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AWS Black Belt Online SeminarAWS Storage Gateway2017.01.25AWS Black Belt Online Seminar AWSJTechAWS 12:00~13:00AWS(IoT etc.) 18:00~19:00AWS(EC2RDSLambda etc.)& does not offer binding price quotes. AWS pricing is publicly available and is subject to change in accordance with the AWS Customer Agreement available at Any pricing information included in this document is provided only as an estimate of usage charges for AWS services based on certain information that you have provided. Monthly charges will be based on your actual use of AWS services, and may vary from the estimates provided.3Agenda1. AWS Storage Gateway2. Gateway3. AWS Storage Gateway4. AWS Storage Gateway Tips5. 6. 4AWS Storage Gateway5Amazon EFSFileAmazon EBSAmazon EC2Instance StoreBlockAmazon S3/SIAAmazon GlacierObjectData Transfer AWS Direct ConnectAWS SnowballISV ConnectorsAmazon Kinesis FirehoseS3 TransferAccelerationStorageGatewayAWS6AWS Storage GatewayAWSAWS StorageGatewayAmazon EBS snapshotsAmazon S3Amazon GlacierAWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)AWS Key Management Service (KMS)AWS CloudTrailAmazon Cloudwatch7AWS Storage Gateway NFS (v3 and v4.1) Amazon S3 iSCSI Amazon S3 EBS snapshots iSCSI (VTL) Amazon S3 GlacierVTL**NEW!**8AWS Storage Gateway Amazon S3Amazon Glacier(1)()(99.999999999% 3DC)( 1GB / 0.025$) 2(DC/)1 Gateway-VTL2 20171S39AWS Storage Gateway AWS AWS10AWS Storage GatewayAWSAWSAWS11Gateway12AWS Storage Gateway Gateway-Stored VolumesGateway-Cached Volumes13AWS Storage Gateway Gateway-Stored VolumesGateway-Cached Volumes14 AWS Storage GatewayAmazon S3 NFS v3 / V4.1 AWS 11 S315AWS Storage Gateway(File Gateway)Amazon S3Internet ArchitectureDAS/SANNFSv3 / v4.1Cache Storage()NFSGlacierS3 Standard - IAHTTPS16 S3- NFS- S3 S3- S3- IAM 1()10 16TB- Write/ReadAWS VMware17AWS Storage Gateway Gateway-Stored VolumesGateway-Cached Volumes18Gateway-Stored Volumes AWS Storage GatewaySnapshotAmazon S3AWSDisaster Recovery iSCSI (Volume Storage)AWS AWS Storage GatewayAWSEBS19Gateway-Stored VolumesAWS Storage Gateway(Gateway-Stored Volumes)Amazon S3InternetAWSSnapshotSnapshotEC2EBSVolume Storage()Upload Buffer() Snapshot12 ArchitectureDAS/SANDisk Volume20Gateway-Stored Volumes Gateway-Stored Volumes Volume 1Volume 1GiB16TiB 1 Gateway32Volume Storage (0.5PiB) Volume StorageS3EBS Snapshot- ESB Snapshot- Snapshot Upload Buffer 1GB2TB- Upload BufferGatewayAWSUpload Buffer Upload Rate120MB/s()Download Rate20MB/s256KBIOI/O21Gateway-Cached Volumes Storage GatewayAmazon S3 iSCSI- Storage GatewayS3 AWSEC2 Storage GatewayAWSEC2 Gateway22Gateway-Cached VolumesAWS Storage Gateway(Gateway-Cached Volumes)Amazon S3InternetSnapshotEC2EBSUpload Buffer()DAS/SAN ArchitectureCache Storage()Volume StorageAWS Storage Gateway(Gateway-Cached Volumes)/Amazon S3Disk Volume23AWSGateway-Cached Volumes Gateway-Cached Volumes 1 Volume 1GiB32TiB- Cache StorageGatewayGateway 1GB16TB 1 Gateway321PiBVolume Storage Volume StorageS3Snapshot- Snapshot- Snapshot Upload Buffer 1GB2TB- Upload BufferGatewayAWSUpload Buffer Upload Rate120MB/s()Download Rate20MB/s256KBIOI/O24AWS Storage Gateway Gateway-Stored VolumesGateway-Cached Volumes25 Storage Gateway VTL(Virtual Tape Library)Storage GatewayS3Glacier AWSEC2() (S3 Glacier)26Gateway-VTLAWS Storage Gateway(Gateway-VTL)Amazon S3InternetEC2EBSUpload Buffer()DAS/SANCache Storage()AWS Storage Gateway(Gateway-VTL)MediaChangerTape DriveAmazon GlacierVTS) ArchitectureAmazon S3MediaChangerTape Drive /Backup27 GatewayiSCSI- 