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ATM machines are one of the most indispensable part of our lives. One of the latest technological developments considering the conversation of environment has been made which involves ATM machines to reduce carbon footprint. This presentation which gives an insight into latest technological improvements in ATM machines that helps to protect our environment.


  • 1. ATM Machines Going Green
  • 2. ATM machines are an indispensible part of our everyday life. Reducing the carbon footprint of ATM machines is a key focus for ATM owners & manufacturers.
  • 3. Following are six ways ATM machines are becoming eco-friendly
  • 4. 1) Electronic Deposits 2) E-Receipts 3) Alternative Energy 4) Equipment Recycling 5) ATM Remodeling 6) Mobile ATM Transactions
  • 5. Electronic Deposits ATMs are being designed with the latest technology in automatic deposit features. Automatic deposits are fast, easy and paperless.
  • 6. E-Receipts Text messages or emails can serve as e-receipts, providing consumers with paperless billing.
  • 7. Alternative Energy ATM machines with solar power options are rapidly popping up in urban areas, and have the ability to reduce power usage by up to 90%.
  • 8. Equipment Recycling Using recycled ATM equipment is cost effective, guaranteed, and reduces the quantity of e-wastes.
  • 9. ATM Remodeling ATM remodeling or reburbishing has several eco-friendly features. The affordable and upgraded hardware is efficient and requires minimal use of resources.
  • 10. Mobile ATM Transactions ATM transactions are rapidly moving into the smartphone world, lessening the need for plastic ATM cards.
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