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Mysteries enshrouded within the visionaries of ancient Hebrew prophecies provide for us explicit details of an age-long worship system in defiance of the law delivered by the deity YHWH upon Sinai-the mount of the Gods! Many views concerning the antichrist and Armageddon cannot hold water when visualized through the irreproachable enlightened scope of church history! Like all other ecclesiastical errors within the realm of eschatology-the futuristic theory of prophetic deciphering is another man-made blunder with no foundational biblical support. It is indeed a deceptive form of heresy conjured up by catholic Jesuits to take the spotlight off the office of the pontiff of Rome!


  • Apocalypse 1


    Exposing Satans Network By ~ Teddy Lee

  • Apocalypse 2

    Acknowledgments: the author acknowledges the Eternal One, who

    created the universe! YHWH - the Ancient of Days, and also, that,

    He revealed to me the historical method of understanding the

    prophecies of the books of Daniel and Revelation.

    Dedications: this book is dedicated to my fianc Patsy Smith.

    Special Notes:

    Note 1: The sacred tetragrammation - YHWH, and Yahweh, which

    is the Hebrew personal name for God, is used about 75% of the

    time throughout this book! The pronouns god, and lord, do not

    correctly specify the GOD of Israel! They were placed in our

    English version, as very weak substitutes, and others like Messiah,

    Most High, Ancient of Days, Eternal One, and Christ, are much

    more accurate!

    Note 2: It is of value to realize, that the futurists method of

    prophecy interpretation, was devised in the middle ages, by the

    Roman Catholic Jesuit Priests! It was in an effort to cast a veil over

    the character of the papacy, and place the final week of Daniel way

    off in the future, so as to hide the abominations of a pagan

    liturgical system!

    Copyright - 2008, by T-C-P, and BMI

    Written, processed, and edited by Teddy Lee Pugh

  • Apocalypse 3


    Chapter one ~ Captivitys Sword

    Chapter two ~ Yahwehs Servant

    Chapter three ~ Test of Worship

    Chapter four ~ To Convert A King

    Chapter five ~ Deadly Mixture

    Chapter six ~ Darius Decree

    Chapter seven ~ Little Horn Power

    Chapter eight ~ Abomination Of Desolation

    Chapter nine ~ Prophetic Framework

    Chapter ten ~ Seal Of YHWH

    Chapter Eleven ~ 7 Angels - 3 Angels

    Chapter Twelve ~ Michael Stand Up

    Chapter Thirteen ~ By Craft

    Chapter Fourteen~ Retribution

    Mini - Bio

    {Teddy Lee has been a student of the holy scriptures

    ever since he was old enough to walk inside his

    daddys church! Raised in a Pentecostal home, he

    learned the true meaning of the concepts of Love,

    serenity, and genuine concern for fellow humans. He

    cherishes all the revivals with his Dad, and all those

    late night bible studies. His main goal is to spread the

    message of the 3 angels of Revelation chapter 14!}

  • Apocalypse 4

    Teddy Pugh, Apocalypse


    The year is 2008, date is the 27th

    of March, and the place is my little mountain home

    in Leslie county Kentucky. The author is sitting, writing, and contemplating on, just what

    in the world, or out the world, could happen next in the land of the free and the home of

    the brave. Things are happening so fast, and there is so much going on, that, good ole

    American citizens just cant keep track of it all anymore! In the past decade there has an

    unprecedented amount of natural disasters, wars, drought, and more importantly political

    and economical upheaval on a global scale. It seems with each passing day world events

    unfold at a 7 fold speed, and that the countdown clock is moving faster toward the grand

    climax of the ages. Its just like someone has pulled the plug out of the drain of freedom

    and morality, so that everything that people once loved and cherished is swiftly swirling

    down the drain.

    Spiritual desolation is the key element that thoroughly exposes our current situation.

