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  • Bees We NeedWhy?

  • Bees in plenty

  • Is bees so important?


    For our survival.

    Declining bees can make us starve with no food

    as the grains, fruits, nuts and oil we consume all

    are the result of bee pollination.

    Silently bees add value to human life.


  • 1.Bees are natures doctor.

    I call them so and you should know


    When they sting you or you make them

    sting, it is injecting mellittin, a chemical

    that alleviate pain.

    Use it for migraine cure, head ache,

    joint pain and so on.

    It is the costliest of all the bee products.

  • 2. Body detoxification

    Cleansing our body can add

    energy and that adds to


    Keep yourself energetic , work

    efficiently, detoxify your body

    with Royal Jelly.

    Royal Jelly, a bee product that

    keeps the queen bee live 36

    times more than the worker bees

    with an amazing ovarian

    capacity capable of laying 3000

    to 5000 eggs in a day is sure a

    powerful natural product.

  • 3. Bactericide

    Bio bactericide can stop

    or prolong decaying of

    organic body.

    Honey bees produce

    Propolis a bactericide

    that can be used for

    embalming or to ward off

    bacteria. It is product

    used in pharmacopeia in

    treating pimples to corn.

  • 4. Nutrient that supplements

    We need several nutrients that can prevent many diseases.

    If you believe "prevention is better than cure, bees are the best source of getting the richest nutrient from nature

    The pollen

    Bees collect pollen from plants that are of immense value in nutrient supply .

  • 5. Honey tonic

    Honey that has the high fructose content has proven to be the best of medicines for cuts, wounds, burns and ulcers.

    It is a food that has no fat and is considered a home remedy for better sleep, stop diarrhea, activate brain function (memory) and boost energy .

  • 6. Bees as wax producing

    Bee wax is a


    product for

    candles, wax

    paper, Mold

    casting, creams

    and in many

    beauty products

    of prominence.

  • How you show you love bees Promote bee keeping everywhere

    Help control insecticide spray

    Love bee products

    Keep water for bees in your house premises

    Grow flowers for bees

    Make your children love bees. (Give them


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