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  • Slide 1 Digital Arts & Humanities "share and discuss ideas, promote your research and discover the digital arts and humanities Torsten Reimer, Centre for eResearch Slide 2 Slide 3 Background: ICT Methods Network Slide 4 Remit and Aims To promote, support and develop the use of advanced ICT methods in the arts and humanities To support, and provide a forum for, the cross- disciplinary network of practitioners from institutions around the UK To develop a programme of activities and publications on advanced ICT tools and methods To ensure the broadest participation of the community by means of an open call for proposals for Methods Network activities Slide 5 ArchaeologyHistory ArchaeologyHistoryLanguage LiteratureMusic Performance Religion Media Visual Arts Information LawPhilosophy Slide 6 Activities Workshops Seminars Expert Seminars Workgroups Slide 7 Publication and Dissemination Draft versions of presentations Audio versions of presentations Rapporteur reports Training materials Workgroup reports Case Studies Working Papers Newsletter Printed Publication Series Slide 8 Transforming the Methods Network Support communities before and after events Get more community input, connect people virtually Transform Methods Network legacy into a living community resource; continued support for communities of practice Means: Web 2.0 Slide 9 Web 2.0 and social networks Uses technologies such as weblogs (blogs), social bookmarking and tagging, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds The idea of "Web 2.0" can also relate to a transition of websites from isolated information silos to interlinked computing platforms Web 2.0 also includes a social element where users generate and distribute content, often with freedom to share and re-use Popular examples: MySpace, YouTube, FlickR, Facebook Slide 10 Slide 11 Open source technology Slide 12 The bit about numbers Official launch at DRHA 2007 Statistics: ~500 registered users 1300+ nodes and comments 17 user groups ~ 150 visitors per day Slide 13 Features Slide 14 Blogging Slide 15 Discussions Slide 16 Audio-visual content Slide 17 ICT Events Calendar Slide 18 Wiki Slide 19 Job search Slide 20 User tagging Slide 21 Tag cloud Slide 22 Match-making Slide 23 User profiles Slide 24 User groups Slide 25 Into the community Slide 26 Ecosystem of communities Slide 27 RSS Output Slide 28 ICT Guides Slide 29 Web 2.0 Interaction Slide 30 Facebook App Slide 31 Why use it? It is there Not a replacement, an addition to your website You control your content Give something, gain something Large and diverse audience E-Science group What do you need?

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