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Today the traditional way of doing business from my perspective, has at least one foot in the grave. Todays organizations often demonstrate an inability to connect. However I believe that the ability to associate and connect is the basis for success in todays hyper-connected world. Thanks to the Internet, people can meet and share stories globally and instantaneously like never before. The cloud is there for everyone, whereas in the old days selling your story to the world was reserved for the rich and the famous. In comes peer-to-peer storytelling.


<ul><li> 1. TRADITIONAL MARKETING &amp; BRANDING IS DEAD</li></ul> <p> 2. Don Draper is no longer in charge 3. You areStories !no longer in chargevs.Your community is ! 4. The price of a coffeehere (X) in BarMundial, Lissabon?X 5. PROGRESSION OF ECONOMIC VALUE: ITS ALL ABOUT EXPERIENCES 6. STORIESDRIVE COMMUNITY &amp; EXPERIENCES 7. YOURSTORY 8. Valuable content&amp; StoriesCOMMUNITIES ALREADY EXIST. THINK ABOUT HOW YOUCAN HELP THAT COMMUNITY DO WHAT IT WANTS TO DO.Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook 9. AmEx does a lot to supportbusiness customers 10. A COMMUNITY WITH A COLLECTIONOF STORIES. 11. DellBusinessYouTube channel 12. Connect business prosand young entrepreneurs,in an effort to share skills and ideas. 13. Creating content to educate. Telling storiesto engage. 14. From facts and figures To telling stories.Twitter:@rafstevens 15. TRADITIONAL MARKETING IS DEAD.HERE IS NEW AGE MARKETINGCONSUMPTIONSHARINGPRODUCTCONTEXTMARKETINGCOMMUNITIES 16. Yahoo!/BBDO study (2012 Feb) "Whats Your Story." 17. TELL ABOUT WHYAHUMAN STORY CUSTOMERS ARE NOT RATIONAL AND LOGICAL BEINGS THAT (ONLY) BUY ON PRICE. 18. BUT 10 REASONS WHY CUSTOMER EMOTIONS ARE NOT BEING EMBRACED BY BUSINESS 19. 1.Businesses have been traditional run by men. 2. Women are better at understanding their emotionsthan men. 3.Businesses like logical/analytical people.4. Most senior people inorganisations are50plus years old.5.Business isabout numbers. 6.Business becomes more7.Emotions are soft ,fluffy and complex, reinforcing thisdifficult to quantify. logical approach. 8. Back in the day there was no9.Emotions are hard to defineproduct saturation.and the science is not precise.10. Most leaders are macho types not the peoplewho are experts on psychology and emotions. 20. My story? Master degree and lots of experience in marketing blah blah turns corporate storyteller 21. How can you use storiesin sales ?In business a story is simply the recounting of an event that happened to you or to someone you know, or even a narrative from another source such as a movie or a book. 22. 3 types of sales stories ORIGINCLIENTPRODUCT stories storiesstories Do n t be Sho wBe t r u t hf u laf r a i d t o em pat hybe v u l n er a bl e 23. 5STORYTELLINGLESSONS 24. #1 Move your style of communicationaway from being predominantlyrational and argument-based to beinga good mixture of stories and argument. 25. #2You are not the hero of the story; It is not about your brand. 26. #3Develop an awareness of the storiesthat swirl around youevery day. 27. #4Not all content are stories.All stories are (good) content. 28. #5Be Truthful 29. Twitter:@rafstevens 30. THE ENDwww.corporatestoryteller.be </p>


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