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1. Dell World User Forum UFIL502: Beyond the Basics of Patching Ron Colson, Senior Trainer Raphael De Vos, Senior Trainer Dell World User Forum 2. Dell World User Forum Agenda Labels Schedule Tips & Tricks Follow-up & Verification Best Practices & Goals: Group Discussion 3. Dell World User Forum Labels 4. Dell World User Forum Labels Devices and Patches Device Labels Test Devices Production Devices Patch Labels Patch Exclusions Excluding Patches As of 5.4, and continuing with 5.5, most customers no longer need to worry about multiple, very explicit, labels of patches. So, do we really need them at all, anymore? Yes. Wellmaybe. Most customers only need to eliminate from consideration those patches which will be detected as needed by their devices, but which they cant have deploying. Things like JAVA JRE come, immediately to mind. Performance Replication Shares 5. Dell World User Forum Group(s) of devices for test patches Device Labels Test group(s) of devices = get all/latest patches Manual label = the only way to get a well-rounded sample of your entire environment The wrong test group can be counter-productive, rather than merely worthless. Group(s) of devices for production patches Production devices = get only patches released more than XX days ago. We also need to take into account the three main considerations, when deciding how to sort devices into Patch Schedule groups: 1. K1000 Performance 2. Device Availability (Timing) 3. Patch-Sensitivity of devices 6. Dell World User Forum What Matters K1000 Performance What else is happening? Replication Shares! Timing Which devices are available? When? Desktops Nights/Weekends Silent Laptops Business Hours Interactive Which Patches Will JAVA updates break certain PCs? Most Important Considerations 7. Dell World User Forum Improving K1000 Patching Performance Everybody thinks about the WAN savings (which are awesome), but they dont typically think about the K1000 performance aspect of Replication Shares. All device tasks, which require devices downloading packages from the K1000, are necessarily resource-intensive. By off-loading this requirement, we can dramatically improve the performance of the K1000. That means we can patch a LOT more devices, simultaneously! To extend that even further, we might consider setting up a Replication Share(s), even in the office where the K1000 is located. That way no device is ever downloading anything from the K1000, directly. Replication Shares 8. Dell World User Forum Exercise 1: Create Patch Labels 9. Dell World User Forum Exercise 2: Create Device Labels 10. Dell World User Forum Schedule Tips & Tricks 11. Dell World User Forum Deploy Schedule Quick Review Deploy Patches Reboot 12. Dell World User Forum Detect and Deploy Schedule Quick Review NO 13. Dell World User Forum Things to Think About Manual / On-Demand This device Run NOW! IT Workbench IP Subnet Run NOW! Imaging Supplementation Imaged devices Automated! You already know about generally patching your typical laptops and desktopslets delve deeper! 14. Dell World User Forum Manual Other Patch Schedules Need to patch that one device, right now? Keep a Patch Schedule, normally set to Dont Run on a schedule, that you can, at any time, target to a/some device(s). Got a separate IP Subnet on your IT workbench? Keep a Patch Schedule, set to run in overnight hours every night, targeting the IP Subnet dedicated to your workbench. This way, any devices that are brought in for maintenance, will also automatically! get fully updated, before reinsertion back into the wild. IT Workbench Image patches out-of-date? Build a Device Smart Label to group your devices that were just imaged. Keep a Patch schedule, set to run every hour, targeting that label. Image Patching 15. Dell World User Forum Exercise 3: Create Urgent Patch Schedule 16. Dell World User Forum Follow-Up & Verification 17. Dell World User Forum Follow-Up & Verification Canned Reports LOTS of Patching Reports built-in Simple Tweaks Other Options for SQL Code Learn More This Week! Other DWUF Classes 18. Dell World User Forum Best Practices & Goals 19. Dell World User Forum Lets Talk Policies & Procedures The Way Forward Beyond Paretos Law ! 20. Dell World User Forum Thank you. 21. Dell World User Forum KACE Support Portal Migrating to Dell Software Support Portal Starting in November, all KACE Support Portal material will be migrated to the Dell Software Support Portal All service requests will be submitted online or by phone Same great content Knowledge base articles Video tutorials Product documentation JumpStart training Check out the Support Portal Getting Started videos