10, 1 1 Gateway1,5001PiB- 100GiB, 200GiB, 400GiB, 800GiB, 1.5TiB, 2.5TiB S3Glacier- S3Glacier(Virtual Tape Shelf)- GlacierGateway-VTL- Cache Storage1GB16TBUpload Buffer 1GB2TB- Cache StorageGateway- Upload BufferGatewayAWSUpload Buffer Upload Rate120MB/s()Download Rate20MB/s256KBIOI/O28Gateway TypeGateway Type Gateway Gateway NFSAWSAWSGateway-stored VolumeAWSDRAWSGateway-CachedVolume132TBAWS SWAWS29 Ingestion DB Amazon S3AWS LambdaAmazon EMRAmazonCloudFrontAmazon EC2StorageGateway30Gateway-Stored VolumeDREC2EBSSnapshot Snapshot SnapshotEC2EBSEC2EBSAWS Storage Gateway(Gateway-Stored Volume)SystemA SystemB SystemCVolumeA VolumeB VolumeCVolumeA VolumeB VolumeCVolumeA VolumeB VolumeCSystemA SystemB SystemCS3EBSAWSAMI31()EC2EBSAWS Storage Gateway(Gateway-VTL)S3Glacier3DC on AWSAWS Storage Gateway(Gateway-VTL)S3 Glacier3DCAWS32CRRAmazonGlacierAmazon S3StandardAmazon S3Standard -Infrequent AccessAmazon EBS snapshotsGateway-Cached VolumeGateway-Cached VolumeAmazon EBS snapshots33AWS Storage Gateway34 Gateway2VMWare ESXi 4.1, 5.0,5.1,5.5,6.0 Microsoft Hyper-V 2008R2,2012,2012R2CPU 8Virtual CoreMemory 7.5GBHDD 75GB(SGW)21 GatewayInternetNWEC2m3,i2,c3,c4,r3,d2,m4,x1xlargeEC22017013 GatewayGateway 1 EC2 Gateway2 VMware ESXi35() NFS V3V4.1SOCKSProxy)SOCKS5 Source DestinationS3 TCP 443 Storage Gateway Internet1Gateway Activation2 TCP 80 NW Storage Gateway UDP 53 Storage Gateway DNS ServerSupport Channel3 TCP 22 Storage Gateway InternetNFS v4.14 TCP 2049 NW Storage Gateway1. AWS Service AWS2 Activation4 NFSv336()iSCSI Initiator1Windows Server 2008, 2008R22012, 2012R2Windows 7Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5,,VMWare ESX Initiator VTLArcserve Backup r17.0Bakup Exec 2012,2014,15,16Dell NetVault Backup 10.0EMC NetWorker 8.xHPE Data Protector 9.xMicrosoft System Center Data Protection Manager 2012R2Symantec Netbackup 7.xVeeam Backup & Replication v7,v8,v9SOCKS SOCKS5 Source DestinationS3 TCP 443 Storage Gateway Internet2Gateway Activation TCP 80 NW Storage Gateway UDP 53 Storage Gateway DNS ServerSupport Channel3 TCP 22 Storage Gateway InternetiSCSI TCP 3260 NW Storage Gateway1 MPIO23 ()37Network ArchitectureLocal networkManagementConsoleInternetSOCKS5 Proxy()Proxy()Internet VPNDirect Connect()123VPCEC2Storage GatewayS3 Glacier Storage Gateway 1 2VPN 3Storage GatewayActivationManagement ConsoleInternetStorage Gateway38Network Architecture EC2 Gateway Local networkManagementConsoleInternetVPCInternet VPNEIP orNATPrivateIPStorage GatewayS3 GlacierStorage GatewayEC2Direct Connect()Storage GatewayActivationManagement ConsoleInternetStorage Gateway39GatewayGateway TypeVMGatewayAWS MarketplaceEC2GatewayActivationGatewayStorage(Upload Buffer/Cache Storage)iSCSIVolume AWSCache StorageNFS40Gateway ~ () GW - EC2AWS Market Place- VPCSecurity Group VM- - VMCacheUpload Buffer Thick Provisioning Gateway Timezone Cache,Upload Buffer 41() NFS Linux $mount -t nfs4 -o nolock :/ Windows $mount -o nolock :/ :S3 IAM (Standard or Standard-IA) (UID/GID)/NFSfileshare/fileshareIAM role42VTL () VTL (iSCSI) EBS CHAP() ()CHAP STK-L700 AWS-Gateway-VTL 110 CHAP iSCSIStorage Gateway MCGatewayGatewayIPiSCSIWindows iSCSI Windows Windows Gateway-Stored VolumesGateway-Cached VolumesGateway-VTL CHAP(Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol)44VolumeSnapshot Gateway-Stored VolumeGateway-Cached VolumeAWSSnapshotVolume Storage GatewayGatewayVolumeEBS EC2EBS-Snapshot45VolumeSnapshot Storage Gateway- 1,2,4,8,12,2446SnapshotRestore Gateway Volume Volume VolumeSnapshot