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  • ||Architectural visualization services

    Graphic design for the presentation and promotion of real estate

  • 3d visualization is the most direct form of presentation of a building before its construction, and thus helps reducing investment risk. Two-dimensional architectural drawings are unfortunately very difficult to read for the average prospective buyer, and cant help visualizing the final aesthetic result.

    By creating three-dimensional representations, with a very small proportion of the total cost, the possibility of direct marketing and sale is given. || Architectural visualization

    Exterior visualization

  • The 3d representation of a building, has additional benefits for the constructor and the architect.

    The accurate depiction of the building before constructioncan aid in early plan changes, and avoid potential construction mistakes.

    In addition, multiple alternatives and options in choosing colors and materials can optimizethe final esthetic result. || Architectural visualization

    Interior visualization

  • || Architectural visualization


    For the better presentation of the project, there is also the option of creating a brochure and/or a website.

    A brochure allows presentation of all data and details of the building.

    3d representations of the exterior and interior, colored floor plans (three-dimensional or two-dimensional) information on the dimensions of each floor, road map of the area, contact details etc.

  • || Architectural visualization


    A website, provides the opportunity of presenting all the aspects and details of a building. It is easily accessible by all and the address can be sent easily via email.

    Another key feature is that it can containtext, images and video, helping in a more integrated presentation.

  • || Architectural visualization

    3d & colored 2d plans

  • || Architectural visualization


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