    As this book progresses one will see, that, Yahwehs people flourished as long as they

    kept his law of love, but when they began to tamper with pagan gods their crops failed,

    and they were driven from the land Yahweh had given them. Righteousness exalts a

    nation, but sin is a reproach to any people, proverbs, 14 and 34. The old testament

    prophets spoke of Israel as an unfaithful bride, or she was described as playing the harlot.

    She went a whoring after other gods! ( see Ezekiel chapter 23 )

    Believe it or not, but this is exactly the reason why America is being flushed down the

    drain! The same spiritual apostasy that brought about the destruction of Israel in 721

  • Apocalypse 5

    Teddy Pugh, Apocalypse

    B.C., and Judah in 606 B.C., is the same spiritual power, that has with time, brought us to

    the brink of global catastrophe! For thousands of years this spiritual power has been

    working hard to deceive the inhabitants of the earth, and bring about a final calamity!

    This power has been clearly identified in the Holy Canon. Is this power secretly working

    to bring about a new world order? The answer to that question is a dramatic yes!

    Hold on to your seat, or if youre standing grab on to something tight, because before

    this book is done there will be no question to who the beast power of Revelation is, what

    his mark is, and what the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation really mean. We will

    totally expose Satans underground network of iniquity, and understand why this great

    country is about to suffer the same fate as ancient Israel. It is all in the bible, so let us let

    the bible interpret the prophecies, in a way that was once held by our American


    Chapter One ~ Captivities Sword

    (Study Daniel chapter one, & Jeremiah chapter 52)

    A dark day cast no ray of hope, upon the walls, and the great city of Jerusalem.

    Despite the repeated warnings from Yahwehs prophets (Daniel, Jeremiah, Ezekiel ),

    Judah sank deep in apostasy due to the wickedness of their kings. All at once, over the

    horizon, is seen a massive army. It is the armies of Babylon, along with their commander

  • Apocalypse 6

    Teddy Pugh, Apocalypse

    in chief, king Nebuchadnezzar. Most all the inhabitants of Jerusalem are taken captive,

    and the entire city is the scene of the flames of perpetual devastation. The beautiful

    temple, erected and finished under the supervision of Solomon, is laid waste! This was

    the city and the site where Jehovah ( YHWH ), had intended through his people, to bring

    salvation to the pagan heathen nations. However, instead of converting the heathen, it

    was the heathen that corrupted, 1st Israel, and then Judah - even to the point of sacrificing

    their children to the sun god Moloch. The very God that had nurtured them, delivered to

    them sacred heavenly oracles, and fought hard to drive out the heathen from the land of

    Canaan, has now called this Nebuchadnezzar His servant, and has allowed Babylon to

    destroy what was once a light to the pagan world. Yahwehs people are now in Babylon,

    capitol city of the worlds dominating power.

    However, Yahweh never starts anything he cant finish! Along with the captives are 4 of

    Yahwehs soldiers; Hananiah, Mishael, Azariah, and a strong prophet called Daniel.

    After they are locked away in their quarters, there is presented to them a portion of the

    kings meat and wine, a mandatory diet for all the captives. The 4 Hebrews declined the

    food, telling the captain of the guards, that it is offensive to the diet of Yahweh. They cut

    a deal with him that if he would only serve them pulse (beans), and water to drink, that at

    the end of 10 days, if they didnt look healthier than all the rest in the kingdom, then do

    as you please with us. The 4 Hebrews came out on top, making a deal that would set the

    stage for a list of trials that would eventually allow Gods people to return and rebuild

    their home, and also lead to the conversion of king Nebuchadnezzar himself.

  • Apocalypse 7

    Teddy Pugh, Apocalypse

    The diet test was already a strong witness to the captain and his guards, but the test

    of worship and obedience to the law of Yahweh proves to be an amazement to both the

    political rulers, and the entire kingdom.

    Chapter Two ~ Yahwehs Servant

    (Study Daniel chapter two)

    Another deal is made between the unseen forces of good and evil, only this time the

    deal is made between Daniel and the king himself. King Nebuchadnezzar has conquered

    the known world, but for some reason he has decided to hold all of Judah hostage. He

    could have killed them, but he did not