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Illustration portfolio of artist Anne Michelsen. Contents include: Watercolor illustration Digital illustration Drawings, including graphite and pen and ink illustration Anne Michelsen is a fine artist and illustrator living in central Illinois. The illustrator of "Prince the Surprise Horse," Anne is best known for her paintings and illustrations of horses and other animals. Follow Anne on Facebook at To inquire about hiring Anne as an illustrator or for commissioned fine art, please contact her at


  • 1. The Art of Anne Michelsen A Portfolio of Illustration

2. WatercolorThree illustrations fr 3. tions from a story by David Sklar 4. HorsesThe wind of heaven is that between a horses e 5. n is that which blows horses ears. ~Arabian proverb 6. Wild 7. Wild Animals 8. Portraits 9. Holi 10. Holiday 11. Florals 12. Still Life 13. Digital Illustration 14. Figures for the Partnership With Earth Foundati 15. oundation illustrated websiteApple Orchard Family 16. Hiker group 17. M 18. Music & dance group 19. Drawings 20. Portrait of Calvin Olafson, age 1 1/2 21. Line drawings for front and back 22. Apocalypse Cleanup Crew (T-Shirt design)Front (finished design - white ink and chalk on black paper) 23. Pen & 24. en & Ink Nature Illustration 25. My children as Elves 26. About Anne MichelsenAnne Michelsen was born with a crayon clenched in her fist. As soon as her mother found it, she snatched it away - and replaced it with charcoal pencils, kneaded erasers, good quality paintbrushes and watercolors in tubes. Anne spent the next 18 years putting them to good use, sketching and painting the natural world around her - especiallly horses. Her mother had to put up first with cave paintings on the walls, and then with unicorns painted on the fridge. Her mother was a good sport. When Anne grew up, she went to St. Olaf College, where she - naturally - majored in art. After graduating, she exhibted her watercolor and oil paintings and won awards both regionally in the Upper Midwest and nationally. Somewhere along the way Anne also learned to write. Today she works as a freelance copywriter, designer and illustrator, specializing in working with companies and nonprofits involved in building a more sustainable world.Contact Anne... inquire about her illustration services, or to commission a portrait or fine art piece: Email: Phone: 715-218-1373


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