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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Introduction to Audacity &amp; audio editingDuncan McHughMultimedia DeveloperFaculty of Land &amp; Food</p> <p>Langara JournalismFebruary 4th, 2011</p> <p>Introduction to Audacity &amp; audio editing Know your recording devices Tips on getting a good recording Extremely basic audio editing Somewhat complex audio editing Audacity troubleshooting</p> <p>What do you use for recording sound?</p> <p>Zoom H2</p> <p>Marantz PMD 660 solid state recorder</p> <p>Tips on getting a good recordingEditing can only do so much</p> <p>Tips on getting a good recording Know the space Consider the room size, number of participants and ambient noise Use the appropriate equipment Check equipment beforehand Check your levels Bring headphones &amp; keep them on</p> <p>Audio editing applicationsFree:Windows:Sound Recorder</p> <p>Mac:Garage Band</p> <p>Open Source:AudacityPro:Adobe Audition</p> <p>Dalet</p> <p>Burli</p> <p>Using Audacity</p> <p>To the beginningPlayRecordPauseStopTo the end</p> <p>Selection Tool: selects a segment of a trackEnvelope Tool: allows quick adjustments of volumeDraw Tool: for very minute adjustments</p> <p>Zoom Tool: allows you to shift your viewTime Shift Tool: moves clips along the timelineMulti-Tool Mode: everything at once</p> <p>Cut/Paste/TrimUndo/RedoZoom</p> <p>Exercise I: Basic audio editingStep 1 Record 30 seconds of you speaking Record only one track Make sure to include a bunch of ohhs and ummms, and other things you wont want to keep in your recording</p> <p>Exercise I: Basic audio editingStep 2 Use the Selection Tool to edit unwanted sounds Use the Envelope Tool to adjust the volume of the recording Play it back and bask in auditory joy</p> <p>Beyond basic Effects; some useful, some crazy</p> <p> Multiple tracks</p> <p> Additional tools</p> <p>Post-production Handling &amp; archiving files Formats If youre planning on exporting to mp3, make sure to download the plug-in Adding metadata</p> <p>Exercise II: Audio storytelling Download clips from your recordersExtra clips here: Create a multi-track recording Integrate vocals, music* and sounds Work on the volume and transitions between tracks Try out a few effects and see what affect they have</p> <p>Online Audacity tutorials The Official Audacity tutorial:</p> <p>Educauses screencast tutorial:</p> <p>Daniel Jamess tutorial:</p> <p>Everything you wanted to knowThe Audacity wiki:</p> <p>*Podsafe: Sounds that are safe to use Wikipedia: Podsafe Creative Commons Canada:</p> <p>Thanks! Duncan McHugh</p> <p>********************</p>