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Information

    Technology and Biotechnology, Pune

    College of Physical Education, PuneAbhijit Kadam Institute of

    Management and Social Sciences, Solapur

    Institute of Management and

    Rural Development Admin., Sangli New Law College, PuneY.M. College of Arts,

    Science and Commerce, Pune

    Interactive Research School for

    Health Affairs (IRSHA), Pune

    Centre for Research & Development in

    Pharmaceutical Sciences & Applied Chemistry, Pune Medical College, Pune

    Dental College & Hospital, PuneMedical College & Hospital, Sangli Dental College & Hospital, Sangli

    College of Ayurved, Pune

    Dental College & Hospital, Navi Mumbai

    Homoeopathic Medical College, Pune College of Nursing, SangliCollege of Nursing, Pune

    College of Nursing, Navi Mumbai College of Architecture, PunePoona College of Pharmacy, Pune

    Yashwantrao Chavan Institute of Social

    Science Studies & Research, Pune





    College of Engineering, Pune

    Social Science Centre (M.S.W.), Pune

    Institute of Management and

    Entrepreneurship Development, Pune

    Institute of Management, Kolhapur Institute of Hotel Management and

    Catering Technology, Pune

    BVIMR Admission Brochure 2017-18 [05]

  • Education Excellence Award 2015 ASSOCHAM

    Gujarat Council

    Rated AAA+ in North India by

    Career 360 Magazine, 2016

    Ranked amongst top 50 B Schools in India and top 5

    in Delhi by Business India,

    Business Management & Chronicle &

    Career 360

    Ranked 1st amongst top 10

    B-School in India in term of placement