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If you are a technologist aspiring to create your technical branding, then this talk is you! This talk encourages you to be yourself and to create a unique identity for yourself in the technology ecosystem. Through my experiences and lessons learnt, I will share tips and techniques to create awareness about your technical competence both outside and inside your company. Such a branding will help you grow and will provide you with opportunities that you thought never existed.


<ul><li> 1. Be Your Own Technology Brand AmbassadorBuild your Technology BrandPragati Ogal Rai Chief Technology Evangelist PayPal (eBay Inc.) 1 @pragatiogal</li></ul> <p> 2. Author of Android Application Security Essentials Mobile Developer Relations, PayPal North America 15+ Technology Experience Thought Leader Mobile, Android, Security, Payments and 3. Agenda All about YOU!Technology Brand Why?What? How?3 4. Why should I create a Technology Brand?http://freestockphotoz.blogspot.in4 5. Facts &amp; Numbers [2014] 11 Million professional software developers7.5 Million hobbyists29 Million ICT-skilled workers5.3% more than in 2011 6. United States 19.2% China - 10.1% India - 9.8%. 7. 7 8. 8 Works AheadID: 183898 Eun Jin Ping Audrey | Dreamstime Stock Photos 9. What is a Technology Brand?http://freestockphotoz.blogspot.in9 10. Brand /brand/ NOUN A type of product manufactured by a particular company under a particular nameA particular identity or image regarded as an asset A particular type or kind of somethinghttp://www.oxforddictionaries.com10 11. 11 Colorful BundleID: 186677 Charles Shapiro | Dreamstime Stock Photos 12. Bill Scott UX &amp; Engineering Thought Leader Author of Designing Web Interfaces Lean Startup/Lean UX/Lean Engineering Advocate 12 13. Danese Cooper Open Source Diva CTO Wikimedia Foundation Chief Open Source Evangelist, Sun Microsystems Board Member, Open Source Initiatives Special Advisory Board, Mozilla ..13 14. http://freestockphotoz.blogspot.in14 15. How do I create my Technology Brand?http://freestockphotoz.blogspot.in15 16. Scale Your Visibility16 17. Not telling the truth is the quickest way to turn yourself into a stranger. Mark W. Perrett17 18. Do what you love Do what you believe in Do it with all your passion18 19. Develop a Strategy forbes.com19 20. Identify and Use Tools20 21. BattleHack 2013 Winners 21 22. Market yourself! Photograph by: Stock photo , Thinkstock22 23. Use the power of social media 23 24. Brand building is a process24 25. Summary Invest in building a positive technology brand Use tools to create and market your brand Develop a strategy and keep working on it25 26. Thank you! @pragatiogal </p>