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<ul><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 1/28</p><p>INTERIM REPORT</p><p>Presented By</p><p>k.Bala ssrikanth reddy</p><p>10102500</p><p>M.B.AK.LU.B.S</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 2/28</p><p>COMPANY NAME</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 3/28</p><p>LOCATION OF THECOMPANY</p><p> ING LIFE INSURANCE</p><p>3rd floor, Raghu Mansion,</p><p>Near Shankar Vilas Cafe,</p><p>4/1, Brodipet Guntur,Andhra Pradesh,</p><p>Pin Code 522002,</p><p>Phone No. - 08632261002 /3/ 4/ 5/ 6 /7/8/9.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 4/28</p><p>OBJECTIVES</p><p> Objective executive training is to understand the products</p><p> present in the company, to understand the different type</p><p>customers present in the market, to understand exact field</p><p>work and its nature.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 5/28</p><p>EXECUTIVE TRAINING</p><p>EXECUTIVE TRAINING</p><p> Each and every student should have to undertake on-the-job-training and day-to-day operations of thecompany.</p><p> This on-the-job training and day-to-day operationshelp each student for gaining deeper understanding ofwork, culture, targets, deadlines, work pressure of ancompany.</p><p>Executive training helps in involving teamwork, goalorientation, and managing the interpersonalrelationships.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 6/28</p><p>CONT</p><p> Executive training helps for developing the qualities of a</p><p>manager.</p><p> Executive training is used to know about different types of</p><p>customers, how to interact with customers, how to makebusiness from the customers, how handle a customer in a</p><p>difficult situation.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 7/28</p><p>INSURANCE</p><p> Insurance is a risk management technique primarily</p><p>used to put off against the risk of a dependant on,</p><p>changeable loss that may be suffered by those</p><p>individuals or entities who have an insurable interestin scarce resources, by transferring the possibility of</p><p>this loss from one interested person, persons, or entity</p><p>to another.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 8/28</p><p>TYPES OF INSURANCE</p><p> Vehicle Insurance</p><p> Home Insurance</p><p>Business insurance Life Insurance</p><p> Health insurance</p><p> Disability Insurance</p><p> Disability overhead Insurance</p><p> Total permanent disability Insurance</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 9/28</p><p>LIFE INSURANCE</p><p> Life insurance is a contract between the policy holder and the</p><p>insurer, where the insurer promises to pay a designated</p><p>beneficiary a sum of money upon the death of the insured</p><p>person. Life Insurance have two major categories those are:</p><p>Protection Policies.</p><p>Investment Policies.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 10/28</p><p>COMPANY MISSION</p><p> To set the standard in helping our customers manage</p><p>their financial future.</p><p> Company name aim is to deliver its financial products</p><p>and services to customers with excellent service and</p><p>convenience and at competitive prices.</p><p> Gaining improvement in the financial performance of</p><p>all ING Life insurance businesses is a key componentof company strategy.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 11/28</p><p>ABOUT THECOMPANY</p><p> ING full form is</p><p> INTERNATIONAL NETHERLAND GROUP.</p><p> ING was started in the year 1850 at Netherland.</p><p> Corebusiness of ING are insurance,banking, assertmanagement and pensions.</p><p> Net worth of ING group is Rs83,16,000 crores</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 12/28</p><p>ING IN INDIA</p><p> ING started with its business in India with the</p><p>help of Vysya bank and GMR group in the year</p><p>2001 September 2001.</p><p> Shares of each company is</p><p>ING - 26%.</p><p>VYSYA BANK- 49%.GMR- 25%</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 13/28</p><p> In 2002 ING restructured with other companies.</p><p> ING has link up with three companies those</p><p>companies are EXIDE batteries, ENAM Group,</p><p>Gujarat Ambuja Cement.</p><p> Shares of each company is</p><p>CONT</p><p>EXIDE Batteries- 50%.Gujarat Ambuja Cement- 14.87%.</p><p>ENAM Group- 9.13%.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 14/28</p><p>PLANS IN THECOMPANY</p><p>Children Plans</p><p>Protection Plans</p><p>Savings PlansInvestment Plans</p><p>Retirement Plans</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 15/28</p><p>CONT</p><p>Children Plans: ING Aashirvad, Creating LifeProtection Plan, Creating Life Money Back Plan</p><p>Protection Plans: ING Term Life, ING Term Life plus.</p><p>Savings Plans: Reassuring Life Endowment Plan, SafalJeevan Endowment Plan, Safal Jeevan Money Back Plan,ING Creating Star Guaranteed Future, ING AssuredReturns.</p><p>Retirement Plans: ING New Best Years, ING</p><p>Immediate Annuity.Investment Plans: ING Prospering Life SP, ING</p><p>Market Shield, ING Prospering Life, Powering Life, NewFull filling Life, ING Uttam Jeevan</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 16/28</p><p>PROMOTERS</p><p> There are three types of promoters, those are</p><p> Agency module</p><p> Alternate channel. Bank Assurance.