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  • WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2015VOL. 22 NO. VI 2012 - 2013 - 2014 NEWSPAPER OF THE YEAR

    Midweek $1.00

    The Police Report the Times prints each week is very informative to resi-dents with regard to crimes. It also makes us more apprecia-tive of the police. I also have noticed the

    report grows longer as Fenton grows larger. The price of prog-ress possibly?

    Again, our state legislators are acting in typical knee-jerk fash-ion to a solitary event. A soccer referee has died at the hand of a player and they think we need a law against assault-ing a referee. Check

    the books, assault and murder are already illegal.

    Who invented the flu shot this year? Everyone that got the shot is sick. Should we get a refund or should future shots be free from the government for a healthy America?






    Nearly 270 people braved the icy water of Lake Fenton on Saturday to take part in the annual Polar Plunge, which raises money for Special Olympics. The event was hosted by the Fenton Moose Lodge.


    Fire departments from as far away as Burton responded to assist with battling the house fire in Argentine Township on Monday.

    uTwo-story home up for sale is destroyed in Argentine TownshipBy Sharon; 810-433-6786 Argentine Twp. Twelvefire departments responded to ahousefireinthe15000blockofLocustGroveatnoononMonday. Argentine Township andLinden City fire departmentswere initially called to respondto the structure fire. A woodstove in the basement of atwo-story home caught fire,

    See FIRE on 6

    Fire in wood stove ignites, engulfs home

    uCostumed jumpers brave icy Lake Fenton to support Special OlympicsBy Yvonne; 810-433-6792 Thegoalforthisyearspolarplunge was to raise $60,000,

    but thecom-munitycametogether foragreatcauseand at finalcount, morethan$71,000wasraised. Event co-ordinator Pat

    Peters said, It was awesome.ShesaidtheUAWalonebroughtin$22,000andhavealreadyset

    See PLUNGE on 8

    Polar Plunge raises over $71,000

    SummaryuPolar Plunge brings in more than $71,000 for Special Olympics and organizer gets head shaved, just another weekend in Fenton.

    uSecurity breaches can open your accounts to criminals from around the worldBy Sally Are you beingcyberhacked? One Fenton resi-dentcheckedhisSo-cial Security Num-ber on the Internetusing Google, andfoundapersonusinghisexactnumberfromanotherMichigantown.IfyouGoogleyourphonenumberandyourbirthday,separately


    Cyberhacking is newest threat to personal security

    uGoogle your Social Security Number, your phone number and your birth date. The government knows whos hacking you.


    uTest your knowledge of U.S. civics questionsBy Yvonne Earlier this month Rep.Peter Lucido (R-ShelbyTownship) introduced abill that would direct theStateBoardofEducationtoincludepassingacivicstestintherequirementsforhighschoolgraduation.Thebillhasbeensenttoacommitteeoneducation. For students concernedabouttheimplicationofthisbill,shoulditbecomealaw,itwouldntbeginuntil the2016-17 school year, anditdoescomewithallnewcourseworktomakeitpos-sibleforpassing. The bill states that in-struction would begin no

    See TEST on 7

    Will graduates be required to pass a citizenship test?

    SummaryuWhat would happen if high school seniors are required to pass the civics portion of the naturalization test in order to graduate? This may or may not be the future in Michigan schools.

    By Sharon; 810-433-6786 Fentonpolicearehopingthatsome-onecanidentifythemanshowninthephotoatright. Lt.JasonSlateroftheFentonPoliceDepartmentsaidthismanissuspectedof

    stealingawholebeeftenderloin,pricedat$111,fromtheVGsgrocerystoreonNorthLeRoyStreetonJan.17. Theunknownman,inhis20s,walkedintothestoreaboutnoon.Hewenttothemeatdepartment,whereherequestedthe

    See BEEF THIEF on 7


    Fenton police would like to identify this man who is suspected of stealing a beef tenderloin from the VGs grocery store on Jan. 17.

    Police want to identify beef thiefuSuspect walks out of grocery store with $111 beef tenderloin

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    DRAWS 2,500

  • 2 Wednesday,February11,2015 MIDWEEK TIMES

    uNo license needed Feb. 14 and 15By Yvonne; 810-433-6792 LookingforauniquewaytocelebrateValentines Day thisyear?Takeyour lovedone ice fishing thisweekend for Michi-gans Free FishingWeekend. OnSaturday,Feb.14and Sunday, Feb. 15,everyone inMichigan,whether youre a resi-dentorjustvisiting,canfish without a license.Youstillneedtofollowlimitsandalltheotherregulations, however.This information isreadily available on the DNR

    Get in some free fishing this weekend

    Michiganhastwofreefishingweek-endsannually,oneinwinterandoneinthesummer. ManyMichiganlakesscheduleeventsthatcoincidewithFreeFishingWeek-end,althoughyoucanjustgooutonyour

    own toa lakewithpublicaccess. If you dont havea friend with lake accessand want to get out withmorepeople,HollysSevenLakesStateparkishavinga Free Ice Fishing DerbyatSevenLakesStatePark,onFridayfrom10a.m.to2p.m. TheHollyeventwillof-fer loaner equipment andinstructiontoparticipants,andtakesplaceattheFish-ermans Cove Shelter atthepark.

