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This is a short presentation of what Audio Byte - The Audio & Podcast Consultancy run by Viv Oyolu does. The presentation covers what I do, who I work with, how I work with them and highlights some case studies.


<ul><li> 1. Audio Byte The Audio &amp; Podcast Consultancy Created &amp; founded by Viv Oyolu</li></ul> <p> 2. A bit about Viv Oyolu: Radio Presenter - The Dream Corner show (250+ interviews done) Over 20 years experience - worked for BMW, NatWest, RBS, Walt Disney, Barclaycard and Thames Water Degree in Marketing and an MBA from Durham University Business School2 ! 3. What I do: Create and provide professional recorded and edited audio interviews and podcasts for websites and across social media channels3 ! 4. I work with: Professional Service firmsBusinessesEntrepreneursAuthorsEvents4 ! 5. I help clients use audio to: Improve online engagementIncrease website trafficSell more booksRaise awareness about events5 ! 6. My service: Saves timeEasy and hassle-freeProfessionalQuick6 ! 7. How I work with clients: 4 simple step process: 1. Understand the objective 2. Create the questions 3. Arrange the interview 4. Provide an edited and polished audio interview7 ! 8. Business Podcasting8 ! 9. Build Trust Establish thought leadership and credibility Demonstrate industry knowledge Showcase expertise9 ! 10. Enhance brand reputation Showcase CSRInvolvement corporate and individual levels Inform - newdevelopments, business &amp; new employees1 !0 11. Book to Podcast1 !1 12. Sell more books Extend message Raise awareness Increase online engagement1 !2 13. Event Podcasting!1 !3 14. Capture feedback Create a buzz Raise awareness Increase online engagement1 !4 15. Case studies1 !5 16. Winning Impression Brief: To demonstrate industry knowledge &amp; showcase expertise! What I did: I created 5 bite size podcasts for HR/Internal recruiters, and or recruitment agents that highlights the 5 Myths of social media recruiting.Click to listen1 !6 17. Maverick Marketing Consultancy Brief: To showcase expertise and raise awareness of the core principles of marketing! What I did: Created six (two sets of 3) bite size podcasts covering aspects of Andrews book. Click to listen 1 !7 18. Enabling Evolution Brief: To Showcase expertise !What I did: I researched &amp; created questions for a 10-week eCourse, with a different podcast for each week. Click to listen1 !8 19. iSell - Unlock your winning sales mindset Leigh selected 5 chapters of her book to talk in more depth about and raise awareness. Interview was distributed on 8 podcast channelsClick to listenand has received over 130 downloads1 !9 20. Tune In To Your Baby - Because babies dont come with an instruction manual Ruth selected 4 chapters of her book to talk in more depth about and raise awareness of her book. Interview was distributed on 8 podcast channels and has receivedClick to listenover 120 downloads2 !0 21. How to Attract Mr Right In 90 days or less Salli selected 5 chapters from her book to talk in more depth about her personal experience and how she came to write her book. Interview was distributed on 8 podcast channels and has received over 70 downloads Click to listen2 !1 22. TEDxEuston TEDxEuston aims to reflect the ideas and thinking from the African continent. In 2012, it was in its 4th year. I interviewed 8 speakers, 2 sponsors, different attendees and one organiser before, during and after the event.Click to listenPleased to be invited back to cover 2013.2 !2 23. The 450 Club The 450 Club is part of Wildstar Networking and wanted to capture the essence of their launch party and get feedback with some audio interviews from the event. 19 interviews were doneClick to listenand there have been over 2,300 downloads.2 !3 24. Want to nd out more? FREE non-obligatory chat Mobile: 07710 643 828 Email: Visit: !4 25. Thank you.2 !5</p>