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    Autumn School Vacation Thursday 2 April 2015 is the last day of this term. Students return to school on Tuesday 21 April 2015.

    Happy Holidays I wish everyone a safe and happy Autumn School Vacation. Please drive carefully. I want to thank all my staff for their hard work over this term. We have had a great start to the year and the school is humming along. I appreciate all the positive feedback we have been receiving of late.

    Parents As Partners Most of the school day is spent with students learning in groups or as a whole class. There is very little time for one -on-one tutoring. In fact if you do the math and see the school days at 4 ¼ hours and realise most of the time is given to whole class instruction most students have about 10 minutes a week of one-on-one instruction. As Kindergarten classes are smaller there is more one-on- one instruction. We also have two part-time support teachers and five part-time teachers’ aides. Parents can provide more one-on-one time than teachers each week. Parents and other volunteers make the world of difference too. It is important that students attend every school day unless they are unwell. We can’t teach children who are not here.

    Student Misbehaviour I hardly ever need to call parents about student misbehaviour as most students here behave so well. I am often shocked when I do have call parents about their child’s misbehaviour how many take that opportunity to complain about other students. This is not the right time to do this as it simply sounds defensive and that parents are trying to deflect the issue I have called about. I am shocked if a parent says ‘My child has been bullied all term.’ I feel like saying ‘Why didn’t you call earlier? Why have you waited until your child has misbehaved before raising the issue? Interestingly I


    Term 2 Week 1 • K-6 ANZAC assembly • See assembly timetable

    Carnival Dates: • School X Country 27 Apr • Zone X Country 25 May • Area X Country 11 June • School Athletics 29 July • Zone Athletics 20 Aug • Area Athletics 7 Sept

    For All Events: • See school calendar

    PREMIER'S READING CHALLENGE: How to register on-line.

    Gold, Silver & Bronze: • View current award




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  • always follow these claims and find there has been a single issue and the student has not been bullied at all. For bullying to happen there must be a power imbalance. Two students who are fighting are not necessarily in a bullying situation unless one student is significantly older, stronger or smarter than the other. We do not accept any physical or verbal aggression but unless there is a power imbalance this is misbehaviour, not bullying, and usually involves both parties in having made bad decisions.

    OC Classes – Year 4 Parents There are 75 primary schools with opportunity classes across NSW. Successful students attend the opportunity class full-time for the duration of Years 5 and 6 at the primary school with an opportunity class. It is a two-year placement program. In the majority of cases students who accept a place in an opportunity class will leave their current school to attend the school with an opportunity class. Parents apply when the students are in Year 4. There is no provision to apply for Year 6 placement. The application website for Year 5 entry to an opportunity class in 2016 opens on Monday 27 April 2015 and closes on Friday 15 May 2015. Late applications will not be accepted. I will send the link to Year 4 parents early next term. And include it in the week 2, Term 2 Newsletter. All applications must be made online. Click here for more information on ‘OC’ classes 6assessments/ocplacement.php

    Kinder 2015 Information Night We are holding an information night on Tuesday 19 May 2015 at 7:00 PM for prospective parents. This is for adults only. This is especially for parents who have no association with the school and need basic information. Topics covered will include • Enrolment policy and procedures • School facilities and programs • Primary Schooling in the 21st century • A day in Kinder at big school • Should I start my child at school in 2016?

    The session will last for 1 hour and 30 minutes with plenty of time for questions. Our Orientation Program in November is for students and parents whose enrolment has been accepted.

    Easter Reading Have your kids signed on for the Premiers Reading Challenge? Get a head start with Easter reading time. Booklists are here: What’s Your Child Reading Right Now? Find out more:

    • T2 Sports timetable

    P & C NEWS: • 6 May - P&C meeting

    MUSIC MATTERS: CHOIR • Junior Choir:

    Wed 8:30am • Intermediate: Thurs

    8:ooam • Senior Choir: Fri 8:00am

    DANCE PRACTICE: • Junior: Friday • Intermediate: Monday • Senior Girls: Wednesday • Primary Boys: Thursday


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  • April School Holidays Have you got April School Holidays organised yet? It’s not too late to book for a Sport And Recreation Kids’ Camp. Watch the video to see how much fun these kids are having. Find out more:

    School Calendar What’s on when? Stay on top of school Holiday, term And state Examination Dates across NSW. Find out more: do=setviewperiod&categoryid=2&viewtype=yearview

    John Benton (Principal)


    School Sport Term 2 And 3 For K-6: Sport begins on the first Friday of Term 2 (24 April). Students going to netball, soccer, AFL, Macquarie sports and swimming program will not be at school during lunch time. If ordering lunch at the canteen, there will be a limited selection of foods found in 'sport group' through ‘Flexischools.’ These orders must be collected at recess. Students in K-2 will be participating in a sports program each Friday morning run by professional PE teachers. All students will wear their sports uniform with a hat. The program will run regardless of the weather.

    Dance, Gymnastics And Swimming Programs: This term, K-4 students participated in the ‘Moving Bodies’ gymnastics program . The program offered a variety of activities using specialist gymnastics equipment such as balancing beams, bars, trampolines, vaulting boxes and hand held equipment. Students from Years 3 to 6 participated in weekly swimming lessons. The school’s swimming program will resume in Term 4 with Year 1 joining the program. Students in Years 5 and 6 enjoyed creative dance with Elise McCallum, a highly motivated

    • Tuesdays: 2-3pm • Thursdays: 8:30-10am

    View our Hours & Roster

    DR SHOE Dr Shoe will be visiting the school again next term, and also does home visits. All sales help to raise money for the school.


    Bush Tuckshop If anyone would like to volunteer next term, please email me your name and the day of the week you are available and I will include you in the roster.


    See our website for snow sports form

    SCHOOL BANKING: • starts Tuesday 21 April

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  • and enthusiastic specialist. She provided the children with a range of different activities based on movement and spatial awareness.Dance for Years 3-6 will resume in Term 4.

    Belinda Zorian: Debbie Evans: (Deputy Principals)

    ALL WELCOME TO OUR ANZAC DAY CEREMONY - THURSDAY 23 APRIL 2015: On Thursday 23 April, at 2pm, Wahroonga Public School will be holding an ANZAC Assembly. We will pause to mark the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, at Gallipoli, who 100 years ago made immortal the name of ANZAC. We will remember the ANZAC soldiers who fought for our country and our freedom.

    We invite the school community to attend our ANZAC Assembly and to remember with us. After the assembly, there will be a wreath laying ceremony in the Lone Pine garden near the school office. See our website for more about our Anzac Assembly 2015.

    The ANZAC Day Dance By Elise Garrett 6S. A few members of the senior dance group are performing a dance at our ANZAC assembly. The ANZAC dance is a contemporary lyrical piece. We are wearing white to symbolise peace between countries. Make sure you come to the assembly to see us p


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