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<ol><li> 1. Basil's Money Managment Strategies We know that debt is growing at an astronomical rate and people spend more money than they earn. Due to this, Foreclosures and consumer crimes have reached at higher rate. The major cause of this problem is that majority of people are not provided with the guidance of financial Independence program either at home or schools. A Financial Independence program and money management strategies should be made a compulsory part of the school curriculum in order to guide people. Lack of financial education in America has made it as biggest debtor nation in history rather than richest country in the world. The rich people are getting richer but America is getting poorer. This cause has led America to be two-class society where Middle class will not exist only richer/poorer will exist. Many people are graduated from schools and colleges and are earning money but still majority of them are uneducated about how money works. They are not taught about how to manage and invest money as it is important part of their life. A financial Independence Program will help to manage money. It will educate them, on matters like balancing their check books, how to save money, how to manage credit, how to invest money, what to do with paycheck, how to pay off debts, planning for retirement and finally how to achieve financial independence. </li><li> 2. Due to lack of proper financial education majority of people have become the prey to advertisers and other money lending organizations. These organizations are becoming wealthy with their earned money. In order to get rid off a proper financial knowledge is necessary to manage the money. Many people dream to achieve financial independence and want to feel free from debt but this can only be achieved by molding with their own hands and by joining financial independence program. They should be aware of that by using credit cards and slaves of advertisers they are loosing their money. By getting into Financial independence program and by learning how to manage money they will rapidly build their wealth. It will help them to build their Prosperous future. Financial Independence program will help them to make sound financial decisions. This will help them to overcome financial challenges and obstacles. They will learn personal development, discipline and financial control. They will learn how to manage their money, create cash flow with their current income and eliminate debt. Once they will start debt elimination they will have the cash flow to build their wealth. Wealth achievement will lead them on the right path to achieve true financial independence. So,it's time to get rid off debt, leave a legacy and build your financial independence with the help of Basilcollins at : </li></ol>