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<ul><li><p>RESEARCH POSTER PRESENTATION DESIGN 2015</p><p></p><p>Connecting Teens to the Community</p><p>Tucson Festival of Books</p><p>Connected Learning in the </p><p>Public Library</p><p>School Library as Incubator for </p><p>Life-Long Learning</p><p>Pam Park, Pima County Public Library and Pam Gautier, Pima Community College Librarian (former School Librarian)</p><p>Teen Audio Interviews</p><p>Love Triangle: A Public Library, a School Library, and a Book Festival</p><p>Festival of Books</p><p>Public </p><p>Library</p><p>School Libraries</p><p>FACE TO FACE IN CONVERSATION: TEEN AUDIO INTERVIEWS AT THE </p><p>TUCSON FESTIVAL OF BOOKS</p><p>The Tucson Festival of Books will be holding its seventh festival in March of 2016.</p><p> With attendance levels reaching 130,000, its consistently rated among the top ten book festivals in the U.S.</p><p> Organizers from the Festival reach out to educators and the literacy community to create programming that appeals to teens.</p><p> The author committee provides a list of participating authors and their contact information.</p><p> The Library and Festival organizers facilitate a tent on the grounds of the Festival where the interviews take place.</p><p>A youth services librarian from Pima County Public Library oversees the project. Communication is essential in all phases. Reach out to schools. Participate in TFOB Childrens and </p><p>Teens Committee. Connect with library staff that will </p><p>provide technology to record the interviews.</p><p> Find out from TFOB Author committee about which authors will be at the Festival and get contact information.</p><p> Get author choices from participants and then assign authors.</p><p> Order books for author groups. Arrange for interview workshops and </p><p>editing workshops. Facilitate event at the Festival. Finalize project with editing </p><p>workshops and uploading interviews. Thank all participants!</p><p>Librarian at the school recruits and mentors students throughout the process. Obtain school/ district approval. </p><p>(This varies due to school requirements).</p><p> Recruit students (ideas: book club, applications).</p><p> Hold book club meetings to get to know each other, learn about the author, and discuss the book.</p><p> Guide students in creating interesting, relevant questions for the author and to ensure no repeating questions.</p><p> Prep students on interview skills and practice.</p><p> Attend the festival, conduct the interview, and have fun!</p><p> Attend editing workshop and finalize interview.</p><p>R.L. Stine</p><p>Jen Nielsen</p><p>Guadalupe Garcia McCall</p></li></ul>