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  1. 1. Skin and Hair care solutions basedon Ayurveda & AromatherapyWe, the people of Sattvik Organics, believethat a companys name should have animportant reason for existence. For us this reason is to work with the goal of makingquality & beneficial products for all. Webelieve that in order to best ensure thehealth of our clients.
  2. 2. Skin Care Treatment Range Anti Marks Serum Therapy for Spotless Skin Anti Marks Serum This is an ancient magical secret to significantly reduce the prevalence of pigmentation, blemishes, freckles & patchiness. Anti Marks Mask Glow Mask for Spotless Skin Anti Marks Mask This Papaya extract & enzyme based mask is ideal for pigmented & blemished skin with dark patches. Acne Cream Acne Treatment Therapy Acne Cream This Indian Alcess & Orange extracts enriched antiseptic cream detoxifies the infected areas. Acne Mask Acne Treatment Therapy Acne Mask This Sandalwood & Bengal Kino extracts enriched acne & pimple drying pack ensures that the infection is effectively healed and the affected area is driedto have an acne, pimple free smooth skin. Acne Powder Acne Treatment Powder Acne Powder This herbal powder is a special formulation that removes excess oil from the skin and heals acne & pimples very aesthetically. Acne Soap Acne Treatment Soap Acne Soap A sandalwood, Turmeric & Neem enriched antiseptic soap.
  3. 3. Hair Care Hair Loss Serum Treatment Serum Hair Loss Serum This non oily Ayurvedic preparation is a combination of natural growth ingredients likeAmla, Brahmi, Japa, Nagar Motha and other rare herbs that come together to revitalise andreplenish hair follicular growth and give you strong & healthy hair. Radiance Shampoo Revitalising Hair Cleanser Radiance Shampoo This aromatherapy based hair cleanser is a rich blend of exotic ingredients that not only cleansescalp tissues & hair follicles, but also restore lost nutrition due to exposure to sun and chemicalpollutants. Radiance Conditioner Replenishing Hair Conditioner Radiance Conditioner This Light-weight, non oily conditioner nourishes the hair follicles and moisturises hair strands.
  4. 4. Body Care Shape on Cream Anti Cellulite Cream Shape on Cream The Sattvik Shape on Cream is a revolutionary scientific breakthrough that activates the process of skin metabolism and burns out unwanted fat. Shape On Gel Anti Cellulite Gel Shape On Gel This miracle anti cellulite gel is formulated to shape up body curves by boosting metabolism and breaking down cellular fat. Shape On Oil Anti Cellulite Oil Shape On Oil The Sattvik Shape ON oil is a clinically-proven system that pioneers a unique approach for cellulite elimination. Foot Care Rehydrating Foot Cream Foot Care This organic foot cream is a useful blend of mint, almond and rose petal oil. Hand Care Nourishing Hand Cream Hand Care This gentle, light and non greasy cream keeps your hands soft and smooth while keeping your cuticles supple.
  5. 5. Skin Care Beauty Range Aloe Vera Gel Rehydrating Skin Therapy Aloe Vera Gel Aloe Vera is a world renowned plant for its cosmetic and medicinal properties. Eye Care Under Eye Cream Eye Care This aroma oils based formulation is enriched with potato extracts to gently remove under eye dark circles and sagging eye bags. Sun Ban Remedy for Sun Tan Removal Sun Ban This saffron & turmeric based cream is a one-of-its-kind formulation to remove epidermal sun tan. Saffron Care Revitalising Cream Saffron Care This oil free ayurvedic cream has anti-oxidising properties to protect, moisturize, nourish & stimulate skin cells. Gold Mask Revitalising Mask Gold Mask A nourishing face & body mask which improves skin texture and boosts skin renewal & hydration. Natural aroma oils soften skin and give it a naturalglow. Nutranite Age Defying Therapy Nutranite Based on the breakthrough nutramoist platform - this lustrous cream tightens skin, gives it an uplifting effect & delays the inevitable ageing process. Night Care Replenishing Night Cream Night Care This deep penetrating night cream firms, lifts and hydrates while stimulating cellular renewal and protecting skin against the days environmentalstressors.
  6. 6. Spa Soaps Aloe Vera Soap Anti-Ageing Moisturizing Soap Aloe Vera Soap This luxurious spa soap, blessed with aroma oils, is arefreshing treat for tired skin. Orange Scrub Soap Exfoliating Soap Orange Scrub Soap This exfoliating herbal soap is blessed with orange, oatmeal& almond extracts.