aquashield- super hydrophobic ceramic & waterproof nano coatings

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1. Super-Hydrophobic Ceramic & Waterproof Nano Coatings Global Opportunities Available 866- 285-1051 2. What is Aqua Shield Pro? Aquashield is a global leader in super-hydrophobic waterproofing technology that is based on non-toxic and environmentally friendly eco-safe products. We provide durable , UV resistant and long lasting products that can handle extremely harsh conditions, sand and dust abrasion, plus frost and ice and snow. 3. Super-Hydrophobic Nano-Coating Products Aquashields Super-Hydrophobic Nano- Coatings Water Repellency Treatment Products are designed to help everyone protect against water damage. We develop a nano coating product line of ultra thin protective coatings for glass facades, automotive windscreens and painted surfaces, shower screens and solar panels. 4. Auto Body Care and Car Detailing Solutions The AquaShield Car Care line of products is a complete solution for auto care. From hydrophobic ceramic coatings that far outperform the best car wax, to a high shine tire care product. There is even nano-coating engine oil additive for improved performance and fuel conservation. 5. Watch Demo Here: Super-Hydrophobic Ceramic & Waterproof Nano Coatings - Global Opportunities Available 866-285-1051