avoid costly repairs and breakdowns, protect ... avoid costly vehicle breakdowns and repairs extend

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  • MORE RELIABLE VEHICLES THROUGHOUT YOUR ENTERPRISE, STRONGER R.O.I. You’ve made a sizable investment in your fleet, and timely

    maintenance is imperative to extending the life of your vehicles

    long-term...giving you the highest return on your investment.

    State-of-the-art Silent Passenger® enterprise fleet management

    technology and the SP Vehicle Maintenance module make it

    fast and simple to assure you that your vehicles stay on the road,

    performing at their best.

    DRIVE PROFITS, OPTIMIZE YOUR COMPETITIVE EDGE SP Vehicle Maintenance provides the most detailed reporting

    available, keeping your enterprise fleet operating at peak

    efficiency while maximizing your competitive advantage and

    enhancing your profitability.



    KEY FEATURES All-in-one preventative fleet maintenance, expense, and inspection management

    ◗ View fleet maintenance status quickly and easily

    ◗ Receive scheduled reminders of key maintenance procedures

    ◗ Receive personally-configured alerts reminding drivers and fleet managers when vehicles are due for service

    ◗ View detailed fleet maintenance history

    ◗ Define the items you want to be monitored and set your own increments such as date, vehicle mileage and hours of usage

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    BENEFITS ◗ Avoid costly vehicle breakdowns and repairs

    ◗ Extend the life of vehicles

    ◗ Easily monitor oil changes, inspections, registrations and other routine maintenance

    ◗ Receive automatic maintenance alerts via email or text message

    ◗ Reduce downtime for deliveries, ultimately improving customer service

    ◗ Keep up-to-date records preventing being put out of service

    THE SOLUTION | The SILENT PASSENGER Vehicle Maintenance Module Close collaboration between Vehicle Tracking Solutions and a leading delivery company in the food and beverage industry

    revealed many areas in which maintenance procedures – both scheduled and preventative – could be improved. Following

    in-depth research and recommendations by VTS, SP Maintenance was implemented. The goal was to make certain that the

    enterprise fleet stayed on schedule with its maintenance needs and steered clear of major repairs that could cause vehicle

    downtime and missed scheduled deliveries. Keeping maintenance records along with daily driver vehicle inspection reports,

    allowed the company to stay ahead on vehicle maintenance schedules. Plus, it enables them to identify and fix any unforeseen

    issues before they happen, keeping deliveries on schedule and customers satisfied.

    THE RESULTS | SP Maintenance is providing a comprehensive range of benefits that have changed the company’s mindset about its entire approach to vehicle maintenance SP Maintenance and its vast array of features - including automatic reminders of important procedures such as oil changes, along

    with detailed history of fleet maintenance, and alerts reminding operators that vehicles are due for service...which have helped to

    extend the life of of the company’s fleet. In fact, SP Maintenance module is saving the company a substantial amount of money each

    year in major repairs that are being prevented before they have an opportunity to arise.

    “Simply put, the expertise of Vehicle Tracking Solutions and their SP Maintenance technology have been crucial to making us a

    more profitable company,” said the VP of Fleet Management and logistics.

    THE CHALLENGE | Avoiding costly repairs, increasing R.O.I. with SP Vehicle Maintenance When it comes to enterprise fleets, protecting the investment in your vehicles is among the most important strategies in maximizing


    A leading delivery company in the food and beverage industry with a fleet size of 1,500 vehicles was seeking the right solution to

    assure that its vehicles continually remain on the road – optimizing return on investment while avoiding high-cost repairs that can

    negatively affect the bottom line. “We were looking for peace of mind in knowing the vehicles throughout our fleet could always

    be depended on for the kind of responsiveness and reliability our customers demand of us,” said the VP of Fleet Management and

    logistics. “Vehicle Tracking Solutions and its SP Vehicle Maintenance solution have given us that peace of mind.”



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