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Beauty salon. Only here you can find beauty within you!. Business area. Services. Our choice. Because it is the only beauty salon which exists in Slimnic. Target client. 2500 inhabitants Women are the main target client. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Beauty salon

  • Business areaServices

  • Our choice

    Because it is the only beauty salon which exists in Slimnic

  • Target client2500 inhabitants

    Women are the main target client

  • Ways of advertising the Aphrodita SalonFirmament FlyersBrochure News paperInternetPosters

  • News paper

  • www.afroditasalon.roThe web-site of Afrodita Salon

  • Principala Street,nu.45,Slimnic,Sibiu

  • Buildings decoration costs 7000 leiProducts: 970 leiAdvertising costs: 200 leiOne salary for one employee: 900 lei (for beginning) total: 9070 leiWhat we invest

  • Products that we buy every month:

    For manicure-pedicure: 350 leiFor make-up: 300 leiFor hair-style: 1000 leiFor forceps: 150 leiCosts: 1450 lei Total costs: 3250 lei

  • PricesAdults hair cut 10-20 leikids hair cut 8 leiHairstyling- 30-50 leiColored hair 30-40 leihairstripes 20-30 lei

    Manicure 7-25 leiPedicure 7-20 leiMake-up 10-20 leiForceps 5-10 leiSpecial offer colored+stripesfor long hair: 50 leifor short hair 35 leianofferfor the wholefamily:3+1 free

  • A successful business clients/month 50085 adults hair cut 1275 lei100 kids hair cut 800 lei100 (colored/hairstripes) 3255 lei75 manicure/pedicure 1050 lei50 hairstyling 2000 lei40 make-up 600 lei60 forceps 420 lei =9400 lei

    Total profit= 9400-(3250+900)=5250 lei

  • Financial crisisIts new in the village

    Possible problemsSolutions=reinvesting moneyMore offersTo extend our business:massage parlor Face,nails and hair trataments from abroad

  • Principala Street ,nu.45,Slimnic,Sibiu, Romania

    Phone: 0269.856.271


  • Brghi Adina- General manager

    Drumia Andreea-Creation manager

    Ursu Roxana-Financial manager