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Autumn/Winter 2013 “But let all who take refuge in You be glad; let them ever sing for joy. Spread your protection over them, that those who love Your name may rejoice in You.” Psalm 5:11 (NIV) Formerly ‘The Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society’ 2013 Children's Camp

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The Nazareth Trust's Autumn / Winter 2013 Newsletter


  • Autumn/Winter2013

    But let all who take refuge in You be glad;let them ever sing for joy.

    Spread your protection over them,that those who love Your name

    may rejoice in You.Psalm 5:11 (NIV)

    Formerly The Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society

    2013 Children's Camp

  • ts a privilege to welcome you to ourautumn newsletter, as the new Chair of

    The Nazareth Trust Board.

    At its June meeting, the Board said a sadfarewell to Ian Lyall, who served as Chairfor the past three years and as a Trustee formany more, and to Donald Forsyth whowas the Trustee Finance Officer for the pastfour years. In September, the Board alsosaid a fond farewell to Mike Frew and

    Nancy Martin - both of whom have also served out in Nazareth- a fond farewell. They have all been faithful servants to the workin Nazareth, and we are very grateful to them for all theyvedone. But were delighted to welcome new Trustees - please takea look at whos who on the Board and how you can pray for uson pages 16 and 17.

    The first thing I did as Chair was to go out to Nazareth for a weekto meet staff and to learn more about the work and ourchallenges and opportunities. It was wonderful to be able to praywith people and to encourage them in all they do. There is muchto be thankful to God for, as daily miracles take place whenpeople are healed, students learn and volunteers give (and grow)!

    Thank you so much for all your prayerful support for this amazingwork. We need the presence and power of God in our wards,lecture theatres, clinics, emergency room, seminar rooms andBoardroom - without Him at the centre we labour in vain:

    Unless the LORD builds the house,the builders labour in vain.Unless the LORD watches over the city,the guards stand watch in vain.Psalm 127 v 1 (NIV)

    I hope you enjoy catching up on all our news.

    In Him


    Ashleigh DunnChair of the Board

    Welcome from the ChairAshleigh Dunn

    AshleighChair of the Board


    Welcome from Ashleigh Dunn, Chair of the Board 2Welcome from Joseph Main, Chief Executive 3Nazareth Hospital 4-5School of Nursing 6-7Nazareth Village 8Seeds of Hope 9 - 12International Friends: Australia 13SERVE Nazareth 14-15Meet the New Board 16 - 17Charity News 18 - 22My Story: Annemarie Niederdorfer 23Jesus Trail Sponsored Walk 24-25Reply Form 26-28

    In this Edition

  • 3Welcome fromJoseph Main, CEO

    very warm welcome to theAutumn/Winter 2013 edition of The

    Nazareth Trust Newsletter.

    The approach of Christmas always causes meto take some time to reflect on the year thathas gone before - particularly in respect oflooking back in great wonder at what the Lordhas done.

    And here at the Trust - when I look at how theLord has worked through our Hospital, School

    of Nursing, SERVE Nazareth, Chaplaincy and NazarethVillage - Iam, perhaps, more than any other year, moved by the grace andmajesty He has shown us. I do hope that, as you read through ournews, you will have a sense that the Lord has truly been at workin all we do.

    Particular items I would like to draw your attention to are: The very exciting progress being made with our brand newCatheterisation Unit, so vital to our life-saving efforts in the area(page 4). A wonderful partnership established between our School ofNursing and the University of Stirling, in Scotland (page 6). The ever-increasing activity of the Chaplaincy Team in ourHospital - serving and supporting our Christian Witness(pages 9-12). You will also find a wonderful testimony of a SERVE Nazarethvolunteer (page 14). I do encourage you to order our new cookery book, madepossible by the unceasing efforts of Levette Callander (page 19).Order early for a different and very useful Christmas present!Likewise, sign up for our Jesus Trail event in March 2014. Aremarkable and very special opportunity to walk in the Footstepsof Jesus, with time to deeply experience the sights and sounds ofthe key places of His earthly ministry. Dont wait! You may missout!

    It is good to reflect, but we should not only look back at what hasbeen achieved. Jesus Himself said, very simply, in Mark 11:22:Have faith in God , and, for me, looking forward is the firststep in exercising that faith.

    We have an almost entirely new Board of Trustees (see pages 16 &17), and we warmly greet them. I am particularly looking forwardto working with them, as our new members are not only highlyskilled, but each one is determined to see our work go fromstrength to strength in the name of Jesus. We appreciate theircommitment, as they volunteer their time and energy to support allwe do.

    You will find enclosed with your newsletter our end of yearChristmas Appeal leaflet. Part of looking forward is planning forthe future. Our situation is not always easy, and donations andfundraising are essential tools that assist us in being able to delivernew and existing services.

    Do be generous this year if you can - we have a lot we need to doto bless and serve the people of Nazareth. Your gift will help usdo this.

    With every blessing to you and your loved ones.

    We appreciate your support and goodwill this year and yourcommitment to walking with us into the future.


    Joseph R. MainChief Executive

    Joseph R. MainChief Executive Officer

  • 4Nazareth Hospital EMMS

    he creation of a new state-of-the-art Catheterisation Unittook a step forward with the laying of a ceremonial

    foundation stone on the site of the proposed building.

    Attended by local and international donors, public figures,management and staff, Mr. Hatem Zoabi, the largest single donorlaid a stone within the foundations of the new building.

    Following a successful fundraising appeal, involving the Hospitalstaff, international donors, the Nazareth community, formerpatients and the Israeli Governmnent, the Heart to Heartcampaign has raised over 5.7 million ILS (1,045,000) to enablethe catheterisation building to be constructed, with the totalfinished cost for the new building being 9.5 million ILS(1,750,000). Mr. Zoabi was himself born in our Hospital andhas come full circle in becoming a supporter of our Hospital dueto what he now believes is a heartfelt connection.

