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    M The 2nd Bonn DialogueThe International Symposiumon Visual Prosthesis

    19th September 2009

    in Bonn (Germany)

    Artificial Vision

  • Welcome Artificial Vision 2009

    Artificial Vision 2009 The 2nd Bonn Dialogue

    Dear Colleagues and Friends!

    It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2nd International Sym-posium on Artificial Vision the Bonn Dialogue.

    The symposium is organized by the German Retinal ImplantFoundation, a foundation supporting scientific exchange andresearch in the growing area of retinal prosthesis, by Pro Reti-na, the German RP patient organization, and supported by the German Research Council (DFG). The goal of thesymposium is to bring together researchers and to provide a floor for lively discussions and the exchange of facts, ideas,and perspectives. Heinz Wssle from the Max Planck Institutefor Brain Research in Frankfurt/Main accepted our invitation togive us a keynote lecture on an alternative and more biologicalpath to recover visual function in blindness causing diseases.

    When Mark Humayun and Eugene de Juan presented a videowhere a blind subject reported phosphenes upon electrical sti-mulation of the retinal surface, not many opinion leadersthought that some years later retinal implants are successfullyevaluated within prospective clinical trials. At that time a doorwas opened, many solutions were provided, many new ques-tions came up, more groups joined the community and todayvisual prosthesis research and development is a still growingfield. Interdisciplinarity, cooperation between companies,academia based labs, and clinics, the participation of the pati-ent groups and the enthusiasm of individuals are only a fewspotlights characterizing this fascinating area.

    The symposium covers major basic science aspects of arti-ficial vision, it will provide an overview on projects which arein a preclinical state, and it will summarize the results fromclinical trials. I am sure that you will enjoy great presentationsand lectures as well as lively discussions.

    Welcome to the Bonn Dialogue.

    Peter Walter, M.D.Professor of Ophthalmologyon behalf of the Programme Committee

  • General Information Artificial Vision 2009

    Hosts: The Retina Implant

    PRO RETINA Foundation preventing

    Scientific Prof. Dr. Peter WalterManagement: RWTH Aachen University, Department of Ophthalmology

    Pauwelsstrae 30, 52074 Aachen, Germany Phone: (+49) 2 41 / 8 08-81 91, Fax: (+49) 2 41 / 8 08-24 08E-Mail:

    Organisation: Congress-Organisation Gerling GmbHWerftstrae 23, 40549 Duesseldorf, Germany Phone: (+49) 2 11 / 59 22 44, Fax: (+49) 2 11 / 59 35 60E-Mail:, Internet:

    Website /Online www.artificial-vision.netregistration:

    Information (+49) 2 11 / 59 22 44hotline

    Venue: Wissenschaftszentrum BonnAhrstrae 45, 53175 Bonn, Germany

    Room: K1/K2

    Registration: Saturday, 19th September 2009 07.45 18.45

    Symposium: Saturday, 19th September 2009 08.45 18.45

    OfficialLanguage: English (no simultaneous translation)


    Incl. VAT, excl. foreign transfer fees*) certification required. This has to be enclosed with the registration form

    or faxed to (+49) 2 11 / 59 35 60; otherwise the regular fee will be charged.

    Remittance Invoice payable upon receipt into bank accountof fees: or by credit card:


    Hotels: Please use the enclosed hotel registration form for your hotel reservation.

    Errors, misprints and typographical errors excepted.

    Artificial Vision 2009Saturday lunch included

    M 75,

    M 30,RegularStudent*, Patient

  • General Information Artificial Vision 2009

    CME The Artificial Vision Meeting 2009 will be certified as a credits: further education diploma according to after the guidelines

    of the German Medical Association.

    Hinweis Bitte vergessen Sie Ihre EFN-Nummer (Einheitlichefr deutsche Fortbildungs-Nummer / Barcodeaufkleber) fr die ZuteilungTeilnehmer: der Fortbildungszertifizierungspunkte nicht!

    Location Map:

    Stifterverband fr die Deutsche WissenschaftWissenschaftszentrumAhrstrae 45, 53175 BonnTel.: 02 28 / 3 02-0Fax: 02 28 / 30 22 70e-mail:


    Bonn can be reached easily by plane via the airports Cologne-Bonn or Frankfurt. You may also take the InterCity highspeed trains ICE to thestation Siegburg/Bonn.

