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Highlands Ranch Backcountry Wilderness Area Delegate Presentation February 2014


<ul><li> 1. 2000 OSCA PLAN Zoning Document What is allowed where Extensive studies Wildlife, Soil, Flood Plains, Habitats, Slopes, etc. Outlines Planning Areas The 1200 acres of the 8,200 that can be developed.</li></ul> <p> 2. Management Implementation Plan Completed 2002 SAIC Environmental Consulting Firm Management goals, recommended property uses/restrictions, and resources 3. Programs From the Management Plan Mission Statement Provide visitors with unprecedented opportunities to enjoy nature near where they live, while protecting and conserving natural, archaeological, historical, and cultural resources for the enjoyment of future generations. 4. Program Goals Get OutdoorsConnect To Nature Provide positive, memorable experiences in the outdoors to promote long term conservation of the Backcountry. This generation of kids is lacking those opportunities 5. Yearly Program Revenue 2010: 2011: 2012: 2013: 2014:Gross Net # Contacts $29,000 $9,900 3500 $49,000 $29,700 5000 $79,000 $33,250 7000 $123,000 $53,000 9000 $173,000* $63,000* Even More *projected 6. HABITAT MANAGEMENT Right now, it is good Its not great, its not excellent We have work to do Have owned the Backcountry for just over 4 years now. Great strides 7. CONSULTATIONS/TOURS Over past year have developed strong relationships with: Colorado Parks and Wildlife District Wildlife Manager Area Biologist Regional Habitat Specialist Natural Resource Conservation Service Area Range Management Specialist Area Biologist Private Lands Biologist CO Dept. of Agriculture State Weed Coordinator Noxious Weed Specialist 8. DEVELOPED PRIORITIES Pasture Fencing Brush and Forest Management Weed Management Water Development 9. FUNDING 10. Our Guiding Documents OSCA Plan 2000 Management Plan 2002 11. MANAGEMENT PLAN Provides more detailed information on how to use and manage the land. Where we put trails Areas we protect more Provides guidance in its mission statement:Provide unprecedented opportunities to enjoy nature near where they live, while protecting natural, archaeological, historical, and cultural resources. 12. History of Committees 1989-1996-2000 Original OSCA Committee OSCA Plan 2002 OSCA Strategic Planning Committee Developed Survey to determine possible uses for planning areas. 2002 Survey Results 2010-11 Backcountry Planning Areas Committee Developed Community Involvement Process for possible projects in the Planning Areas Recommended Community Survey 2012 Backcountry Planning Areas Advisory Committee Advise Board on projects related to Planning Areas Assist with Wildcat Regional Park processes Review future proposals and assist Board with implementation of Community Involvement Process Other tasks as assigned by Board 13. Purpose of Planning Areas FROM THE OSCA PLAN: Utilize the revenue to HRCA from the use of 1200 acres to financially support the management of OSCA and/or any other purposes deemed appropriate by the HRCA Board of Directors that benefit the community. 14. Planning Areas Outlined in 2000 OSCA Plan OSCA Plan included studies Habitats Geology Wildlife Corridors, uses Let the land tell how it should be utilized 15. Planning Areas Less than 15% slope No Pine habitat No rockfall hazard areas No rock outcroppings No 100 year floodplain No Best wildlife areas Good access and infrastructure availability 16. Planning Areas Ownership BACKCOUNTRY WILDERNESS AREA OF HIGHLANDS RANCH: 8,200 acres or 12.8 square milesPLANNING AREAS: Planning Area A: 467 acres Planning Area B: 87 acres Planning Area C: 191 acres Planning Area D: 87 acres Planning Area E: 272 acres Planning Area F: 34 acres Planning Area G: 19 acres Planning Area H: 10 acres Planning Area I : 33 acres Planning Area J: 125 acres OWNERSHIP Backcountry Homeowners Association HRCA Douglas County HRCA HRCA HRCA HRCA Douglas County School District Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement Foundation Highlands Ranch Law Enforcement FoundationHRCA TOTAL: OTHER TOTAL: GRAND TOTAL:TOTAL ACREAGE OWNED BY HRCA: 499 Planning Area acres 6,755 Conserved acres Total: 7,254 acres499 acres (approximately 7% of total property owned by HRCA) 826 acres 1,325 acres 17. Allowed Uses B-F 18. Backcountry Planning Areas Advisory Committee (BPAAC) Board established committee in 2010 As a result of CCU Main Responsibilities: Thoroughly understand the existing documents governing the use and development of the Backcountry. Become familiar with the Backcountry through tours and study. Become familiar with Backcountry budget, Douglas County Planning, Zoning, and Development, etc. 19. BPAAC Deliverables Develop policies and practices, in regards to the Planning Areas, to: Guide the HRCA in future decisions regarding development and land use Help facilitate the consideration of development and land use Seek input from Board, Delegates, and the community Communicate with members 20. Survey November, 2012 90% support additional trails for hiking, biking, running, horseback riding 72% support fishing pond 73% support developing user fees and revenues from new programs 74% support nature center 68% support a ropes/challenge course 61% support outdoor amphitheater 62% support concerts, weddings, special events 57% support expanded camping 42% No recreational amenities of any kind, leave it as is 54% No development of any kind, leave it as is 57% No other uses of any kind, leave it as is 29% College/university 27% Cemetery/Memorial gardens 24% Private sports training facility 20% Sell or lease property to private entities 21. Community Involvement Process A nine step process within the HRCA Before it goes to D.C. to their Planning Department for necessary approvals Seeks input from the Community 45 days for notification, 60 days for feedback Details how staff should seek that feedback Allows for Delegates to approve or decline twice 22. Community Involvement Process Nine Steps: 1. Formal proposal submitted to HRCA 2. Staff and BPAAC committee initial approval 3.BOD Review 4.Presentation to Delegates 5.Delegate Recommendation (worth proceeding or not, not an endorsement at this time) 6.BOD Review #2 7.Community Notification and Feedback (85 days) 8.Delegate Vote 9.BOD Vote 23. Current Committee Seven Member Committee Advisory body to the Board Resource to the Community Experts on Community Involvement Process Continued education on Backcountry documents, D.C. Planning, etc. Other duties as assigned by Board 24. Current Committee Members: Len Abruzzo Phillip Heiser Rudy Lukez Melissa Park Josh Quist Currently two vacancies 25. Future Capital Expenditures? Whatever we do should promote our mission of providing unprecedented opportunities in the outdoors And our goal to provide experiences in the outdoors that foster an appreciation for the outdoors and promote conservation. 26. Development is a bad word Does not have to be Purpose of development is to produce revenue to further protect, manage, and enhance the rest of the property. Can be done with a small footprint and will be done according to community desires as outlined in 2012 Survey. 27. Outdoor Mecca DEPENDENT UPON WILDCAT REGIONAL PARK: Ropes/Challenge Course Covered Pavilion Archery Range Horseback Riding Operation Camping Youth Camp revenues increase Expansion of events, programs, rentals, races, tournaments, etc. Potential to allow the Backcountry to operate in the black, fund itself, and do MORE to improve habitat in the sanctuary area. 28. Be the bestdo more Goal is to create a habitat so pristine that it is used as a model of conservation, education, and wildlife conservation, while providing unique recreational and educational opportunities that not only increase the value of our homes, but distinguish Highlands Ranch from any other community in Colorado, or the Nation. </p>


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