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  • Effective Branding For B2B

  • Your targets are SMEs.

  • They want practical, sensible advice in 20 minutes.

  • First thing, Wednesday morning.

  • Never look the same,

    sound the same

    and feel the same.

  • Be big in the mind where the big guys are small.

  • Reverse your customer-reach approach.

  • Branding is what your customer believes is reality.

  • Your customer is a powerful media-owner.

  • Its a new world every day.

  • A flatter structure means speed. Use it.

  • Opportunity is topical. Grab it.

  • Innovation is being functionally first. Not the best.

  • Branding is a statistical discipline.

  • Quit at 80%.

  • Great is the enemy of good.

  • Enough said. Thank you.

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