    From the Airport Cologne-Bonn to Bonn Main Station:Bus No. SB60

    From the ICE Station Siegburg / Bonn to Bonn Main Station:Underground train U 66 ("Telekom-Express")

    From Bonn Main Station to the Wissenschaftszentrum:Underground trains U 16 and 63 to the station "Hochkreuz / Deutsches Museum Bonn"Bus No. 610 to the stop "Kennedyallee"Bus No. 631 to the stop "Ahrstrae / Deutsches Museum Bonn"

  • Authors Artificial Vision 2009

    Hum ChungDepartment of OphthalmologySeoul National University28 Yeongeon Dong Jongo Gu110-799 SeoulSouth

    Greg CosendaiSecond Sight Medical ProductsEPFL-PSE A 1015

    Nicolas CottarisLigon Research Center of VisionWayne State University48201 Detroit

    Gislin DagnelieWilmer Eye InstituteJohns Hopkins University600 N Wolfe Street21287 Baltimore

    Rolf E. EckmillerDepartment of Computer Sci-enceDivision of NeuroinformaticsUniversity BonnRoemerstrae 16453117

    Shelley FriedMasland LaboratoryDepartment of NeurobiologyMassachusetts General Hospital429 Thier / 50 Blossom Street02114 Boston

    Heinrich GerdingAugenzentrum OltenLouis Giroud Strae 204600

    Ralf HornigIntelligent Medical ImplantsNiebuhrstrae 1a53113

    Raymond IezziMayo Clinic, Department ofOphthalmologyVitreoretinal Service55905 Rochester

    Shawn K. KellyThe Boston Retinal Implant Pro-ject50 Vassar Street Room 36-57602139 Cambridge

    Akos KusnyerikSemmelweis University Department of OphthalmologyHungarian Bionic Vision CenterTomo u. 25-29.1083

    Thomas LaubeZentrum AugenheilkundeSchadowstrae 8040212

    Robert MarcMoran Eye CentreThe Marc LaboratoryUniversity of Utah65, Mario Capecci DriveSalt Lake City UT 84132,

    Wilfried MokwaInstitute for Materials in Electri-cal EngineeringRWTH Aachen UniversitySommerfeldstrae 2452074

  • Authors Artificial Vision 2009

    Jun OhtaNara Institute of Science andTechnology8916-5 Takayama, IkomaNara

    Daniel PalankerDepartment of OphthalmologyUniversity Stanford300 Pasteur DriveStanford CA,

    Qiushi RenCollege of EngineeringPeking UniversityRoom 2-105 Liao-Kai-Yuan BuildingBeijing

    Gisbert RichardDepartment of OphthalmologyUniversity of HamburgMartinistrae 5220246

    Thomas Schanzec/o EPIRET GmbHWinchester Strae 835394

    Gregg SuaningUniversity of NewcastleSchool of EngineeringNSW 2308

    Yasuo TerasawaVision Institute Nidek Co73-1 Hama Cho443-0036

    Vernon L. TowleDepartment of Neurology MC 2030University of Chicago5841 S Maryland Avenue60615 Chicago

    Michaela Velikay-ParelDepartment of OphthalmologyMedical University GrazAuenbruggerplatz 48036

    Heinz WssleMax Planck Institut fr HirnforschungDeutschordenstrae 4660528 Frankfurt/

    Peter WalterDepartment of OphthalmologyUniversity Hospital AachenRWTH Aachen UniversityPauwelsstrae 3052074

    Walter WrobelRetina Implant AGGerhard-Kindler-Strae 872770

    Eberhart ZrennerUniversity TbingenCenter of OphthalmologyInstitute for OphthalmicResearchSchleichstrae 12 1672076

  • Scientific program Artificial Vision 2009

    Saturday, 19th September 2009

    Welcome Session

    08.45 Welcome Addresses Bernd Kirchhof (Kln, Germany - Retina Implant Foundation)

    09.40 Helma Gussek (Bonn, Germany - Retina Implant Foundation - Pro Retina Foundation)

    09.00 Heinrich Gerding (Olten, Switzerland) A Brief Review on the History of Electrical Stimulation

    of the Human Eye

    Keynote Lecture

    09.10 Heinz Wssle (Frankfurt/Main, Germany) Molecular and genetic approaches to restore photosensitivity

    in retinal degeneration

    09.40 Basic Research


    09.40 Robert Marc (Salt Lake City, USA) The dynamics of retinal degeneration

    10.00 Shelley Fried (Boston, USA) The distribution of voltage across the proximal axon underlies spike

    initiation in response to electric stimulation of retinal ganglion cells

    10.20 Nicolas Cottaris (Detroit, USA) Cortical assessment of retinal prosthetic stimulation

    10.40 Coffee Break


    11.15 Rolf E. Eckmiller (Bonn, Germany)Learning of Image Encoding

    11.35 Gislin Dagnelie (Baltimore, USA)Simulation of Artificial Vision

  • Scientific program Artificial Vision 2009

    11.55 Preclinical Development of Systems I


    11.55 Daniel Pa