awake! awake! because she arose 4/4/2018 ¢  calendar? if you did not receive one pick one...

Download Awake! Awake! Because she arose 4/4/2018 ¢  Calendar? If you did not receive one pick one up at church

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  • The Messenger

    April 2018

    Pastor’s Page 2 Ministry Planning Worship 3

    Birthday/anniversary 3

    Christian Education 4

    Prayers 5

    Outreach 6

    Church Business 8

    Upcoming Events 10

    Calendar 11

    Inside This Issue

    Senior Pastor: D. Marie Tribble, MDiv., MAR

    Organist: Mary E. Snyder

    First Christian Church

    Disciples of Christ

    442 Hummel Ave,

    Lemoyne, PA 17043


    Rebecca VanLenten

    Church Office

    Monday: 10am - 3pm

    Wednesday: 12pm - 5pm

    Thursday: 10am - 3pm

    Keynote Speaker:

    Rev. D. Marie Tribble, MDiv.

    JOY EL Camps & Retreats

    3741 Joy-El Drive Greencastle, PA 17225

    September 28 - 30, 2018

    PA Disciples Women’s Retreat

    Awake! Awake! Because she arose ...

    Special Mission Project

    To inquire about registration or payment plans contact: Jennifer

    Allen at 304-428-1681

    Cost: $195

    We are participating in a Special Mission Project,

    “Giving Bags” we need FCC to donate 100 bars of soap,

    so that means we need all of you to

    bring in soap! Please start bringing in

    the soap today!

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    Pastor’s Page

    “Power in the Resurrection”

    As we look towards the resurrection

    of Jesus Christ, I can’t help but ask

    the question, “What does the

    Resurrection of Christ mean today?”

    Years ago, wherever Jesus was, he

    drew crowds of all kinds of people from multiple

    walks of life. Many wondered what was it that

    caused the crowds to draw to him. Was it his deep

    knowledge of the Prophets, his ability to

    provide healing to those who were sick, his strength

    to fight against the authorities or maybe his

    attentiveness to those who were isolated and


    Honestly, I believe it had to be a combination of all

    these and others reasons we must never fail to

    consider. Such as, an encounter with Jesus was

    always life changing, Jesus represented hope for a

    future many struggled daily to see, and last but not

    least, Jesus represented Gods unadulterated love for

    the world in flesh.

    Jesus’ death was an attempt to extinguish this fire,

    passion and hope ignited within the lives of his

    Disciples. For 3 days Jesus’ Disciples lived in fear

    and anxiety, insecure of what the future would bring.

    When Jesus arose, things did not automatically shift

    for the Disciples, however the news of Jesus’

    resurrection restored their hope, joy and anticipation

    for the future. Jesus’ resurrection empowered the

    Disciples to move forward in the face of consistent


    Many things have changed between now and then,

    yet today the fear, anxiety, and insecurity about the

    future remains at an all time high. Which raises the

    question, “What does the Resurrection of Christ

    mean today?” Has the Resurrection lost its power?

    Absolutely not! Maybe the Disciples have changed.

    Maybe we’ve stopped telling the world the greatest

    story of hope; the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Pastor D. Marie

    John 12:32-33 states, “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me. This he said, signifying what death he should die.”

    Announcements from The Region

  • 3

    Elder: Diana Onstott

    Diaconate: Joyce Arbogast, Brenda

    Nutter & Lois Haagen

    Communion: Joyce Arbogast &

    Diana Onstott

    Greeter: Brenda Nutter

    Acolyte: Savannah Plaza

    Birthday’s & Anniversary's

    Lois Haagen - April 8th

    Red Sprecker - April 17th

    Jordan Frey - April 19th

    David Prediger - April 20th

    Ginger Matthews - April 22nd

    Howard Cates - April 29th

    Birthday’s Frank & Velma Hughes -

    April 25th


    Elder: Bill Davis

    Diaconate: Barb Plaza, Doria

    Onstott & Tom Matthews

    Communion: Lois Haagen

    Greeter: Barb Plaza

    Acolyte: Savannah Plaza

    Elder: Bill Davis

    Diaconate: Kelly Manning, Jane

    Welsh & Deb Anderson

    Communion: Joyce Arbogast &

    Diana Onstott

    Greeter: Linda Runkle

    Acolyte: Aarica Lee

    Elder: Bill Davis

    Diaconate: Ginger Matthews,

    Brenda Nutter & Glenn Haagen

    Communion: Kelly Manning

    Greeter: Ron Nutter

    Acolyte: Anna Nutter

    Elder: Bill Davis

    Diaconate: Joyce Arbogast, Lois

    Haagen & Jane Welsh

    Communion: Linda Runkle & Deb


    Greeter: Lois Haagen

    Acolyte: Arayah Wiest

    April 1

    April 8

    April 15

    April 22

    April 29

    April Serving Schedule


  • 4

    April 1, 2018: No Sunday School

    April 8, 2018: Aariona Lee

    April 15, 2018: Aariona Lee

    April 22, 2018: Aariona Lee

    April 29, 2018: No Sunday School

    Early Disciples Class

    The 1st & 3rd Sunday of the Month

    *Children will be dismissed from Moring Worship for Youth Church immediately following offering

    April 1, 2018: Tom Matthews

    April 15, 2018: Tom Matthews

    Youth Church

    Christian Education

    Junior Disciples Class April 1, 2018: No Sunday School

    April 8, 2018: Tom Matthews

    April 15, 2018: Melissa Ford

    April 22, 2018: Tom Matthews

    April 29, 2018: No Sunday School

    Adult Disciples Class April 1, 2018: No Sunday School

    April 8, 2018: Rev. D. Marie Tribble

    April 15, 2018: Rev. Ed Arbogast

    April 22, 2018: Rev. D. Marie Tribble

    April 29, 2018: No Sunday School

    *Please Note: The Adult Disciples Class is in the piano room*

  • 5

    Tom & Ginger M:

    Jim Jordan, Ann, Ginger, Heidi Taylor, Christy Family, Claudia, Norma & Family,

    Sharon B., Trudy, Betty

    Brenda N: Cassidy Atkins & Beverly

    Bill D:

    Pastor Grace, June & Julie

    Harold T: Michael

    David P:


    Pastor D: Twilah & Dad, The Arbogast Family, Men

    on a mission, David & Teresa V.

    Lois M. Pastor Linda & Husband

    Eric K.

    Jeremy & Billy

    Melissa F. Father & Mother


    Scott Boltz, Bryan Eldridge & Family, Goudy/Frey Family, Nancy Haubrich, Ken Weber & Mary - Lynne Weber.

    Mary S:

    Art P., Marcy K., Julia, Dottie M., John, Nancy L., Betty, & Mary B.

    Linda R:

    Steve, Joey, Kaylee & Layton

    Joan K: Nancy, Heather, Margaret & Janet

    Dottie M:


    Jean T: Clyde Smiley, Bert Levarto, Kent Mills

    Diana O:

    Ken, Hannah, Doria, Diana,

    Mary P: Toni Jones & Family, Jewell Willis & family,

    & Robin S.

    Pat S: Terry , Paul, Rosemary & Wayne

    Michael M: Hen Miller

    JoAnn H: Jim High

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    Outreach Continued

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