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 17/28</p><p>ORGANIZATION STRUCTURE</p><p> CEO- Mr.Kshitij Jain.</p><p> CDO(Chief Distribution officer- Mr.Rahul Agarwal.</p><p> Director of Sales: There are two director of sales one for South</p><p>region and another for North region in India. Director of sale for South region :Mr.T.K. Uthappa.</p><p> There 4 regional Vice-Presidents for South region. For Andhra</p><p>Pradesh regional Vice-President is Mr.U. Krishna Ved.</p><p>Under regional V.Ps there are 6 divisional general managersare present in Andhra Pradesh.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 18/28</p><p>CONT</p><p> Under divisional general managers, branch managers</p><p>will be their, afterbranch managers sales managers.</p><p> Their will be a Trainee for training the advisors in</p><p>each branch.</p><p> Guntur divisional manager is Mr. P.V.Siva Kumar and</p><p>branch mananger is M.Ismael and there are 24 sales</p><p>managers and there are 17 sales managers on board</p><p>and my sales manager is Mr.V. Ajay Kumar.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 19/28</p><p>CONT</p><p>Mr.Kshitij Jain</p><p>Mr.Rahul Agarwal.</p><p>Mr.T.K. Uthappa</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 20/28 </p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 21/28</p><p>CONT</p><p> In the first week my plan was to approach different customers</p><p>in Pedanandipadu and some villages around the</p><p>Pedanandipadu. I want to approach 30 customers in</p><p>Pedanandipadu and villages around Pedanandipadu and I want</p><p>to make two policies in this area.</p><p> In the second week I want approach different customers in</p><p>various villages in Guntur district and I want to conduct a</p><p>presentation session on policies which was given to us at</p><p>Ponnur for teachers. I want to make one policy from thevillages and one from teachers.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 22/28</p><p> In the third week I want to contact with customers and I want</p><p>to get appointment from the customers of the Guntur. I want</p><p>to meet customers of builders owner association. I want to</p><p>approach customers present in apartments.</p><p> In fourth week I want to approach different customers in</p><p>Guntur In this week I want approach different customers in</p><p>Chirala and Vijayawada. I Chirala their was a cloth market and</p><p>I want to approach customers in that cloth market and I want</p><p>to make two policies form these two areas. I want to approachdifferent farmers in Pedanandipadu.</p><p>CONT</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 23/28</p><p>ACHIEVEMENTS</p><p> I had got detailed information about Insurance</p><p>and Life Insurance and use of Life Insurance.</p><p> In order to business in a insurance sector every</p><p>person have to clear IRDA exam. I had cleared</p><p>my IRDA exam on 31st May 2011.</p><p> On 1st June 2011 onwards I was on the field work</p><p>and it was my first field work in my career. Onfirst of my field work I had explained the policy</p><p>details with three customers</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 24/28</p><p>CONT</p><p>Policy Name Date Premium in Rs</p><p>Creating Life Child</p><p>Protection Plan</p><p>06-06-2011 10000</p><p>Creating Life Child</p><p>Protection Plan</p><p>13-06-2011 10000</p><p>Creating Life Child</p><p>Protection Plan</p><p>27-06-2011 8500</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 25/28</p><p>LIMITATIONS</p><p> We have to meet different type of customers who will have</p><p>different type of attitudes.</p><p> Since LIC was a leading company in India and all customers</p><p>are thinking that LIC is Govt company. It was difficult tochange the customer mind set from LIC to our company. It</p><p>was difficult to gain trust of a customer.</p><p> I had approached different farmers in Pedanandipadu and the</p><p>villages around the Pedanandipadu and two customers agreed</p><p>to but the policy and their was change in climatic conditionsand they are started farming and they want some funds and</p><p>they are not preferring forbuying the policy.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 26/28</p><p>CONT</p><p> Many of the customers are preferring health Insurance</p><p>policies, because now a days their was vast increase in hospital</p><p>expenditure in order to overcome hospital expenditure</p><p>customers are preferring health insurance policies and our</p><p>company was not providing those type of policies.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 27/28</p><p>CONCLUSION</p><p> In SIP we can learn about customer relationship management,</p><p>report writing. We can also know about how to schedule a</p><p>week. In this we can also know about the company, products</p><p>in the company, organization structure of the company, market</p><p>price, position of the company, and how to handle customer,</p><p>and hoe to motivate the customer forbuying the product, we</p><p>can also know about time management.</p><p> In the month June2011 I had achieved 75% of my target</p><p>assigned by the company. I will achieve 100% in the July and Iwill make 6 policies.</p></li><li><p>8/6/2019 Bala Srikanth Reddy Kallam</p><p> 28/28</p><p>THANK YOU ONE AND ALL</p></li></ul>