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The result of the hackathon we organised for the Flemish government with OKFN Belgium.


  • 1.The other side OKFN Belgium Pieter Colpaert @pietercolpaert

2. OKFN BelgiumA local chapter 3. Apps For ... Flemish citiesFlemish services Flemish people 4. For FlandersKick-off: Random Hacks of KindnessToday: launch iRail Summer of code ( student hackathon 5. Using the dataQuality at this moment: low 6. Three more things 7. 1. Open is openHaving to run through a 2 week request procedure is not open data Direct access through URL, no restrictions 8. 2. The others 9. 3. Invest in the icebergopen data portalyour website your organisations data Warning: severely simplified 10. ThanksPieter Colpaert@pietercolpaert 11. Jury chose 3 apps which work with currentlyreleased data Price 1: fully functionalPrice 2&3: best concepts 12. 1. Open Air Quality API Whats the air quality at my current location ? Mobile app Alert me of bad air quality ! Prototype: Average air quality in my neighborhood ? House search mashup Data mining and visualisation Air quality vs deaths vs time Team: Use case: mijnlucht.beBart HanssensBart Van HerrewegheClaes Buckwalter 13. City Battle What is the bestplace to live inBelgium? Based onUser Preferences Data sets : Singles, Divorces, Family sizes, Crime Team:Miel Vander Sande The data is now available through a WebMaarten Cautreels API Thyskens Joris Bijnens 14. 3. Multiplatform GeoappsTeam: Lieven VerheustMarc Deleu Donald Carchon Luk Verhoeven 15. Credits odalaigh on flickr dmcl on flickr SOS Piet at VTM -