ID- iSCSITarget Name Gateway EBS EBSSnapshot IDEBSVolume47Virtual TapeArchive Gateway-VTLArchiveS3Glacier ArchiveVTS(Glacier)GatewayS3 VTSStatusArchivedSymantec NetbackupAVAILABLE S3IN TRANSIT TO VTS UploadS3ARCHIVING S3GlacierRETRIEVING GlacierS3RETRIEVED S348Virtual TapeRetrieve GlacierVTS)ArchiveRetrieve Retrieve RetrieveGateway-VTL Retrieve24 Retrieve49AWS Storage Gateway Tips50Gateway Tips AWS - Write Back - Upload BufferHTTPSAWS AWSGatewaySSL AES-256 iSCSICHAP(Challenge-Handshake Authentication Protocol) Storage Gateway 51Gateway Tips Gateway S3Gateway Management ConsoleGatewayActivationPCGateway iSCSI,NFS S3 Gateway- (Local Console)- NIC- DXPublic DX EC2 Gateway- PublicDNSEIPNAT S3( VPC- S3Storage Gateway Service52EC2 Gateway Tips Upload BufferCache StorageEBS EBSProvisioned IOPS EBS OptimizedEBS Optimized Instance iSCSI iSCSIEC2Private IP53EC2 Gateway Tips VPC ActivationGatewayManagement ConsoleGatewayPrivate IP, Public IPEIP VPCPrivate SubnetGatewayActivationNATNAT54 Tips() Cache Storage Read/Write- - 8EB S3- - - Gateway16TB16TBGateway55 Tips Upload Buffer 1 GatewayUpload Buffer Upload BufferGatewayS3Upload Buffer- Compression Factor2:11:1 150GB Gateway2TB2TBGateway56 Tips () Cache Storage 1GatewayCache Storage Upload Buffer Gateway16TB16TBGateway- Upload Buffer1.1- Volume Storage20Upload Buffer1.157 Tips Storage GatewayUpload BufferCache StorageOnline() Gateway-StoredGateway-CachedVolume StorageSnapshot IDVolume Storage- Target Name Gateway-VTL58 Tips (Cache Storage, Upload Buffer, Volume Storage) CPU Upload BufferVolume(Cache Storage/ Volume Storage) Storage Gateway Gateway CPUGateway59 Tips CloudWatch Storage GatewayCloudWatch Gateway GatewayAWSReadBytesWriteBytesSumbytes/ ReadTimeWriteTimeAveragePeriodIOPSReadBytesWriteBytesSampleinput, output/IOPSCloudBytesDownloadCloudBytesUploadSumbytes/ CloudDownloadLatencyAveragePeriod60 Tips Upload Buffer Cache StorageCloudWatchUploadBufferPercentUsed, UploadBufferUsed, UploadBufferFreeAverageCacheCachePercentUsedTotalCacheSizeAverageCacheCacheCacheHitPercentAverageCacheHitPercentDirty(AWS)CachePercentDirtyAverageCachePercentDirty61 Tips () Gateway-Stored Volume Storage GatewaySnapshotVolume Storage Gateway-Cached Volume S3Volume StorageSnapshotStorage Gateway EBS SnapshotEBS16TB SnapshotMulti Region SnapshotEBS Gateway-VTL VTSRetrieveActivateGateway-VTL62TIPS AWS Storage Gateway- - - IOEBS- 63TIPS S3 TB NFS- S3Eventual Consistency- S3- - 64TIPS AWS Storage Gateway- (S3,Glacier)- VMware HAHA- EC2 EC2 Auto Recovery AZGW/RTO EBS16TB65Pricing66Pricing()(S3)Internet(IN)(OUT)20171AWS Storage Gateway() S3(Standard$0.025GB/) IN OUT S3 AWS$0.01/GB 1($119.00/GW/) Gateway1 100GB67Pricing()(S3)Internet(IN)(OUT)20171AWS Storage Gateway(Gateway-Stored VolumeGateway-Cached Volume)Snapshot(S3)EC2 Gateway1 $0.025/GB EBS $0.05/GB IN OUT 1GB/ $0.000/GBOUT 10TB/ $0.140/GBOUT40TB/ $0.135/GBOUT100TB/ $0.130/GBOUT350TB/ $0.120/GBOUT524TB OUTEC2 $0.04/GB Gateway1 Storage Gateway on EC2EC2EBS2 100GB AWS$0.01/GB 2($119.00/GW/)(OUT)EC268Pricing() $0.025/GB$0.005/GB $0.01/GB 3 Gateway1,2, 3 90$0.015/GBAWS Storage Gateway()(S3)Internet(Glacier)(IN)(OUT)EC2 Gateway1 IN OUT 1GB/ $0.000/GBOUT 10TB/ $0.140/GBOUT40TB/ $0.135/GBOUT100TB/ $0.130/GBOUT350TB/ $0.120/GBOUT524TB OUTEC2 $0.04/GB AWS$0.01/GB 2($119.00/GW/)6970 Storage GatewayAmazon S3Glacier AWS Amazon S3Glacier71 AWS Storage Gateway User Guide AWS Storage Gateway FAQ AWS Storage Gateway AWS AWS Solutions Architect Q&A AWS 76


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