    The provision of the Catheterisation Unit has already beenapproved by the Ministry of Health as heart disease in the Arabpopulation of Israel is very high and the residents of Nazarethhave had to travel outside of the area for this treatment.

    The success of cardiac treatment is often determined by thespeed of receiving medical attention, and this unit will allowpatients to receive medical intervention much quicker thanbefore and so will lead to much higher survival rates as well asa better quality of life for patients.

    A catheter is a medical procedure whereby wires are insertedinto the coronary arteries within the heart combating thenarrowing or blockage of the arteries.

    TLaying the Foundations

    The unveiling ceremony

    Mr Hatem Zoabi lays a foundation stone

  • 5Nazareth Hospital EMMS

    ael German, the newly appointed Minister of Health forIsrael was welcomed to our Hospital when she paid a

    surprise visit.

    Formerly the Mayor of Herzilya, it was the first time the Ministerhad visited our Hospital and she was particularly impressed bythe services available, promising to support our Hospital goingforward.

    YMinister Welcomed

    The Minister of Health (2nd from right in the front row) visits the Hospitalwith from left, Dr Basel Fahoum. Mr Waseem Dibbini and Dr. Bishara Bisharat

    and other members of the Ministers party

    he Nazareth Hospital has become one of the first hospitals inIsrael to voluntarily embark on accreditation from the Joint

    Commission International (JCI), an independent internationalorganisation that assists in the advancement and improvement ofthe safety and quality of care of patients in health organisationsthrough rigorous assessments.

    Founded in 1951, the JCI accredits and certifies more than20,000 organisations, providing a recognised symbol of quality,reflecting an organisations commitment to meeting performancestandards.

    In June a Survey was undertaken to establish a baseline andallow us to construct a plan to deliver excellence in quality andpatient care.

    TA Symbol of Quality

    Fostering Carehe President of the Jewish Health Care Foundation, Dr KarenFeinstein, recently toured our Hospital accompanied by a

    group of health care professionals.

    Based in Pittsburgh inAmerica, theFoundation wasestablished in 1990 tosupport healthcareorganisation anddevelop patient carethrough thedevelopment ofp r o g r a m m e s ,research, training andgrant making.

    The President took time out of her schedule to visit our Hospitaland learn first-hand about the services.


    Visitors from the Jewish Healthcare Foundation

  • School of Nursing


    tudent nurses recently visited Scotland as part of a brand newexchange programme organised by the Highland Campus of

    the University of Stirling and NHS Highland.

    Three students Narmin Mustafa, Rajaa Hannan and Rani Odeh took part in a three week observation placement at RaigmoreHospital in Inverness, spending time in the surgical wards.

    Three third year nursing students from the University of Stirlingbecame buddies for the visitors who also received support frommentors who were all NHS Highland Registered Nurses.

    Dr Amal Khazin, Director of Nursing Education, arranged thevisit in conjunction with Irene Murray, one of the UniversitysMidwifery Teaching Fellows who previously worked at theNazareth Hospital for 18 years.

    Stephen Loch, NHS Highland Senior Nurse for Education andTraining, said, This is an exciting project which will offerparticipants a great opportunity to witness nursing practice in adifferent country.

    The Nazareth students had the opportunity to learn somethingabout a different system of healthcare, and were particularlyinterested to find more about surgical nursing care in Scotland.It also offers us a helpful insight and to learn from the culture andthe experience of the visitors.

    The three students raised their own support to cover the trip toScotland and stayed in staff accommodation on the Raigmoresite, thanks to the financial support of the Stirling Enhancementof Learning Fund.

    Dr. Khazin hoped that this experience would broadenperspectives, change thinking, facilitate acceptance ofdifferences, make peace with others and self, and increasestudent motivation to study and do something different.

    It is hoped that next year University of Stirling students will alsohave the opportunity to visit the Nazareth Hospital.

    Irene Murray said that she was looking forward to re-kindling theNazareth connection.

    SScottish Student Exchange

    Students meet 'Resuscitating Annie' Scottish Buddies

    Time to relax A terriific experience

  • School of Nursing

    he old adage of if at first you dont succeed, try, try againcertainly rang true for two students attending the School of


    Originally turned down to continue their studies, both Faud andSalim went on, after much intervention and tireless effort, tobecome two star students.

    A nurse in the Surgical Department of our Hospital, Faud Dalash,had already achieved a Diploma in Nursing and was keen tocontinue his education by going on to undertake a BA in Nursingas part of the programme currently in place with HaifaUniversity.

    Initially Faud wasrefused a placebecause he wastold he didnthave the requiredentrance gradesfor maturestudents.

    Similarly, Salimwas working as anurse in

    ourChildrens Department and was keen to embark on the BACourse but was also refused. Salim tried in vain to meet inperson with the co-ordinator of the course at Haifa Universitybut was turned down.

    Both found it extremely difficult to be considered for the courseby the University but after a great deal of intervention Dr. AmalKhazin, Director of Nursing Education which included Amalspeaking on their behalf at a special committee, a positiveoutcome was achieved.

    Not only were Faud and Salim accepted onto the BA course buttwo years on they have just graduated as two of the top fourstudents in the entire nursing department at Haifa University.

    Amal Khazin said, We are all so thrilled at the achievements ofFaud and Salim. Despite being faced with difficulty they wereable to overcome their initial rejection and still work beyond thecapabilities of most students. Its a real testament to theirdedication and passion for nursing to have done this and we areall delighted for them.

    TOur Students are the Pride of the Hospital

    Faud is presented with his certificate

    SUPPORTERS BOXOur Student Bursary Programme is operated tohelp and benefit our many students who oftenhave to overcome extreme hardship to be able

    to participate in our courses. If you would like to support the Student Bursary

    Programme then you can give online or

    use the reply slip at the back of the Newsletter.


