bedroom furniture design ideas: mixing wood finishes

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  • 1. Bedroom Furniture Design Ideas: Mixing Wood FinishesIn order to create a tranquil, modern and stylish room, all of the bedroom furniture shouldcoincide with each other from the dressers down to the bed frame. One great way to do thisis to consider the different types of furniture finishes that you can mix and match beforesetting your eyes on a particular furniture. Here are some tips in how to mix wood finishes.UndertonesThe key to a successful color matching is to take a look at the furnitures undertones. Pickup on basic colors such as brown and red to see what finishes will look good against thecurrent color of your room or your entire household. For example, furniture with cherryand mahogany finishes will look good on rooms with hues of red.Transition PiecesIf you are planning to use different wood finishes, make sure you have pieces that canproduce a gradient effect or connect the different types of finishes together. If you areplanning to buy a bed that has an oak wood finish and a dresser that has a black woodfinish, you can buy a nude colored rug to put in between them.Browsing for bedroom furniture is a little tedious since there are a lot of different types outthere. This is why it is best to choose a manufacturer whose website allows customers tobrowse through their products by their finishes in order to save time and energy. Oneexample of this manufacturer is BedroomFurnitureSpot.Com. These manufacturers willmake it easier for you to find the wood finish that you are looking for without hiring aprofessional.