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  • 1. Assignment 2: Research Of Swede Name: Gelsomina Name: Leticia Name: Shivonne Name: Chelsea Film trailer: Skyfall

2. Research: Part A (Swede Research) Gelsomina Film NameFilm Link.The Avengers (Action) watch?v=2aLgdMz0p5YIron Man 3 (Action) watch?v=o5SiyOnwhygTitanic (Romance) watch?v=DZcGBMBvDv 4Paranormal Activity (Horror/Thriler) watch?v=3zWnUd3PxX4Olympus Has Fallen. (Action) watch?v=n62-boLlltQScreen Grab. 3. Research of sweded trailer Leticia Film nameFilm title and linkAvatar (fantasy/thriller) m/watch?feature=player _embedded&v=VER9E mjHoEA&safe=activeJaws (suspense/thriller) m/watch?feature=player _embedded&v=TeSXbs mKL_k The avengers (action) m/watch?feature=player _embedded&v=2aLgdM z0p5YThe grudge (horror) m/watch?feature=player _embedded&v=YV4I6yCLqcScreen grabs 4. Research Part A (Swede Research) Shivonne Film NameFilm Title & LinkThe Matrix /watch?v=6cU3kujW_mIThe Grudge /watch?v=Y-V4I6yCLqcPercy Jackson /watch?v=eZczGSuAD7 gWolverine /watch?v=JwIAP_M9DO gAvengers Assemble /watch?v=itZdwGzvLVkScreen Grab 5. Part A-Sweded trailers Chelsea Film NameFilm LinkThe Avengers m/watch?v=2C__krVoD wU&feature=youtu.beHarry Potter m/watch?v=aL6O3qfYJ Yg&feature=youtu.beInception m/watch?v=nLbX1G9Ck Ug& afe=activeJurassic park m/watch?v=OFZBz3ZiQ bk& afe=activeScreen Grabs 6. Research: Part B (Original Trailers) Gelsomina Film name.Film LinkThe Lucky One. ( Romance) m/watch?v=MKqaiQZdv 3cShutter Island (Psychological Thriller) m/watch?v=5iaYLCiq5R M Skyfall. (Action) m/watch?v=6kw1UVovB ywSaw. ( Horror) m/watch?v=HKPy5RWu qNAScreen Grab 7. Research Part B Original Trailer Leticia Film NameFilm LinkThe vow (romance) m/watch?v=vgMMUB63I e4Gi Joe (action) m/watch?v=MaNs64k_2 xwThe Grudge (horror) m/watch?v=bj88_yqlFM AScreen Grab 8. Research Part B Original Trailers Shivonne Film NameFilm Title & LinkTaken 2 m/watch?v=dB_t_7sEjZ wThe Vow m/watch?v=vgMMUB63I e4Final Destination 5 m/watch?v=81nHxG9rG0Screen Grabs 9. Part B-Original trailers Chelsea Film nameFilm LinkFast Five /watch?v=HInf9QAVtQ0 &safe=activeBlack swan /watch?v=seVHhdhqWE 4&safe=activeThe notebook /watch?v=72S1roLITWoInsidious /watch?v=--2iGapwcFEScreen Grab 10. Script Gelsomina 11. Script Gelsomina 12. Script Gelsomina 13. Script Gelsomina 14. Story Board Leticia 15. Story Board Leticia 16. Story Board Leticia 17. Locations Shivonne 18. Locations Shivonne 19. Locations Shivonne 20. Props Chelsea 21. Props Chelsea 22. Costumes Chelsea Costumes Blonde wigGrey coat Suit BlazerPictures of the costumes 23. Actors Chelsea Actors nameFilm ActorLeticiaJames Bond (Daniel Craig)GelsominaSilver & QShivonneEve & GarethChelseaM & SeverineActor For Trailer