automate cloud application deployments with eucalyptus and aws cloudformation

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  1. 1. Automate Cloud Application Deployments with Eucalyptus and AWS CloudFormation Govind Rangasamy, Eucalyptus Systems Chris Horne, Cloud Sidekick Patrick Dunnigan, Cloud Sidekick1 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  2. 2. Customer Need for CloudAgility is KeyFlexibilityAutomationSpeedTrust ResourceSelf-Service Self-ServiceDynamicChargeback Resource Resource Resource andConfigurationProvisioning Management Reporting Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)2 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  3. 3. An Enterprise Open Source, On-premise CloudInfrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) Software PlatformWeb services API to enable Self-serviceableinfrastructureCloud compute, network, storage and identityresources are accessible as servicesVirtual resource management orchestratesdisposable virtual cloud resources placement,handles security & traffic isolation, identity,metadata services and storagePhysical resource management tools interfacewith hypervisor, storage, and networkinfrastructure3 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  4. 4. Eucalyptus IaaS DeploymentCloud Controller Cloud level - Virtual Resource System AWS EC2 CompatibleWalrus StorageNode Controller Persistent data store VM Bucket-based, like S3VM VMResource AdminCluster ControllerCluster ControllerVM Node level - Virtual Resource System SAN Manage Virtual Network Cloud Controller Storage ControllerStorage Controller Block accessed network storage Like EBSWalrus Storage ESXCluster ControllerESXiNode Controller VM managementNAS VMware Broker Instance management Storage ControllerVMware Broker ESX, ESXi management vCenter server compatible 4 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  5. 5. Exercise Control Over Cloud with Policies Lease instances Allow or deny API andto groups Resource* accessWEBAppDBWEBAppDB Allow or deny specific API/ User actionsWEBAppDBWEBAppDB Specify resource access timeWEBAppDB Built-in policy limitsenforcementengineWEBAppDBTest Zone 1* Extension to AWS IAM5 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  6. 6. Eucalyptus IaaS High Availability Maintain Respond to Autonomic IaaS Service IntegrityChange Quickly Resilient and reliable cloud Preserves virtual instances Flexible placement of service availabilitylocationinstances Self-aware services failure Preserves VM isolation Detect and failover of detection configurations, Elastic IPs,services to available Coordinated recovery of Security Groups resources failed cloud services Protects storage buckets Separation of service and Alerts admins of services Preserves VM to storage data for faster recovery failure mapping Adaptive network and security servicesReduce ReduceFaster Administrative Costs DowntimeTime to Market6 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.
  7. 7. Cato & Storm deliver AWS Compatible !Deployment Automation for Eucalyptus" Amazon AWS Public Cloud" CloudEC2!EBS!S3! IAM! Formation!Identity andElastic"Elastic Block "Storage "Access Deployment " ComputeStoreManagement " Automation CloudStorage EucalyptusCSK Cato "Walrus! Controller! Controller! IAM! & Storm! Eucalyptus Private Cloud"
  8. 8. Cato Community Edition" Cato Cloud Orchestration Platform CE!Cloud Instance"Deployment" Operations"Management!Management! Management! Automation! Full API Automation &! Server Cong Mgt Hybrid Cloud! Library of Tasks ! Resource Provisioning" (Chef/Puppet)"Ecosystems"w/ Parameters !& Scheduling" Open source, proven IT orchestration platform" Multi Cloud automation of public, private and datacenter resources" Agentless architecture can manage any IP accessible servers" On-premise or cloud deployment of management servers" Parameter driven tasks and ecosystem templates automate deployments" Resource tagging automates cloud resource identication within tasks" Enables repeatable, reliable, automated, self-service cloud deployments"
  9. 9. Cato Enterprise Edition"StormDeployment!Automation!Cato Cloud Orchestration Platform EE! High Availability Management Servers! Cloud Instance"Deployment"Operations" Management!Management! Management!Automation!Full API Automation &! Server Cong MgtHybrid Cloud! Library of Tasks !Resource Provisioning" (Chef/Puppet)" Ecosystems"w/ Parameters !& Scheduling"Cato Enterprise Edition extends the open source CE with" High Availability Management Servers! Storm Deployment Automation compatible with AWS CloudFormation"
  10. 10. Storm = CloudFormation for Eucalyptus" AWS !Storm!CloudFormation !Ecosystem! Template" Template"Storm"Conguration Portability"Provisioning!Conguration Mgmt!Runtime Automation"AWS"Eucalyptus" Public Cloud !Private Cloud" Deployment" Deployment"
  11. 11. CloudFormation / !Storm Template Objects" Description" Parameters Instance keys, usernames, passwords, etc" Mappings Cloud image mapping with AMIs to EMIs for each Type" Resources W/ images, tags, sec groups, credentials and boot user data" Instances" Security Groups" IPs" Volumes, etc" Outputs Used to ! return values upon ! completion"
  12. 12. Cato Orchestration in Context"Self Service!RuntimeAuto Scaling! Automation! CongurationMonitoring &CredentialsManagement! Python! Alerting!Management! Perl!Nagios! Puppet!Template 1!! Template 2!Chef! Zenoss!Storm CFEngine!Resource Tagging! Backup/Restore!Deployment!Automation! ! Task Library! Patch Mgmt!Cato Cloud Orchestration Platform EE! High Availability Management Servers! Cloud Instance"Deployment" Operations" Management!Management! Management! Automation! AWS" Eucalyptus"Public Cloud ! Private Cloud ! Data Center! Application" Application" Application"
  13. 13. Ecosystems Manage Cloud Resources"EcosystemEcosystem"managed by!Operationallaunch!Templates"Instances" Routines" Actions w/ !Tasks from" Dev" Parameters" Central Library" QA" Start Ecosystem! PROD" Stop Ecosystem!Load Balancers!IP Addresses!Jobs! Backup Database! Resources" App Servers!Security! Restore Database!Volumes! Groups!Parameters"Databases! Auto Scale Events! Monitor Devices! Allocate Storage! Update Keys! Actions"Cloud Resources with Tags"Rotate Logs, etc.!
  14. 14. One-Click Deployments & Self-Service" Administrator, Developer & User Roles" Administrators and Developers can create Ecosystems with Actions that Users can run on demand to provision and de-provision applications"
  15. 15. Demo Overview" Single CF Template deploying same application to AWS and Eucalyptus Clouds" Similar use case for Disaster Recovery, Cloudbursting or Dev/Test ! Prod" Provision infrastructure to deploy the application" Post-provisioning conguration management" Creating & scheduling operational actions" Enabling user self-service"
  16. 16. Questions?7
  17. 17. Next Steps Learn more about on-premise Eucalyptus clouds.Visit and sign up for a 30-day free trial.Learn more about application deployment self-service with Cato.Call 678-251-4205 or email 2012 Eucalyptus Systems, Inc.