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Simple identity program for regional water bottling company. Design by Stressdesign Brand Communications.


  • ABOUT THE MARKThe Avoca Water logo has a fluid motion to it, as if mimicking water. The water droplet at the end of the logotype helps emphasize this idea.

    MINIMUM CLEAR SPACEIn order for the mark to have a strong visual impact, you must keep the space around it free from text and graphics. The only place that text can be placed around the mark is under it as shown. All other graphics and type must be .5 away from the logo as shown in gray.

    Minimum size 1 width

    Spring Water


    Spring Water


    Spring Water




    LIGHT GRAYPMS: Cool Gray 4R: 201 G: 202 B: 204C: 21 M: 16 Y: 15 K: 01 COLOR = 20% K

    AVOCA BLUEPMS: 2935R: 0 G: 118 B: 191C: 100 M: 46 Y: 0 K: 0

    TYPE TREATMENT All of the type should be consistent throughout the entire system. There are different treatments for the type used in the stationary and in combination with the mark. Make sure to use the following information to determine which type face is appropriate for what you are using it for.

    Myriad Pro Regular[email protected]#$%&*()[]

    USE: Body Copy

    Myriad Pro SemiBoldAaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhIiJjKkLlMmNnOoPpQqRrSsTtUuVv[email protected]#$%&*()[]

    USE: Secondary Information

    Myriad Pro Bold[email protected]#$%&*()[]

    USE: Headers, Important information

    Yanone Kaffeesatz ThinAaBbCcDdEeFfGgHhI i J jKkL [email protected]#$%&*()[]

    USE: Stationery System

    GRAPHIC ELEMENTSThe use of the waves using different Opacities of the Avoca Blue layerd create a wave effect that is used as the graphic elements for the Avoca Water system.

  • SpringWater

    Andy BodineTITLE GOES HERE

    4381 County Route 6Avoca NY 14809

    331-8326 Tel 897-1120 Cell

    bottled in the finger lakes

    BUSINESS CARD 3.5 x 2The Avoca Business Cards use a clean and fresh design. The logo is placed on the left hand side with the phrase, Bottled in the Finger Lakes below it. The personal information is listed fl ush left on the right side. The personal information uses the Yanone Kaff eesatz typeface. Listed should be the persons name with the title below it. Below that should have the address and telephone numbers where they can be reached at.

    Spring Water

    www.avocawater.com607-566-8408 585-278-6095

    bottled in the finger lakes



    SIGNAGE 15 x 24This signage is designed to look like the bottles of water that Avoca Spring Water comes in. The shape as well as the large size are used as attention grabbers to the sign. The basic company information is listed on the sign.

    WEB SITEThe web site is designed using water imagery as a header, but still using the wave shape from the systems graphic element. The gradient navigation system also refl ects the gradation used in the waves graphic. The colors and imagery match the Avoca Water system.

    LETTERHEAD 8.5 x 11The Avoca letterhead uses the wave graphic as a footer of the page which also houses the phone numbers and website for the company. This leave a nice clean white space around the logo which is placed at the top left.

    Spring Water

    www.avocawate r.com

    607 .566 .8408 585 .278 .6095

    bottled in the finger lakes