  • Nazareth Village

    e were delighted to welcome Simon Reeve, adventurer,TV presenter and New York Times best selling author to

    the Village recently.

    Described by the BBC as one of the worlds most adventuroustravellers, Simon is a familiar face in the UK, having presentedprogrammes such as Australia, Indian Ocean and Equator.

    Simon spent time filming and learning about life at NazarethVillage. Were looking forward to seeing the film on screen inthe near future.

    Weve had abusy Summera l r e a d ywhich startedwith sheeps h e a r i n g .Visitors andlocal childrengot theopportunityto try it forthemselves,with Simonand Paulusing old-f a s h i o n e dshears to cutaway the final remnants of the winter coats.

    The practical work continued with the Wheat Harvest, whichtook some time to complete. A dusty job, we were grateful to all

    those who helped.

    However, our work has alsobeen very creative. Weve justfinished an art installationcalled, The Tree of Life whichis situated in our reception areaand provides a great welcometo our visitors.

    We are also very excited aboutour new childrens film whichwill be available shortly.Entitled Growing up withJesus, the film has been aremarkable achievement andwe are looking forward to thefinal version.

    WSummer at the Village


    Harvest Time Sheep Shearing

    Broadcaster Simon Reeve visits the Village

    Our new Tree of Life

  • Seeds of Hope

    his year we have been blessed with people to share with usin the ministry that is the Chaplaincy at the Hospital. These

    people come from the local community and from abroad and weare delighted to share with our brothers and sisters!

    We have welcomedtwo teams from Brazilthis year and had thechance to have themshare both at ourHospital and also inthe Italian Hospital inNazareth. Theyperformed dramas andshared testimonies,also visiting a local oldpeoples home withChaplaincy Teammembers.

    We also had three members of a Canadian SERVE Nazarethgroup working with us. They visited patients and staff, and sharedat the chapel services too, making friends, connecting, prayingand giving testimony as they served with us.


    Summer 2013Greetings!



    The groups from Brazil this year were greatencouragement to all they met.

    But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind andstraining toward what is ahead, I press on toward

    the goal to win the prize for which God has calledme heavenward in Christ Jesus.

    Philippians 3:13-14 (NIV)

    he Chaplaincy continues its regular ministry of visitingpatients in the wards. Sometimes these visits are one offs,

    but sometimes the visits are regular occasions such as to thepeople attending for dialysis who visit the Hospital three times aweek, every week.

    This allows the volunteers, whether local or international, tobuild relationships, to get to know folk, to pray with them and toshare Christ. These ward visits take place every week by localvolunteers, supervised by Rev. Suheil, and are a greatencouragement to folk of different religions and even those whohave none. It is a tribute to the team of faithful Christians thatthey continue to receive a warm welcome throughout theHospital and with the patients they visit - both new and old.



  • ur annual study day took place in May, with the theme ofChristian Legacy. Our speakers were Pastor Azar Ajaj, Pastor

    Rajai Samawi and Joseph Main, our CEO. The day was attendedby about 60 members of the staff, volunteers and members of thewider community.

    We also held a meetingfor the Haggai Institute atthe Hospital Chapel thisyear. The Haggai Institute,whose mission is toadvance the skills ofqualified Christian leadersto more effectivelyevangelise their ownpeople and train others todo the same are active in

    Nazareth, with our own Chaplain having been through theirtraining in Cyprus.

    This year, the Hospitalhosted their meeting andalso sent three people -two members of staff andone Chaplaincy volunteer- to their annual training.Nana Hamati, HelenIssawi and Eman Bathishparticipated in the trainingfrom 15 30 April, whichincluded participants fromacross the Middle East.

    This year we begin the process of forming a cohesive strategy forspiritual services, as we move forward and respond to thechanges and demands of our environment. Work began on thisprocess with the support of Randa Elias and Joseph Main, on 27

    June, with a Strategy Day,attended by Hospital staffand volunteers, to assesswhere we are today and toenvision where we wouldlike to be in the future. The day identified 4 mainvalues to pursue and weask for your prayers as wecontinue to build a strongand valuable strategy forthe future.


    Annual Study Day!

    SUPPORTERS BOXWe need your help in order to provide the Chaplaincy

    Service with adequate and appropriate materials such astracts and Audibibles to be used in their Ministry.

    If you would like to financially support the ChaplaincyDepartment then you can give online at use the reply slip at the back of the Newsletter



    Rev Suheil hosted our study day,entitled Christian Legacy

    Our Strategy Day was held at St Margaretsin Nazareth, helping to build our vision for

    the future.

    The hospital hosted the World Day of Prayeragain this year, welcoming members of the

    community to the chapel to share.


    he Pastoral Care Committee had met regularly in preparationfor the summer camp which was held in August.

    In the first week it was announced, 25 young people were signedup to attend and it is expected that over 60 children will finallyparticipate. Working in partnership with the Chaplaincy service,SERVE, and other local volunteers, the summer camp had thetheme of Starting new life with Jesus.

    With the camp running at the same hospital where many of theyoung people were born, it is explained that they all had theopportunity to be also born again into a new life as they get toknow Jesus of Nazareth.

    The summer camp has the young people linked to the Hospitaland the local community enjoying a wide range of activities. Thespecial delivery of water balloons all the way from America justa few days before the camp began helped to bring those essentialelements for laughter and fun in a hot Nazareth summer.

    Please pray that the planning may have honoured Him as thecamp was held, thanking Him for the safety of everyone duringthe camp and that the Seeds of Hope that were sown into thoseyoung lives may indeed bear lasting fruit in the days to come.

    Summer activities



    n annual study day organised by the Spiritual Committee, atthe Hospital was held in May and featured the theme of The

    Spirtual Inheritance of the Believer.