    ThatistheonlyofficialDNRregis-teredeventintheTimesareathisyear,butifyouareinterestedinvisitingothereventsinMichigan, According to the DNR website,Michigan has celebrated the WinterFree Fishing Weekend annually since1994. With more than 3,000 miles ofGreat Lakes shoreline, tens of thou-sands of miles of rivers and streams,and11,000inlandlakes,Michiganandfishingareanaturalmatch.

    Ice fishing safety Ice conditions vary from lake to lake. Find a good local source a bait shop or fishing guide that is knowledgeable about ice conditions on the lake you want to fish on.

    Purchase a pair of ice picks or ice claws, which are available at most sporting goods stores.

    Tell a responsible adult where you are going and what time to expect you back.

    The DNR does not recommend taking a car or truck out onto the ice at any time.

    If you are walking out onto a frozen body of water with a group, avoid crossing ice in a single file.

    Never venture out alone without telling a responsible adult on shore your plans.

    Test ice thickness with an ice spud before you settle on a spot.

    If you are with a group, avoid standing together in a spot. Spread out.

    Wear a life jacket and bright colored clothing.

    Take a cell phone for emergency use.

    Look for large cracks or depres-sions in the ice and avoid those areas.

    Remember ice does not form with uniform thickness on any body of water. Underwater springs and currents can wear thin spots on the ice.


    Ice fishing is great, especially for someone without a boat. It allows you freedom to get to where the fish are.Kevin Stegall, Local ice angler

    After-school program a hit with kidsturned into a great thing. There areusuallyeightto10adultvolunteersonhandandfourtoeightteenvolunteers. Colmer said the idea came after achildfromKidsforHope,anationalmentoring program, moved on to amiddle school that had this type ofprogram.TheydecideditsoundedlikeagoodideaandworkeditoutwithLin-denMiddleSchoolAssistantPrincipalMichaelGagne. Colmersaid,Werereallypleased.Itsabouthavingaplaceforkidstogoandhavefunandsocialize. Theyofferhomeworkhelpifneeded,snackbaritemsareavailableforpur-chase, and kids can play volleyball,basketball,ping-pong,andpool.Theyalso often have some home-bakedgoods free for kids who cant affordtobuysomethingfromthesnackbar.Theyareplanningafreepizzadaysoon. The program runs throughout theschool year. For more information,contactColmerorAmyWattsat(810)

    * Offer valid 2/3/2015 through 4/30/2015. Subject to approved installment credit with John Deere Financial. Implement bonus is in addition to Low Rate financing and requires the purchase of 2 or more qualifying John Deere or Frontier Implements. 1$3,000 OFF or Fixed Rate of 0.0% for 60 months and $1,000 OFF implement bonus on MFWD, 2015 model year 5045E and 5055E Tractors. 2$1,000 OFF or Fixed Rate of 0.0% for 60 months and $500 OFF implement bonus on 1023E and 1025R Tractors. 3Fixed Rate of 0.0% for 60 months and $1,250 OFF implement bonus on 3032E and 3038E Tractors. Some restrictions apply; other special rates and terms may be available, so see your dealer for details and other financing options. Valid only at participating US Dealers.


    Burton...................... (810)742-3364Birch Run.................. (989)624-9356Lapeer....................... (810)664-3798Saginaw.................... (989)791-1234Bad Axe.................... (989)269-9249

    Caro.......................... (989)673-8400Marlette.................... (810)346-2761Sandusky.................. (810)648-2404Reese....................... (989)868-4165

    uOASIS offers free hangout for Linden Middle School students every ThursdayBy Yvonne; 810-433-6792 EveryThursday inLinden there isan after-school hangout available tomiddleschoolstudents.Thisprogramis offered by Linden Middle School(LMS)inconjunctionwithHopeLu-theranChurch. OASISisafreeafter-schoolhangoutprogramlocatedinthelowerlevelofHopeLutheranChurch.Abusisavail-abletotransportthestudentsfromthemiddleschooltothechurch. TheprogramiseveryThursday,afterschoolletsout(2:45p.m.)to5p.m. Thep