Applying Selling Techniques: The Coca-Cola Company

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<ul><li>Slide 1</li></ul> <p>Applying Selling Techniques: The Coca-Cola Company Slide 2 Product Development The Coke company have a wide range of products including Slide 3 Product Promotion- Advertising Slide 4 Product Promotion - Sponsorship Slide 5 Product Promotion Multiple Outlets Slide 6 Product Promotion Web Page Slide 7 Product niche focus Targeted promotion strategies eg SMS messaging to 18-30 yr old generation Slide 8 Product Differentiation Product features different bottles, cans, cups, etc Slide 9 Product Differentiation Recognised brand name, symbol, logo and colour Slide 10 Product pricing Reduces prices for specific promotional activities and supermarket sales Slide 11 Product Enhancement Different coke products targeted at specific market eg Classic Coke vs. Caffeine Free Coke Slide 12 Product Enhancement Improved packaging </p>