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1. Building a Smart Energy Gateway Solution Application Note Overview Energy Gateways are an important piece of equipment for Home Automation. Energy Gateway products helps in management of energy inside the Home by providing control and configuration capabilities. Energy Gateways form the heart of the HAN [Home Area Network] wherein it connects to all other smart devices present inside the home and interacts with them over standards based communication paths. Design Considerations In this section, we will look into some of points that need to be taken in consideration while designing a Smart Energy Gateway. For example, to interface and control Smart Meters, Energy Gateways can utilize Short RF technologies such as Zigbee, DLMS or M-Bus [in European Markets]. Integration and support for such standards based communications helps us to design a good Smart Energy Gateway product. Another important design criteria for the Smart Energy Gateway is the support for User Interface which allows access, monitoring and control of the devices connected over the HomeArea Network. Energy Gateway and its eco-system Energy Gateway Product Smart Appliances Water Meter Temperature Gas Meter Lighting Control Energy Meter ae Nr eA twe om r o k H Internet 2. Block Diagram of a Smart Energy Gateway AM437x WiLink 8.0 WiFi/BT/Zigbee Gas Meter Water Meter Water Motor Washing Machine Power Mgmt Chip USB Host Port USB Device Port SD/MMC Card Ethernet DDR3 Display Panel Touch eMMC or NAND Camera Port The Energy Gateway should support a simple and clean User- Interface through which end users can check exactly how much energy they are currently consuming, how much will it cost them and how to efficiently manage each smart device present inside the home to manage the costs. The Smart Energy Gateway should also provide some sort of communications interface to external world i.e., external Internet. This can happen over the Home Router or if the Router functionality is built into the Energy Gateway, then it communicates directly to the external world. This communication interface can be used to exchange energy related information with governing bodies or energy companies. In the previous section, we explained the concept & the important blocks of Energy Gateway. In this section, we will provide an implementation approach of realizing an Energy Gateway using the Am437x Product-On-Module from Mistral Solutions Basic Configuration of theAM437x PoM AM437x PoM from Mistral is a small form factor, high performance, low cost, ready-to-use Product on Module (PoM) built around the powerful 800MHz/1GHz Sitara AM437x SoC from Texas Instruments. The AM437x offers extensive integration such as multi core PRU-ICSS, PowerVR SGX 3D acceleration core, dual camera, QSPI-NOR, up to 256 Kb on- chip memory, Dual ADC and an easily extendable architecture, making it the perfect solution for quick product deployment while leveraging the benefits of the powerful SoC. Product ImplementationApproach Features Hardware 800MHz/1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor with multi-core PRU-ICSS WiFi + BTmodule withAntenna 1 GB DDR3L, 4GB eMMC with Micro SD Card Slot HDMI output support USB & DC powered PMIC to power processor, memory and other peripherals Expansion headers LCD, CAM, Ethernet, CAN, I2C, SPI, ADC, PWM, McASP, MMC etc. 8/10-bit camera interface One USB 2.0 OTG One USB 2.O Host 2 x Gigabit Ethernet Debug interface JTAG & UART support Audio In/Out +5V DC or USB powered Dimension: 125mm X 85mm Software Linux 3.12 kernel Board Support Package Android Kitkat DemoApplications : : : : : : : ! : : : : : : : : : : : : EXPANSIONCONNECTOR 3. PoM Advantage The AM437x PoM is ideally suited for building a Smart Energy Gateway for HomeAutomation because: PoM consists of a low-powerARM Cortex Processor to handle all control and main user Interface PoM provides support for Display Panels and HDMI Output for small or large In-House Display Units, providing a GUI inter- faces to end users to manage Home Devices PoM integrates USB Host, Device and OTG Ports which can be used for interfacing to various user input devices, as additi- onal storage or any other USB based interface PoM has multiple SDIO Interfaces through which we can plug WiLink 8.0 product to provide Wifi /Zigbee /Bluetooth connectivity in one single chip. The other SDIO ports can be used to support Data storage PoM supports dual ADC interfaces which can be used to interface to any motor orAnalog Front-End interfaces to collect data from real-world sensors PoM supports CAN Interface which can be utilized to talk to CAN specific slave devices like gas meters, water meters etc. PoM