benefits of digital signage over traditional signage

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Thinking of signage for your business? Not sure if you should go with traditional or digital signage? This presentation discusses the benefits of digital signage.


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2. Digital Signage is Higher Impact Moving full colour graphics andvideo grabs attention We are trained to find tv andcomputer screens hypnotic oureyes keep going to them evenwhen we are trying to ignore them Can incorporate sound 3. Easy to change just upload new images rather than printing andshipping new signs 4. When signs are changed, no need to reprint and ship No need to throw out old paper signs Saves shipping costs Helps the environment 5. Better Use of Space Can show multiple messageson one screen instead of adifferent printed sign for eachmessage 6. Time Control Message can be adjusted for time ofday, season or holidays Youth oriented advertising whenschool is out Christmas, Valentines, Mothers Day orother holiday related advertising Ads for events that are finished canautomatically stop 7. Web Connectivity Digital Signs can showautomatically updating, real time News feeds Weather Stock quotes 8. Location Customization A display near a certain store in a mall could play their ads more often Franchise restaurants can offer regional dishes on their menu boards 9. Better Targeting Can tailor message forvenue sports ads in asports bar, concert ads at amusic venue, etc. 10. RevenueGeneration Ad space on digital signagecan be sold to create anotherrevenue stream 11. More Digital Signage Information Digital signage software and resources can be found


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