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Autistic child fit to attend school with a shadow teacher


<p>THE TIMES OF INDIA, MUMBAI * WEDNESDAY, MAY 8, 2013</p> <p>TIMES CITY</p> <p>5</p> <p>Autistic child fit to attend school with shadow teacher: PanelBoy Wasnt Violent &amp; Didnt Disrupt Class, Finds ReportYogita RaoTNN</p> <p>DECODING THEMENTAL CONDITION</p> <p>ABOUT THE DISORDER Autism is a range of complex neurological disorders characterized by social impairment, communication difficulties, and restricted, repetitive and stereotyped patterns of behaviour Children may have the most severe form called classical autism or milder forms known as Asperger syndrome Experts say 1 out of 88 children under eight years of age will have some form of autism</p> <p>SIGNS TO WATCH OUT FOR Autistic children may not respond to people or may focus intently on one item to the exclusion of others for a long time They will not respond to their names, will avoid eye contact and cant understand social cues They may have repetitive movements such as rocking and twirling They may have self-abusive behaviour such as biting or banging the head</p> <p>Mumbai: An eight-year-old autistic boy , who was ousted from Jamnabai Narsee School in Juhu last year, is fit to be allowed to attend regular school with a shadow teacher, said a report submitted by an expert panel to the Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights on Tuesday . The report was based on the observations of the commission-appointed panel, comprising child developmental experts and led by Dr Samir Dalwai, who reviewed the child in a classroom setting. The report said the boy did not show any signs or inclination of hurting himself or others during the observation period, as had been alleged by the school. In July 2012, the boys par-</p> <p>ents received a letter from the school requesting them to transfer the child to another insitute as his behaviour was disturbing other students. Armed with the provisions under the Right To Education (RTE) Act, the parents moved the Maharashtra State Commission for Protection of Child Rights in August 2012. According to the RTE Act, every child has the right to education and schools have to take steps to integrate special children with conditions such as autism, learning disability or cerebral palsy . Earlier, the Bombay high court and the commission had asked the school to allow the child in the classroom for a month along with a shadow teacher. This was the first court case in the country where a spe-</p> <p>HOW TO HANDLE AUTISTIC CHILDREN IN CLASSROOMS Before giving instructions, make sure the child is paying attention. Use simple language, not complicated words Too much noise and bright colours can distract the child Visual timetables help children with autism to see what is going to happen and when; this reduces their anxietycial child was allowed to attend a regular school with a shadow teacher, said Dr Dalwai. The panel was to observe the boy for a month, but the experts could do so only for two</p> <p> Use social stories and comic strips to teach social skills Try to teach a new topic in as many situations as possible Give the child time to process information Avoid non-literal language such as metaphors, sarcasm and idiomsmission on Tuesday and both the partiesthe school and the parentshave been asked to de-</p> <p>weeks as the academic session was coming to an end. The report was submitted to the com-</p> <p>liberate on the report and decide if it is acceptable in the next three days. The report said that despite his prolonged absence, the child showed remarkable adaptation and willingness to attend school. There was no violent or self-destructive behaviour, which is aided by the presence of a shadow teacher, said the report. The school had claimed that the child was a threat to other students as well as to himself due to his developmental problems, but this was not the case, said the report. In his report, Dr Dalwai said, His classmates responded with utmost love, concern and affection They were seen willingly and lovingly helping him with his tasks... They were happy to include him. But the report added that the parents should accept that their childs achievements may not be on a par with other students. It also recommended the school to have a comprehensive</p> <p>programme in place for the student that will require regular coordination between his teachers, resource team, shadow teacher and parents. With the school actively providing a comprehensive programme in letter and spirit, the childs participation and progress will improve, said the report. And, the school should also provide whatever assistance is available, from the regular as well as the resource staff. The parents also need to provide additional therapy and treatment as advised by their physician and therapy team, it said. The school representative refused to comment on the observations in the report. I am travelling. I do not know what happened at the hearing. Also the schools stand remains the same. We do not wish to comment on this case, said principal Sudeshna Chatterjee. The commission is headed by secretary A N Tripathi and acting chairperson Ujjwal Uke.