supports dual PRU Engines which can be programmed to any specific use-case/requirement PoM supports Camera interface which can be used for monitoring purposes such as video door Phones, surveillance cameras etc. PoM supports the AM437x processor which has in-built security enhancements through the Crypto Engine. This can be used for secure transmission of Energy consumption details to authorized agencies. : : : : : : : : : In addition to the Hardware advantages of designing the Energy Gateway using the AM437x PoM, we will also explore the advantages from a software perspective. The AM437x PoM comes with the following software functionalities: Linux Kernel 3.12 with support for various peripherals like I2C, GPIO, SPI, UART, SD/MMC, Ethernet, Display Sub-system, Touch and USB Host. Display sub-system drivers for implementing in-House Display Units for the Energy Gateway Product Support for WLAN and BLE Stack through the use of the WiLink 8 software package Support for ZigBee stack User interfaces through Touch i.e., ADC or I2c or SPI based Touch-Screen Controller Support for connection to Home Gateway or external Internet through Ethernet Port Android framework to enable Application development for control and monitoring of smart home devices. The PoM is a ready-to-use low-cost, form factor board greatly reduces the Development cycle for Energy Gateway kind of products and helps the customers to go to markets faster. Product developers can use the PoM to develop their application, finalize the industrial design and get their product to market faster. The AM437x PoM can be customized and optimized for customers intending to take it to volume production. Mistrals Product Engineering Services (PES) team has the expertise in designing and developing Home Automation Solutions that allows every point of a smart home to be connected and controlled from central and/or a remote location. This may include centralized control of lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances, security locks of gates and doors and other systems, to provide improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security. Mistrals expertise in designing Home automation solutions include: Customized Product / SolutionArchitecture for Main Control Module Field Module Remote Module Design Consultation and Review Hardware Design and Development Display with Capacitive multi-touch Zigbee or ZWave / WiFi interface Sensors (Temperature, Humidity, Light) : : : : : : : : ! ! ! : : ! ! ! Mistral s HomeAutomation Expertise 4. About Mistral Mistral is a technology design and systems engineering company providing end-to-end solutions for product design and application deployment. Mistral is focused in two business domains: Product Engineering Services and Defense & Homeland Security. Mistral provides total solutions for a given requirement, which may include hardware board design, embedded software development, FPGA design, systems integration and customized turnkey solutions. Mistral's strategic partnerships with leading technology companies help provide customers with a comprehensive package of end-to-end solutions. Mistral's Product Engineering Services are delivered through a proven development process, designed for embedded product development. Mistral's hardware and software team works together in a seamless manner providing expert product designs covering board and FPGADesigns, BSP and Firmware developments, Embedded Application developments, integration of 3rd party solutions, verification/validation, product prototyping, production coordination and product sustenance services. Copyright 2014, Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd. All rights reserved. & ...Partners in Real Time are registered Trademarks and Logos of Mistral. All other Trademarks and Tradenames are the property of the respective owners. Mistral Solutions Pvt. Ltd., No.60, 'Adarsh Regent', 100 Ft. Ring Road, Domlur Extension, Bangalore - 560 071 Tel: +91-80-3091-2600 Fax: +91-80-2535-6440 E-mail: Mistral Solutions Inc., 4633 Old Ironsides Drive Suite 410 Santa Clara, CA 95054 Tel: +1-408-705-2240 Fax: +1-408-987-9665 E-mail: Branch Offices: INDIA ! Hyderabad ! New Delhi USA ! Dallas, Texas : ! ! ! Application Design and Development HMI for Main control and remote module Android/WinCE Application for Remote data and control via mobile Windows Application for Remote data and control via PC : ! ! ! : ! Software Design and Development Android / Embedded Linux/ Windows Embedded Firmware Board Support Package and Device drivers Sensor and third-party module integration Product Certifications and Deployment FCC, CE, ULcertification.


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