basic tutorial on autodesk revit created by mhs architecture portfolio

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Download BASIC TUTORIAL ON AUTODESK REVIT Created By MHS Architecture Portfolio

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  • BASIC TUTORIAL ON AUTODESK REVIT Created By MHS Architecture Portfolio
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  • 2 Sign in to the Autodesk Cloud 3D View Command Modify Key Properties Bar Project Browser Drawing Area Options Bar Elevation Markers View Control Bar Ribbon
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  • 1.Open Autodesk Revit 2. Under Projects select New 3
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  • 3. Click the browse button to select another Template file 4. Select the Residential-Default.rte option and click Open 4
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  • 5. When the New Project window pops up click OK When you open the project, click on the R in the upper left corner and click Save. You will be prompted to choose a location to save your project. Hit save. Be sure to save before you begin and save often. 5
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  • 6. To create a wall, select the Wall button in the upper left corner 7. Select the rectangle button To get out of any command, Click the Modify Button at any time 6
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  • 8. Draw a rectangle 28 x 60 by clicking and dragging from left to right, then click once again. 9. Go to Properties to change the wall type and select Exterior Brick on Wood Stud 7
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  • 10. On the ribbon select the Annotate option 11. Next select the Aligned option to create dimensions 12. Once the Aligned option is pressed, select the drop down menu and choose Wall faces on the option bar Option Bar 8
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  • 13. To draw dimensions from one outside wall face to another, pick the entire walls option on the option bar 9
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  • 14. Change the wall dimensions by selecting the adjacent wall and the box with the dimension in it. The dimension box will change blue and allow you to change the dimension. 15. Select the box and input your desired dimension and hit enter, make sure the walls are locked by selecting the annotation and clicking the lock button Unlocked Locked 10
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  • 16. To create the floor, select the Floor button, under the Architecture tab 11
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  • 17. Select the Concrete Slab 4 floor under the Properties Bar 18. To set the floor click the exterior of each wall 19. Once completed click the green check mark 12
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  • 20. To add a door press the Door tile on the Ribbon 21. Under the Properties Bar, select the Single-Raised Panel with Sidelights door 13
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  • 22. Place the door on a desired part of the wall with door swinging toward the inside of the house 14
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  • 23. To place interior walls into the house, click the walls button on the ribbon 24. Under the Properties Bar choose which interior wall to use from the dropdown list 15
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  • 25. Place the interior walls in the house from end to end to start creating the design 26. Place interior walls to your desire to have a good form of the house and layout of each room 16
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  • 27. To place windows in the house, click on the Window option on the Ribbon right next to Door 28. Under the Properties Bar pick what window style and size you want to add into the house then click on the option 17
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  • 29. Place the windows on the exterior walls of the house. When you hover over the wall it will come up with distances to and from nearby walls Make sure the window line is closer to the exterior edge of the building X 18
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  • 30. To place components in the house click on the Components icon and you will see a dropdown menu with a list of components. Select the component you want and click on it to place it. 19
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  • 20 31. To rotate a component, select the element, then under the ribbon click the round rotate button. Use the rotate angle by clicking near the element. Then click again to the desired angle. The element will rotate to the correct facing direction.
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  • 21 32. To fit the counter top to the cabinet, slide the small blue arrows to the desired length.
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