</p> <p>NSUI city chief suspended for vulgar jig?Sharad VyasTNN</p> <p>Push for Eastern Freeway project</p> <p>FACING THE MUSICh National Students Union of India (NSUI) claimed it suspended its Mumbai chief Suraj Singh Thakur and two other office-bearers for misbehaving with seniors during a training seminar held in Kandivli in March h Reports on television channels and microblogging sites on Tuesday claimed the trio faced action following their antics at an alleged nude partysuch party took place at the seminar and rubbished the rumours that Thakur and the two others allegedly performed a naked dance in</p> <p>Mumbai: The National Students Union of India (NSUI) on Monday suspended its Mumbai president Suraj Singh Thakur for misbehaving with seniors during a training seminar held in Kandivli in March. Two other office-bearersnational delegate Hitendra Gandhi and state general secretary Vicky Vhatkarwere also suspended. On Tuesday , the youth body was thrown into a tizzy following reports on television channels and microblogging sites that the trio faced action following their antics at an alleged nude party. The NSUI denied that any</p> <p>h The NSUI denied that any such party took place at the seminar and rubbished the rumoursan inebriated condition during the alleged party . According to media reports, the dance was caught on camera and later a video</p> <p>uploaded on YouTube, which was taken off immediately . Unconfirmed reports claimed Thakur was caught on camera allegedly dancing naked during the alleged party . NSUI, however, said no such party took place and the media reports were completely false and baseless. We have suspended them following an internal probe which found them guilty of misbehaviour with the camp in-charge. The reports on the dance have originated on Twitter and have no basis. A seminar took place on March 14 and 15, and there was no other party in April as is being claimed by media reports, said NSUI national secretary Angellica Aribam. Unconfirmed reports on</p> <p>television channels said that Thakur and the two others participated in a ragging party where seniors and juniors were asked to button down. Thakur was re-elected to the post of president in 2012. The NSUI dismisses news report of the alleged nude party at this function. No such incident took place during the Mumbai function and there is no basis to these reports. The three have been found guilty of organizational breach of conduct for misbehaving with senior members of the party , stated a press note. Thakur had made headlines after a series of protests against a book by Rajiv Gandhis alleged killer A G Perarivalan in May 2011.</p> <p>T of the Eastern Freewayproject got a push on Tuesday after the HC vacated the stay on acquisition of around 10 residential and commercial structures that were in its way at Panjarpol, said MMRDA officials. While the first phase from Orange gate to Panjarpol near Chemburwill be commissioned by May-end, the next phasefrom Panjarpol to Ghatkopar-Mankhurd Link Roadis expected to start in August. 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Pranay , who is being treated at Jupiter Hospital for head injuries, is the son of local corporator and Thane civic standing committee chairman Ravi Phatak. Around 5pm, Vikas was</p> <p>hall in Mulund. He asks Pranay to follow them home in his Audi</p> <p>1 and Pranay Phatak outside a 2 Colony, the girls dad, brother 3 Chotanis chase him in theirand three aides hit him on the head with a stick and thrash him</p> <p>Vikas Chotani sees his sister</p> <p>When Pranay reaches Mulund</p> <p>Pranay gets in his car. The</p> <p>Swift, hit his car from behind on LBS Marg and speed away</p> <p>driving past Kalidas Hall in Mulund (W), when he saw his sister, Pranay and their college friends outside the hall. Vikas got furious on seeing her talking with Pranay as he had warned her against meeting him. Vikas told his</p> <p>sister to get in the car and asked Pranay to follow them to their house in Mulund Colony as he wanted to talk to him. En route, Vikas called up his father and told him about Pranay , said Mulund police senior inspector Jiva-</p> <p>jirao Jadhav. In his police complaint, Pranay said, The girl is just a good friend, but her brother and father have misunderstood our relationship. I found her father and a few men waiting for me near</p> <p>their building. As soon as I got off the car, one of them hit me on the head with a bamboo and the others started beating me up. Pranay managed to get into his car. But the fatherson duo chased his car in their Swift for almost half a kilometre from B R Road in Mulund Colony to LBS Marg, hit his car from behind and sped away , said inspector Y L Jadhav. Pranay drove to the police station, filed a complaint and then got himself admitted to Jupiter Hospital. Jadhav said the Chotanis and their three accomplices have been booked under sections 34 (common intention), 307 (attempt to murder), 427 (mischief causing damage) of the Indian Penal Code.