    Introduced by Pastor SuheilBathish, the day featuredspeakers Pastor Azar Ajaj,Pastor Rajai Samawi andJoseph Main, CEO. Joining inthe worship, which was inboth English and Arabic, wasRose Marshi and LouisaNwesry and Roni Khreish andSimon Nweary.

    Pastor Ajaj, President of theTheological EvangelicalSeminary in Nazarethhighlighted that inheritance isenjoying the blessing that Godgives to all believers and howevery person will give anaccount of their stewardshipand the talents they receivedfrom God.

    The difficulty of obtaining theinheritance, from a practicalview, was outlined by Pastor Samawi. In particular he stressedthe importance for believers to receive the inheritance whilstthey were still alive to ensure it has a positive influence on thepeople around them. He drew examples of Dr Vartan, Dr Testerand Dr Bernarth who offered their services to many people andleft behind a true inheritance at a high cost.

    Joseph Main discussed the cost of following Jesus, questioningHow do we pass on our inheritance to others? He summed upwith the sound advice that in order to make the inheritancealive, we have to live it.

    Spiritual Inheritance


    Joseph Main, CEO discussedthe 'cost' of following Jesus

    Pastor Samawi

  • 12

    To crucify our sinful natureGalatians 5:24-26 (NIV)

    Those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified theflesh with its passions and desires. Since we live by theSpirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. Let us notbecome conceited, provoking and envying eachother.

    What is sin? We know that the first sin was disobedience to God,with Adam and Eve. But we are to crucify our sinful nature,putting our own will on the cross and becoming more like Jesus.

    We should not be proud of ourselves or have false opinions ofothers. When we try to live by the law, we can become proud ofour achievements, and begin to compare with others.

    We should not be angry with each other. We are each madeunique with different gifts and talents to serve the church, anddifferent challenges and temptations to deal with. We shouldtreat each other with grace.

    We should not envy each other. Looking at each others gifts andtalents can make us envious. But if we want to live in Gods love,we will consider others better than ourselves. Real greatness isserving the Master in humility.

    We pray that we can each crucify our sinful nature day by day.This is a process which we go through every moment and everyhour with the grace and help of the Lord.


    hanks to a number of donations and grants received we arealmost ready to launch our AudiBible programme within the


    A portable device the size of a mobile phone, the AudiBiblesstore thousands of hours of content and can be listened to in theusers native language with the privacy of headphones or,alternatively, through the inbuilt speaker.

    The AudiBibles have been madepossible thanks to the generosityof a number of Trust Funds themost recent being the Society inScotland for the Propagation ofChristian Knowledge (SSPCK),Middle East ReformedFellowship (MERF), the PollockMemorial Missionary Trust, theBible Heritage Trust, the TemplarTrust, the James MillerEdinburgh Trust and theKilmacolm Mission who haveprovided combined grantstotalling 7,550.

    The pilot will see the contentprovided being Hospital Admission Procedures, Healthy Living,A History of the Hospital focussing on the life of our founder PKVartan and the Gospel of John presented as PK Vartans primaryinspiration.

    It is hoped the first AudiBibles will be introduced to the Hospitalin early 2014.


  • International Friends

    t the beginning of the summer former Nazareth volunteersgathered together in Merrill Kitchens home, several

    travelling as far as Perth, for a reunion and, in particular, to hearabout progress with the Mortuary Project.

    One of the visitors, aformer Nazarethvolunteer, Rev. JohnGilmore, was theExecutive officer ofCOCOA (Churches ofChrist Overseas Aid),and has beenparticularly helpful toour Australian friends.It is through COCA thatdonations are sent tothe Nazareth Trust and

    gain tax deductibility for Australian donors. The Australian taxdeduction is dependent upon transparent evidence that thedonations are being used for the required purpose theMortuary Project.

    Merrill has been busy spreading the word of our work inNazareth through the written word. She explains, Ive beeninvited to write an article for the Australian Mission StudiesJournal and am planning on using the Nazareth Hospital as anexample of the way in which international Christian mission haschanged over the centuries.

    This will emphasise the moment away from the important initialcolonial patronage of Christian mission to the positive change infocus of societies such as the EMMS in educating and equippinglocal peoples so that they are able to become more independentin serving their own community, along with the kind ofinternational support that can be resourced via bodies such asthe Nazareth Trust.

    A recent edition of Lukes Journal of the Christian Medical andDental Fellowship also featured an article of Merrills based onresearch which she wrote in conjunction with her husband, PaulKitchen prior to his passing, into First Century Medicine inPalestine.

    The research provides a fascinating insight into the medicaltreatment of ordinary people and highlighting Jesus, the Healer.

    It states, In a time of conflict, dispossession and dislocation,while the military occupiers and rich may have had access tomedical care, the ordinary villagers and refugees had few choiceswhen their illnesses were beyond the skills of their local folk-healers.

    Jesus is depicted not just miraculously healing people as hepassed by fleetingly, but as seeking out the needy, treating themwith compassion, giving them hope and providing newopportunities for a healthy community life. He demonstrates aholistic merciful approach to the people he encounters andcharges his disciples to the same. In doing so, the Kingdom ofGod that Jesus proclaims in words and deeds was experienced insharp contrast to the oppressive, careless imperial rule of theday.

    ASpreading the Word in Australia


    Merrill Kitchen

  • SERVE Nazareth

    aylita Chantiluke provides an insight into being a volunteeron the SERVE programme.

    I volunteered for Serve Nazareth for just over a month in thesummer of 2013 and I can honestly say that it was one of themost culturally and spiritually rich months of my life. I wasassigned two placements, one at a Christian summer camp foryoung children and the other on the psychiatric ward of theHospital. Although these two placements were very different, bythe end of my time in Nazareth I loved them both and did notwant to leave.

