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Learn how Kony delivered Cloud BI 60% faster with Jaspersoft for AWS.


  • 1. BigData Solution Showcase Learn how Konydelivered Cloud BI 60% faster with Jaspersoft for AWS Watch this webinar on demand here:
  • 2. Agenda Introduction to AWS Cloud & Big data Jaspersoftfor AWS Cloud The Business Intelligence Problem & Solution Jaspersoftdifferentiators Jaspersoftcapabilities Customer success story: Kony Summary Q & A
  • 3. Introductions Andrew Lampitt Director, TIBCO Jaspersoft Cloud Services Mariano Luna CTO, TIBCO Solutions Consultant Manager Rahul Bhartia Ecosystem Solution Architect, AWS
  • 4. Big data Technologies and techniques for working productively with data, at any scale.
  • 5. Big data Cloud computing Big data and AWS Cloud computing Variety, volume, and velocity requiring new tools Potentially massive datasets Iterative, experimental style of data manipulation and analysis Frequently not steady- state workload; peaks and valleys Variety of compute, storage, and networking options Massive, virtually unlimited capacity Iterative, experimental style of infrastructure deployment/usage Elasticity for highly variable workloads
  • 6. AWS Data Services S3 RDS Redshift DynamoDB EMR Kinesis Data Velocity Variety Volume Structured, Unstructured, Text, Binary Gigabytes, Terabytes, Petabytes Millisecond, Second, Minute, Hour, Day Data Pipeline Elasticache
  • 7. Store anythingObject storageScalableDesigned for 99.999999999% durability Amazon S3
  • 8. Real-time processingHigh throughput; elasticEasy to useEMR, S3, Redshift, DynamoDBIntegration Amazon Kinesis
  • 9. NoSQL DatabaseSeamless scalabilityZero adminSingle digit millisecond latency Amazon DynamoDB
  • 10. Relational data warehouseMassively parallelPetabyte scaleFully managed$1,000/TB/Year Amazon Redshift
  • 11. Hadoop/HDFS clustersHive, Pig, Impala, HBaseEasy to use; fully managedOn-demand and spot pricingS3, DynamoDB, Redshift and Kinesis Amazon Elastic MapReduce
  • 12. Accelerated Generation Collection & storage Analytics & computation Collaboration & sharing
  • 13. Big Data Case Studies Learn from other AWS customers
  • 14. TIBCO Jaspersoft
  • 15. Jaspersoft for AWS 15 1,000+ Customers Ranked #1 for BI Get started 1. Sign up at AWS Marketplace 2. Launch 3. Connect to your data Who Developers, IT, Operations What Visualizations, dashboards, analytics For Amazon RDS, Redshift, EMR Why Hourly pricing, starting


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