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  • 1.Can I have the colour pallet please?Of corse sir, here you go.

2. Let check out thesecolours.. 3. Red or Green?? 4. These things hardlyhelp!!...let me getsome sample colours 5. Red and Green... Can you please giveNice choice sir... me samples of red and green? 6. I wana paint thetown RED... 7. Hmm.... Green wall orRed wall? 8. Aarrgghh......... Its soconfusing, how can II wish there was aimagine the whole wall likebetter way of doing this..this....... 9. Oohh... What is this?? Let me check it out... 10. Let me click the picture of thewall I want to paint. 11. Now, touch on the wallimage, and see whathappens? 12. Wow, the entire colourof the wall changed 13. Let me try Green.... WOWits AMAZING....