    At camp I was assigned to a group of 15 children, along withlocal volunteers who spoke Arabic. I went with my group to allof their morning activities which included bible study, biblediscussion and water games. After break I taught football withtwo other volunteers, which was particularly fun, but also verychallenging at times!

    Throughout these sessions, and despite the language barrier, Iwas able to show Gods love to these young children and watchthem grow and learn in Christ which was a marvellous thing towitness. One of my highlights from my time at camp was gettingthe children to pray before every football session. By the end ofthe week they started doing it without our prompting, showingthat they were starting to build their own connection with God.

    On thep s y ch i a t r i cward thingswere verydifferent ase v e r y t h i n gwas muchquieter andrelaxed. Thiswas quite ac o n t r a s tcompared tocamp and as Iam quite atalkative and

    extrovert person I found it a little difficult to settle in to thisplacement. However, God used the people around me to let meknow that this placement was a good challenge for me and thatI should continue with it until the end of my time in Nazareth. Itwas a good job that I did because on my second last day I endedup having two really deep, spiritually orientated conversations(one in broken English, the other via Google translate!) with twoof the patients on the ward and was able to pray for one of them.This really showed me that no matter what barriers may bepresent, God will always find a way for His will to be done.

    My spiritual development was really challenged and had grownby the coaching and guidance of those around me. I feel as if Ihave returned to the UK with a new found love and appreciationof how awesome God truly is. I could not recommend thisprogramme enough to anyone who would like to get closer withGod and serve His people in His holy land.

    KThrough the Eyes of a Volunteer


    Kaylita with friends in the chapel

  • SERVE Nazareth

    ere at SERVE Nazareth, we have had a progressive start tothe summer with departures and arrivals spread over a

    number of weeks! This allows for those who might not have a fullthree months available to serve, to still come and be part of theprogramme for however long they have available and also keepus on our toes!

    Our community right now is made up of a variety of people, whowe are blessed to welcome to Nazareth, and who each havetheir unique contributions to make. These people have comefrom Croatia, Canada, the USA and the UK and we are delightedto have them all here together!

    Their service is based in Nazareth and again covers a variety ofplaces and ministries. We place our interns in two mainplacements, which are consistent with their gifts and skills, aswell as providing a challenge for them.

    Of course they dont do this alone, and our one on one time withinterns each week aims to provide support and advice for eachone as they deal with the different pressures of being away fromhome and functioning in a different language and culture. Wehave found that this time is a key aspect of the programme,providing spiritual support for all, as God works in their lives andhearts.

    We are also pleased to welcome Sarah, a UK medical student,who is completing her elective requirement as part of her timewith SERVE. She writes of her time in one chapel service:

    Towards the end of the worship I felt such a peace and joy andjust wanted to spend more and more time praising God. Stevespoke on Kindness as a Fruit of the Spirit, and it touched myheart. It reminded me that Fruit is not instant it takes time togrow and mature, and that to grow fruit requires us to spend timewith the source of our nourishment Jesus. It was a great eveningspent resting in Gods presence and hearing from His Word.

    Pray for us this summer, for our interns and for the lives they willtouch here. Who knows, maybe you too will join us here?

    Summer 2013!

    SERVE volunteers



  • here have been a number of changes to the Board ofTrustees at The Nazareth Trust.

    Trustees joining us recently:

    Norman Bennett

    Daoud Bshouty

    Mones Farah

    Morgan Jamieson

    Continuing Trustees:

    Fiona Akers Douglas Callander

    Ashleigh Dunn

    Joanna Storrar

    Peter Turnpenny

    Trustees leaving us in 2013 (as theyve served full terms):

    Donald Forsyth

    Mike Frew

    Rayek Geraisy

    Ian Lyall

    Nancy Martin

    Also Yohanna Katanacho and Darryl Landis, whovestepped down.

    So its a bittersweet time as we say a grateful farewell tothose whove served and to welcome warmly thesignificant skills and experience the new Trustees bring.

    Please pray for the new Board that we will: work together as a team, united in Christ

    pick up the baton quickly and run the next partof the race well

    bring the wisdom of God to the decisions we take,as we give direction to the work of this charity andgovern it diligently

    We next meet on: 22 23 November in Nazareth for a Board meeting

    TMeet the New Board


    Charity News

    PRAYER BOXWe ask that you pray for our new Boardof Trustees: that they are able to guide

    The Nazareth Trust in the best possible wayand deliver our objectives.

    Give thanks and pray for those who have alsotirelessly served on the board.

  • Charity News


    Norman Bennett

    Director ofFinance at the

    Royal HospitalsTrust, Belfast then

    Director ofFinance at QueensUniversity, Belfastuntil retirement

    Trustee of thePresbyterian

    Church in Ireland

    Lives in NorthernIreland

    Fiona Akers

    Solicitor, partnerin law firm in

    Edinburghspecialising in

    commercial andcorporate law

    Lives inEdinburgh,Scotland

    Daoud Bshouty

    Professor ofMathematics,

    Technion, Haifa25 years Maths

    teaching in Arabhigh schools

    30 Years advisorfor Arab students

    for HigherEducation.

    Lives in Haifa,Israel

    Ashleigh DunnChair

    20+ years inUK health

    managementCurrently GlobalHR Manager in

    bankingLives in Edinburgh,


    Douglas Callander

    Retired ArchitectTrustee of

    Embrace theMiddle East(Formerly

    BibleLands)Lives near

    Glasgow, Scotland

    Mones Farah

    Born and raised inNazareth

    Currently aChurch of England

    VicarLives in

    Chelmsford, Essex

    Joanna Storrar

    Director ofDevelopment atThe Pennington

    School, NewJersey

    20+ yearsFundraising

    experience inboth the UK and

    USALives in NewJersey, USA

    Morgan Jamieson

    Short-termappointment atthe Nazareth

    Hospital in 1970sSubsequent NHScareer involvedconsultant and

    managerial rolesNow retired and

    undertakingresearch in

    pastoral careLives in


    Peter Turnpenny

    Served for 7 yearsas a paediatricianat The Nazareth

    Hospital,1983 - 90Currently,Consultant

    Clinical Geneticistat the Royal

    Devon & ExeterHospital.

