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Apple Inc. iWatch


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2. What is it?Apple Watch is a smartwatch created byApple Inc. 3. Design The watch has three collections, featuring two sizes(38 mm and 42 mm high) spread across 34 individualmodels. It has a pressure-sensitive touchscreenthat can distinguish between a tap and a press, andfeatures a dial called a digital crown, which can beturned to scroll or zoom and pressed to return tothe home screen. The watch also has a button fordisplaying a list of contacts and the straps can beeasily changed. 4. Features The Apple Watch can receive phone calls, iMessagesand Sms Texts. It can also track fitness, run-downloadedapps, control Apple TV, use Apple Pay andrun daily apps like weather, calendar, maps, etc. 5. Types of watches 6. OS Apple Watch will be running with Apples new WatchOS that is soon to be released for the early 2015.The Watch OS will support third-party applicationsand has numerous clock faces, and features such asSiri, maps, messages, fitness, and various remindersystems (clock, calendar, reminders, and notes). 7. Technology Apple Watch uses Apple's new S1 processor. It alsouses a linear actuator called the "Taptic Engine" toprovide haptic feedback when an alert or anotification is received. It is equipped with a built-inheart rate sensor, which uses both infrared andvisible-light LEDs and photodiodes. 8. Compatibility The watch is compatible with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone5S, iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus, running iOS 8, connecting via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4 9. Apple Watch specs: Charging Apple CEO Tim Cook has suggested that you'll needto charge your Apple Watch every night. "We thinkpeople are going to use it so much that you're goingto wind up charging it daily overnight Given my ownexperience and others around me, you're going towind up charging every day because you're using it somuch that it's going to need to be charged," 10. Siri to play key role in iWatch control Apple is working to open up Siri to developers, toenable integration with third-party apps. It'sbelieved that Siri will be a key feature of theiWatch. 11. Bibliography Wikipedia Macworld 12. END