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Battling bullies

Battling bulliesDeveloping empathy through booksTeri S. LesesneSam Houston State

Some facts to consider90% of middle school kids (grades 4-8) say bullying is worse than in other grades

56% of K-12 students report witnessing bullying incidents

15% of absences may be due to bullying

10% of drop outs and school changes are attributable to bullying

More than 250,00 kids will be attacked each month at school

Types of bullyingPhysical




HOW to combat bullies and bullying?Help kids develop empathy through books

AS NAOMI SHIHAB NYE NOTESTo me the world of poetry is a house with thousands of glittering windows. Our words and images, land to land, era to era, shed light on one another. Our words dissolve the shadows we imagine fall between. "One night I dreamt of spring," writes Syrian poet Muhammad al-Maghut, "and when I awoke/flowers covered my pillow." Isn't this where empathy begins? Other countries stop seeming quite so "foreign," or inanimate, or strange, when we listen to the intimate voices of their citizens. THE ALAN REVIEW, 1995How would you feel?If you saw someone being picked on because of his or her religion or ethnicity?

How would you feel?If someone attacked you because you were different?

How would you feel?If others judged you for something over which you had no control?

How would you feel?If someone called you names or made fun of you? What would you do?

what can one person do?

How would you feel if someone

And finallyhow can you survive if you are being bullied?Know that others, too, have made it through