    The Nazareth Trust Board

  • rustee, Peter Turnpenny, cycled to great lengths this summer some 900 miles to be precise travelling the full length of

    Great Britain to raise money for the Hospital.

    Along with colleague,Mike Jeffreys, thecycling duo startedtheir epic bike ride inLands End and spentsix long days in thesaddle completing theLE2JOG, as it iscommonly known, tripto John OGroats.

    Despite suffering fromhypothermia atDrumochter on the A9 in the heart of the Scottish Highlands andhaving to take shelter in an isolated house, the cyclists eventuallymade it to John OGroats and then back home in one piece,raising almost 7,000 for both the Childrens Ward and medicalresearch charity, the British Scoliosis Research Foundation.

    What a great achievement!

    TPeter Goes to Great Lengths

    Charity News


    Peter and Mike

    f you live in the Bournemouth area ornot everyone has the opportunity of

    listening to people connected with theNazareth Trust interviewed live on air.

    If you live in the Bournemouth are or maybe visiting the seasideresort then make sure you tune in to Hope FM, a local Christianradio station on 90.1FM. You can also listen in live by using theListen Live link on the front page of

    In partnership with The Nazareth Trust, the station has agreed tohost a series of monthly interviews with the charity. The majoritywill be aired live on the Breakfast Show which goes on airbetween 8 and 9 pm every Sunday and some as part of theCommunity Matters programme on a Monday morning.

    The host of these programmes is Sheena Dayman who isbecoming more and more acquainted with the work of TheNazareth Trust.

    Trustee Peter Turnpenny was first to be in the interview hot chair,and has been followed on a Sunday morning by our Chair,Ashleigh Dunn and also Matt Altman one of our SERVE NazarethAdministrators.

    The most recent interviewee was Randa Elias, our Director ofNursing Services, who was our first representative to beinterviewed live on the Monday morning programme,Community Matters.

    Until the end of the year it is hoped to have former Trustee, JohnVartan being interviewed on Sunday 20th October with ShaunNewton from our UK Head Office being interviewed on Monday25th November and the the last Sunday before Christmas willsee our Chief Executive, Joseph Main being interviewed onSunday 22nd December.

    IHitting the Airwaves

  • Charity News


    fter many months of planning andresearch, the final touches are

    being made to a unique new cook bookcompiled by Levette Callander.

    Set to be a firm favourite with familiesaround the world, the book is morethan just a cookery book. It sharesstories, photographs and reflections ofsupporters of the Nazareth Hospitalfrom around the world.

    Inspired by a publication called Extending the Table compiledby Mennonite missionaries, the book features a variety of recipesincluding soups, salads and mezze, vegetables, main courses,desserts and, of course, cakes. A special thanks is extended toall those people who took the time and effort to contributetowards its creation.

    Levette said, While gathering material for this book, I have beenon a journey through my childhood, my years of married life, mytravels and my friendships. I have appreciated the opportunity toreflect on these things, and hope, as you read and use the book,youll enjoy a similar experience.

    All proceeds from the book will be donated to The Nazareth Trustand the book can be pre-ordered by completing the reply slip atthe back of the Newsletter or by contacting Shaun Newton on+44 (0) 191 5 20 80 30 or email [email protected]

    What a great achievement!

    In the meantime enjoy an appropriate extract below to celebratesummer.

    ARecipe for Success

    Levette Callander

    Middle Eastern Ice Cream

    Ingredients:1.5 cups single cream vanilla bean

    6 egg yolks 1 cup sugar

    tsp saffron cup rosewater

    1 cup pistachios (finely chopped)

    cup fresh carrot juice


    Bring cream to boil, add vanilla bean and saffron

    Beat egg yolks and sugar together

    Add cream slowly to yolks, then cook oversimmering water until thickened

    Remove. Cool in bowl of ice, add rosewater,then put in fridge overnight.

    Strain, add pistachios, and freeze.

    Serve with carrot juice poured over top,and garnish with pistachios.

  • nyone organising a carol service will appreciate thechallenges in creating a service with that familiar touch yet

    original in style. Well, help is at hand for The Nazareth Trust iscreating a special Christmas Carol DVD with all the work alreadyin place.

    The DVD will feature a full hours programme with music andwords for the carols. The service will also contain Bible readingsand prayers presented by individuals involved in the whole lifeof the Nazareth Trust together with a short address.

    It will also feature additional carols and promotional materialthat people can print off directly. The DVD will be availablefrom the Autumn at a nominal charge to cover postage andpacking.

    Shaun Newton, Head of Resources at The Nazareth Trust, said,"We've chosen a selection of carols and readings which we hopewill appeal to everyone and all the music is royalty free. Itsdesigned to accompany singers of all ranges and abilities."

    Further details are available from Shaun Newton on +44 (0) 1915 20 80 30 or [email protected] or by completing thereply slip at the back of the newsletter.

    ARejoicing Carols

    Charity News


  • Charity News

    he Nazareth Trust is working on establishing small, localsupporters groups in the UK and overseas to support the

    work of the Trust.

    Primarily thefocus of thegroups will be toprovide prayersupport but it isexpected thatthese groups mayalso be interestedin offeringa d d i t i o n a lsupport whenable. Suchsupport could behelping to raiseawareness of The Nazareth Trust and our work by providingspeakers for local churches and groups, alerting the localcommunity to events and activites and fundraising.

