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The May 6th, 2013 issue of the Boise State student newspaper, The Arbiter


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    Issue no.62Volume 25

    May 62013

    A look back at Bronco athletics last fall.

    The Theatre Majors Association presents their spring show.

    Mike Posner head-lined this years Spring Fling.

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    Spring Fling

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    Zoe ColburnStaff Writer

    The dancers on the Student Union Building (SUB) patio stopped and let out a warbling yell as they shook their water-bottle maracas. The women wore turquoise and black, the men red and black. Both wore large headdresses of peacock feathers. The steady drum-

    beat continued to pound; the dancers began again.

    The Organizacin de Estu-diantes Latino-Americanos (OELA) and the Bilingual Education Student Organi-zation put together a part-celebration, part-educational experience on Thursday, May 2. The event featured Mexican food, maraca-making, face-painting, a chili-eating contest

    and Aztec dancing.Although the event was

    meant to be a fun celebration, it was also an educational and awareness-raising event.

    They try to have it to pro-mote cultural awareness, said OELA secretary and sopho-more political science major Alejandra Mejia.

    Mejia went on to say she liked how students get to learn

    more about Cinco de Mayo and what it actually is.

    Many people have the idea its Mexicos Independence Day, but it isnt, Mejia said. In Mexico its the Battle of Puebla. The Mexicans fought against the French. Mexico won against the odds.

    This battle occurred on May 5, 1862.

    Sophomore criminal jus-

    tice major, Mariah Leland, who attended the event both this year and last, said she enjoyed it.

    I grew up in Texas and we always celebrated Cinco de Mayo, she said.

    Leland went on to say the celebration was im-proved upon, with better and more varied activities from last year.

    Cinco de Mayo celebrated

    Deancers took to the Student Union Building patio on Thursday, May 2 to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.

    Cinco De Mayo celebration mixed culture and learning. A cultural celebration took place on the SUB patio.

    Campus security pushes for camera surveillanceRyan ThorneStaff Writer

    The recent bombings in Boston have proven how valuable security cameras can be to law enforcement. Using footage obtained from nearby cameras, lo-cal and federal police forces were able to iden-tify the brothers allegedly responsible for planting and detonating the explo-sives at the finish line of the marathon.

    As a former FBI mem-ber, Boise State executive director of campus secu-rity Jon Uda understands how tools like video surveillance can aid law enforcement.

    Uda and colleagues have recently taken steps to in-stall surveillance cameras campus wide in an attempt to prevent and prosecute crimes and prevent com-

    mon illegal activity like bike theft.

    Forced to deal with an annually shrinking budget, Uda must rely on grants since a centralized closed circuit television (CCTV) system could cost the uni-versity thousands of dol-lars it doesnt have.

    CCTV surveillance al-lows multiple camera feeds to be viewed in a single location by security personnel.

    It is commonly used among security pro-fessionals and law enforcement.

    I am a huge proponent of CCTV, Uda said. If I had a million dollars, I would have installed cam-eras two years ago.

    Boise States campus is unique for its lack of video cameras, compared to oth-er state schools like Idaho State University which

    has nearly 400, according to Uda.

    Currently, a third party group is being selected by Boise State security offi-cials to conduct an evalu-ation of campus security efforts and Uda hopes their findings will indicate a need for an integrated camera network.

    Without a recommen-dation from an indepen-dent third party, Uda will not be able to obtain grant money necessary for a school wide CCTV system.

    Cameras conduct sur-veillance near cash reg-isters and campus busi-nesses, but most outdoor areas are are not monitored via CCTV.

    We do have cameras, most are in cash collection areas, but they are inside of buildings, said Rob Lit-trell, Boise State Emergen-

    cy Planner and Analyst.Though cameras may

    aid authorities and pre-vent theft, ASBSU Presi-dent Ryan Gregg thinks most students would not like to be monitored.

    What was reported back to the (ASBSU) senate is that students on campus have sort of a certain level of privacy they expect and students werent comfortable hav-ing cameras everywhere, Gregg said.

    Gregg said he feels the effectiveness of camera surveillance should be studied before any serious changes are made.

    With the population size of student residents on campus increasing each year, Gregg sees illegal ac-tivity decreasing.

    I tend to think that as we have more students on campus, that it actually would deter crime, Gregg said. If you are a crimi-nal, you dont want to be caught, you want to do your crime when there are few people around.

    Lack of security cameras in high traffic areas like the Lincoln Parking Garage have created difficulty for police trying to solve the recent arson crimes in-volving burning trash cans and the destruction of two student vehicles.

    Freshman health promo-tions major Taylor Lance understands the need for cameras covering out-door high traffic areas on campus but stressed that school officials should re-strict additional surveil-lance to those areas.

    I think the quad and big areas like that would be fine, Lance said.

    Students like civil engi-neer major Randy Hamil-ton feel criminals will only be deterred by enhanced security measures if they are in plain sight.

    If theyre visible, and they are made aware that there are new cameras then maybe, Hamilton said. But if people dont know you added 20 cam-eras then they are going to do the same stuff.

    photos devin ferrell/the ArBiter

  • 2 arbiteronline.comMay 6, 2013 Page 2

    Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

    FOR RELEASE MAY 2, 2013

    ACROSS1 Turn near home6 Boxers sounds10 __ Said: Suez

    Canal harbor14 Watsons creator15 Veggie that

    leaves a purplestain

    16 Playfully roguish17 NUTS19 End of an old

    boast20 Its aprs aprs-

    midi21 Part of the inn

    crowd?22 Elevator stop23 Spike TV, once24 BOLTS26 Sells out28 Dive into, as a

    pile ofcorrespondence

    29 Take intocustody?

    30 County borderingGalway

    33 NUTS39 Heavy load40 Hill Street Blues

    regular Veronica42 Red choice47 Advice-and-

    consent body48 BOLTS52 Felix or Morris,

    e.g.53 Pal of

    dArtagnan54 Squeal55 How the Other

    Half Livesauthor Jacob

    56 Dutch burg57 NUTS AND

    BOLTS59 Differently60 Money guru

    Orman61 Name on a bottle

    of Pleasures62 Sinks out of sight63 80s-90s tennis

    star Korda64 Farm machinery


    DOWN1 To the stars, inmottos

    2 Olds luxurymodel

    3 Owing to4 11-Down, e.g.,briefly

    5 Royal flush part6 Britcom withEdina and Patsy

    7 Run over8 Upscalehandbag

    9 Canonized gp.10 1904 Nobel-


    11 Camden Yardsplayer

    12 Dr Pepperalternative

    13 Desire18 Fed. investigator22 Monks address24 Snap, in ads25 Half a little train?27 Bain de Soleil

    abbr.30 The Beatles and

    the Stones, e.g.31 Sun Devils sch.32 Timeline nos.34 __ problem!35 Jazzman Baker36 Kal __: Iams rival

    37 Make gaunt38 Merchant41 Thoughtful words42 Goes after43 Unimportant44 Overcome with

    shock45 Scholarship

    founder46 Many Star Trek


    47 Billboard, say49 Thing to resolve50 Composer who

    wrote pianotranscriptions ofBeethovens ninesymphonies

    51 Evil look55 Climb57 Psychic letters58 How I Met Your

    Mother narrator

    Wednesdays Puzzle SolvedBy Matt Skoczen 5/2/13

    (c)2013 Tribune Media Services, Inc. 5/2/13

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