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Google penalty aim to lessen black-hat techniques and serve users a quality and relevant information only. With Google penalty regulates SEO techniques.


  • 1. As SEO is getting more popular, several websites now use SEO to improve their web presence. Indeed, greatly helps a company to promote their business. Through SEO their website is being optimized - got higher page ranks, gained more backlinks and their page views increased as well. These things mean a lot to all website owners. The existence of their business somewhat depends on it.Unfortunately, the perks of SEO are obtained through black- hat SEO techniques. Thats why Google, lifted its SEO penalties to regulate proper website optimization. You should be aware of SEO penalties, perhaps, you have done SEO in a bad way. You should deal with the guidelines, unless you dont want google penalize your website.

2. Google penalty is an algorithm or manual update of google which can bring negative effects on a websites search rankings. As an example, if your website is going through a poor web traffic or alarming drop of sales or worse, it is no longer found in google search. If you have a consistent high page rank and all of a sudden these negative things happen to your website, then your website was issued a google penalty. Indeed, its devastating. Its like your website was killed without your knowledge.With google penalty it would now serve as a handcuff to those SEO guys who abuse the immense potential of SEO. This move of google isnt made to scare website owners, but teach a lesson to anyone that following certain guideline would not bring demise of what they have worked hard for. For others, they may find it a real problem.But if youre running a legit business and conform to the SEO guidelines of different search engines, not just google, theres no reason for you panic. Looking at the brighter side, google penalty can be beneficial to everyone.Google, hailed as the most popular search engine just want to provide users with quality and relevant information. 3. Google penalty is the response for websites that deceives users just for the sake of optimization.Youll surely get a google penalty if you use black-hat SEO techniques. Its quite many to mention all of the black-hat SEO techniques. But you definitely have to keep in mind how important it is to provide unique and relevant information to the users. Dont over-optimized your websites by putting so much advertisings and stuff thats really irrelevant. Check your keywords, backlinks, and even web design to prevent any cause of getting a google penalty.The bottomline is, google penalty was not made to end the happy days of SEO-savvy. Just be fair and trustworthy enough. Thus, if youre following google guidelines, theres nothing to worry about.For more information, visit us at