    If you think you could offer some of your time to help supportour work please contact Shaun Newton on + 44 (0) 191 5 20 8030 or [email protected] or by completing the Reply Slipat the back of the Newsletter

    Cell Groups



    n September 2014, we will be celebrating the 90thAnniversary of the School of Nursing.

    Nazareth will welcome walkers from the Jesus Trail SponsoredWalk on Thursday 18th September after which the 90thAnniversary Celebration will take place.

    The celebrations will continue the following day.

    To recognise the links with the city of Edinburgh there is plans tohave a 90th Anniversary Lecture in Edinburgh at some point inthe week of Monday 9th June.

    We would ask that you place these dates in your diary now andif you want to be kept informed of the Schools 90th Anniversarycelebration or if you may be considering attending either eventplease register your interest by completing the reply slip at theback of the Newsletter or by contacting Shaun Newton on +44(0) 191 5 20 80 30 or email [email protected]

    I90th Anniversary

    Entrance to the School of Nursing School of Nursing Students

    The Board of MNIF together with our own Trustees andexecutives visiting the Nazareth Village

  • etired for the past fiveyears, Annemarie

    shares with us a glimpse ofher journey to Nazarethand her time working at theNazareth Hospital. Shesays, As I look back on myworking life, the honour isthe Lords as He has guidedme from place to place. Ihad given him a blankcheque that He could guideme as He wanted to at the beginning of 1970.

    After five years work at the Lay Witness Mission (Mut zurGemeinde) in Switzerland, I attended a course at CapernwrayBible School in Carnforth in England in the mid-seventies. Onthe evening before the course started, I learnt that most of the170 students reserved themselves a desk in the conference hall.I thought, Im not going to do that.

    Next morning on entering the hall I found in the back a fewdesks left. I felt a bit awkward as I really should have sat in frontas my mother tongue was not English. Suddenly another Swissgirl called me from the front. She had reserved two desks. And Icame to sit in the fifth row - exactly behind Denis Wild. He hadgot to know the Lord while working in the X-ray department ofthe Nazareth Hospital. He went straight to Bible School after histime in Nazareth.

    Thats how I learned about the Hospital. I somehow thought theLord wanted me to get to know Denis in a deeper way, as hischarming manner was quite infectious! But the Lord had otherplans.

    Denis talked quite a bit about The Hospital and he had heard thatDr. Hans Bernath was looking for a secretary. The studies at theBible School inspired me more and more and I had a desire todeepen the themes in Israel where it all happened.

    I wrote to Dr. Bernath and applied for the job for a six monthperiod. I prayed with my roommate that the Lord would open orclose the door. To my joy I got the job in Nazareth, and Dr.Bernath wanted me to stay at least a year!

    After Bible School I drove with a friend to Edinburgh visiting Dr.John Tester and his family. I was thrilled to get to know them. Hetold me a lot about the Hospital and Mrs. Tester gave me thefollowing advice: Bring peace and radiate peace (as written inmy diary)! Of course, I knew I could not do this. It would haveto be the Lord in me.

    A month after Bible School and spending some time with myfamily I sat in the plane to Tel Aviv with Dr. Bernath who hadbeen for a visit to Switzerland.

    In the first few weeks at Nazareth I realised in my heart (I knewit in my head) that the Hospital was for the Arab population ofNazareth and the surrounding area. At that time and beforehandI had heard much about terror bombs and activities of Islamistsin various countries of the world. I felt in my heart that I had putall Arabs in the same bucket and that there was not much love inmy heart. I repented and asked the Lord to fill my heart with lovefor the Arab people. HE DID. Today I still have this love in myheart for the Arab people.

    The six years in Nazareth (1977-83) were of the richest periodsof my life.

    RAnnemarie Niederdorfer

    My Story



  • Mortuary Appeal Update

    n 2009/10 we launched an appeal to replace the existing 1-room corrugated sheet shed used as the mortuary for our

    hospital with an entirely new facility able to provide a servicemuch more in-keeping with our values as a Christian Hospital.We hoped to build a mortuary which would provide dignity forthe deceased in a way that also reflected our compassion forthose suffering the terrible grief of their loss.

    The target for our appeal was 148,000 and I am delighted toreport that your support has so far raised 26,572.86.

    Although this is short of our intended target, the success of ourCatheterisation Unit fundraising has allowed us to a build a newfour-storey construction, the second floor of which will nowbecome the new Nazareth Hospital EMMS mortuary facility.

    In this way, we have been able to combine our fundraisingappeals and achieve both very important objectives much morequickly than if we had delivered them separately.

    So this update is also a message of deep thanks and appreciationto all those who understood the need of our request. Because ofyour effort, your commitment and your generosity we will beable to provide the service we should to those who suffer soterribly on the loss of their loved ones. We will soon be able toprovide care and compassion to those in the midst of their griefin a way which truly reflects our hope to always work asfollowers of Jesus of Nazareth.

    Thank you

    Mortuary Appeal Update



    Joseph R. MainChief Executive Officer

    STOP PRESSIf you would prefer to receive copies of the

    newsletter by email rather than through the postplease email Sue Westhead at [email protected]

    or telephone +44 (0) 191 5 20 80 30.

  • The Jesus Trail is in the Galilee regionof Israel which connects importantsites from the life of Jesus as well asother historical and religious places.

    The pace of the Jesus Trail, set over 5days, he allows time to be madeavailable each day for worship andspiritual reflection relevant to theBiblical setting .

    The Nazareth Trust- EMMS Nazareth-

    Walk the Jesus Trail 2014Saturday 8th March 2014

    Experience the Jesus Trail in March 2014 andhelp raise funds to develop and sustain the

    Christian Witness in Jesus home town.

    At the end of the walk, you will be able tospend time in Nazareth visiting the work of

    The Nazareth Trust INCLUDING The Hospital,School of Nursing, SERVE Nazareth and also

    The Nazareth Village.