</p> <p>Presenting</p> <p>AA disorder that is 100% preventive. So get tested, be confirmed and manage with care....</p> <p>Beta Thalassem iaScreening</p> <p>Cops bid emotional adieu to India-born Polish babyVijay V Singh</p> <p>Whistle-blower wants SIT probe into corruption at police stationMumbai: The Bombay HC on Tuesday was hearing a petition urging it to set up a special investigation team (SIT) to probe into the corruption at Nehru Nagar police station, where 36 policemen were recently suspended after a sting operation showed them allegedly accepting bribes to allow illegal constructions. Activist Mohamad Kasim Abdul Gafoor Khan had filed a PIL seeking regularization of additions made to houses at five refugee camps, claiming that the case is similar to Ulhasnagar where such additions were regularized. He then filmed the officers allegedly demanding bribes. Since then he has been receiving threats, said Ajit Shah, Khans advocate. Shah urged the HC to order setting up an SIT to investigate the nexus between the civic body , contractors and police. TNN</p> <p>Mom, Girl Set To Be Deported To PolandVijay V Singh &amp; Bella Jaisinghani TNN</p> <p>_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _</p> <p>For bookingCALL 3090 0000 / 2162 / 2162 SMS BETAto 9870 666 333 WEBSITE</p> <p>Brought to you by</p> <p>TlThyrc3careWorlds largest preventive care laboratory ACCREDITED NEIWORKED I BARCODED</p> <p>Email</p> <p>Mumbai: Drifter or Indophile, eccentric or not, Polish citizen Joanna Kucharska lost her bid to stay on in India with her toddler. The illegal immigrant who was being held at the Juhu police station for a month is all set to be deported. On Tuesday night, the mother-daughter duo was at the bureau of immigration where formalities were being completed. Emotional scenes were witnessed at Juhu police station in the afternoon as the woman constables parted with baby Meenakshee when she left with her mother to go to the immigration office. They had cared for the fair, blue-eyed baby with deep affection for weeks and found it difficult to disengage. The toddler cheerfully waved goodbye to her caretakers in uniform, prompting burly inspectors to swallow a lump in the throat. On Monday , the Polish consulate prepared passports for Joanna and her daughter, clarifying that the child was a citizen of Poland and not India. It was this dilemma that the police had faced as they debated whether to separate the mother from her child. Consul general Janusz</p> <p>Joanna Kucharska (L) and her daughter Meenakshee (circled) are all set to leave for Poland after being held at the Juhu police station for a month</p> <p>DAYNIADflEENAII JACAT SARVA)I</p> <p>Wach said, Both Joanna and the babys father are citizens of Poland and according to our law, every child anywhere in the world is Polish if one of his/her parents is. So, this child has no claim on Indian citizenship despite having been born in India. The child and mother will be deported together, there is no question of separating them. Wach added, There was a slight problem because the mother did not want to accept a Polish passport. However, in an emergency case like this</p> <p>one, the passport officer can issue it even without an application and that is what we did. The father of the child provided Meenakshees birth certificate and signed an affidavit stating he had no objections to the procedure. A few kilometers away , members of the ISKCON temple in Juhu heaved a sigh of relief at their former inmates departure. It was they who had notified the police about Joanna being an illegal immigrant. A spokesperson, who had lobbied hard with the consulate as well as the foreigners registration office for her exit, claimed she had levelled false accusations of theft against a senior functionary .</p> <p>Life isn t</p> <p>about finding yourself , Life is about cre ating yourself.-</p> <p>For further info contact our MBA team members: Prof. Dr. Pradip Manjrekar 09870348898 Mr. Sunhl Surte 09892777004 Dr. Nitin Sippy 09987090768 Mr. AVivek 09920976930 Or Visit our Web Site : ww w.dypdbm-</p> <p>comCost of aDolica tion form is Rs 1</p> <p>Prof . Dr. R. Gopal Directo r</p>