    After paying a Registration Fee of 100, weask you to commit to raising a minimum of

    1200 in sponsorship by the time of the walkwith 75% of this amount raised by

    31st January 2014.


    Sat 8th: Arrival and transfer to the Sea ofGalilee

    Sun 9th: Walk Capernaum to Arbel: 10.4 milesMon 10th: Walk Arbel to Kibbutz Lavi: 10 milesTues 11th: Kibbutz Lavi to Ilanya, then climb

    Mt. Tabor: 5.6 milesWed 12th: Ilaniya to Zippori: 9.7 milesThur 13th: Zippori to Nazareth: 4.9 milesFri 14th: Transfer to Tel Aviv Airport

    As can be seen by the itinerary this walk willnot be a challenge to some, but will be partadventure and part pilgrimage and your verysponsorship will have a positive impact upon

    The Christian Witness in Nazareth.

    WE INVITE YOU TO GET INVOLVEDWe believe it will be a unique experience for you,

    and will make a very real difference to the vitalwork and ministry of The Nazareth Trust.

    Further information is available from:

    Shaun Newton, The Nazareth Trust,Laurel Gables, Claude Street , Hetton-le-Hole,

    Tyne & Wear, DH5 0AU( T: 0191 520 80 30 ; Email: [email protected]

    : www.thenazarethtrust.org24

  • The Nazareth TrustWalk the Jesus Trail 2014The Walk the Jesus Trail 2014 event will berun in conjunction with The Jesus Trail andsome elements may be subject to change.


    This is primarily a fundraising activity with atarget figure of 25,000 to be to help develop

    and sustain the Christian Witness in Jesushome town of Nazareth.


    After paying a Registration Fee of 100, weask you to commit to raising a minimum of

    1200 / $2,000 / 7,200 NIS in sponsorship bythe time of the walk with 75% of this amount

    raised by 31st January 2014.

    By committing to this, The Nazareth Trustwill pay your tour costs on your behalf and

    what-ever you raise over your minimumsponsorship will go directly to support the

    work of Chris-tian Witness in Nazareth.

    Registration Fee: 100

    Application Packs:These are currently available from

    Shaun Newton at The Nazareth Trust:* Laurel Gables, Claude Street,

    Hetton-le-Hole, Tyne & Wear, DH5 0AU( Tel: 0191 520 80 30

    Email: [email protected]:


  • Mandate Form

    My Bank's Name:.

    My Bank's Postal Address:...

    Post Code ...................

    Please pay by banker's standing order, cancelling any previousinstructions regarding this payee:

    Pay to: The Nazareth Trust Bank: Bank of Scotland

    Account Number: 00111367 Sort Code: 80-02-28


    Amount (Figures) ....

    Amount (Words) ..

    Date of 1st Payment.........

    Pay due day/date every month.

    Frequency: Weekly o Monthly o Annually o

    Until Further Notice o or Date of Last Payment.

    Name of My Account:.

    Account Number:.. Sort Code:...

    I hereby authorise you to set up this standing order payment on myaccount.

    Signed:. Date:...

    Name (Block Capitals)..


    Post Code ...................


    o I would like The Nazareth Trust to treat this donation and anyfuture donations I make under the Gift Aid Scheme.

    You may cancel this declaration at any time by notifying us or yourbank a copy to The Nazareth Trust Head Office.

    Dont forget Gift Aid only applies to UK residents and if you livein the USA charity giving will need to form part of your taxreturn form.

    Please complete and return this form to your bank.

    Standing Order Mandate Form


  • Reply Form


    To maintain the work and witness inNazareth, The Nazareth Trust relies upon

    the support and funds from people like youthroughout the world.

    Without that support we could not do allthat we currently do!

    There are many ways you can help:

    Pray: join others to pray for the work ofThe Nazareth Trust.

    Volunteering is rewarding, satisfying andchallenging. You could assist in making a real difference to the work of TheNazareth Trust. SERVE Nazareth offers arange of different volunteeringopportunities, which all come withtraining.

    Helping with or organising your ownsupporters or fundraising event withfriends, family or church. Get in touchwith us at Head Office to see how!

    You can make a donation however small.You can either use this form or online at

    Your church, group or society couldnominate The Nazareth Trust as yourCharity of the Year raising awarenessand funds over the course of a year.

    Please use the form overleaf to indicate ifyou require any further information or if youwould like to be added to our mailing list,and then send the completed form to the

    UK Head Office.

    Thank You!

    Reply Form

  • Reply Form

    Reply FormPlease send me information on:

    Cell Groups - either joining one or establishing one

    The Cook Book

    The Christmas Carol Service DVD

    Receiving our Newsletter by post / email

    School of Nursing 90th Anniversary celebrations in 2014

    The Jesus Trail Sponsored Walks in 2014

    Volunteering with SERVE Nazareth

    Details of our Celebrations and / or Fundraising events

    Advice on how you can run your own fundraising event

    Leaving a legacy for the benefit of The Nazareth Trust

    Other (please specify): ____________________________________

    I would like to give a donation of ______ to be allocated to thefollowing appeal / fund [please tick]:

    The work of The Nazareth Trust to use as you need

    The SERVE Bursary Fund

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    The AudiBible Appeal

    The Chapel Refurbishment Appeal

    The PK Vartan Endowment Fund

    Other (please specify): ____________________________________

    GIFT AID: Please treat as Gift Aid donations all qualifying gifts of moneymade today, in the past and in the future. I confirm I have paid or will pay anamount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for each tax year (6 April to 5April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities orCommunity Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that I donate to will reclaim onmy gifts for that tax year. I understand that other taxes such as VAT andCouncil Tax do not qualify. I understand The Nazareth Trust will reclaim 28pof tax on every 1 that I gave up to 5 April 2008 and will reclaim 25p of taxon every 1 that I give on or after 6 April 2008.

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