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<ul><li> 1. THEANGLICAN USE GRADUALADAPTED BYC. DAVID BURT PARTRIDGE HILL PRESS MANSFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 2006</li></ul><p> 2. First Edition 2004Corrected Version, March 17, 2006 Printed byPartridge Hill PressMansfield, MA Copyright 2004All rights reserved.For permission to use this material obtained on line, contact 3. PREFACESince the reform of the Latin Rite in the 1960s, the use of a three-yearcycle for the Eucharistic Lectionary has necessitated a reorganization ofthe minor propers of the Mass. The Graduale Romanum published bySolesmes in 1979 has provided the Latin chant for the Mass, but therehas existed no English version.The great work of the Rev. G. H. Palmer and Francis Burgess, early in thelast century, to provide plainchant settings for the music of the liturgy,endowed the English-speaking world with a rich corpus of chant. It is tobe lamented that the Catholic Church did not draw on this heritage whenthe Mass began to be celebrated in the vernacular. The insistence onmodernized English made this impossible. At the same time, the An-glican Communion was engaged in its own liturgical upheaval, and inAmerica the traditional Book of Common Prayer was replaced by a liturgyusing more modern English. The Coverdale Psalter of the Prayerbookwas replaced with a modern English Psalter.This has all led to the desuetude of The Plainchant Gradual of Palmer andBurgess and The English Gradual of Francis Burgess. Nevertheless, thePastoral Provision for Anglicans in the Roman Catholic Church and themany traditionalist churches that use the Anglican liturgy havere-awakened the need for a revision of the Gradual in English.The present work follows the structure of the Graduale Romanum anddraws upon and occasionally incorporates the musicological work of Dr.Palmer (G.H.P.), Francis Burgess (F.B.), and Winfred Douglas (W.D.).This first edition gives the simpler chants in order to provide a practicalbook that can be used in most churches. Occasionally the ancient melo-dies adapted by Palmer are given as well. The American Gradual, edited byBruce Ford, gives the more complex traditional melodies set to the 1979Psalter text.While this work is intended for the Anglican Use in the Catholic Church,it is hoped that it will prove useful to Anglicans and to Catholics as well.C.D.B. 4. CONTENTSSeason of Advent5Season of Christmas 25Epiphany53Season of Lent61Holy Week 95Season of Easter 127Whitsunday 202Trinity Sunday 209Corpus Christi 213Ordinary Time217Christ the King375Commons379Propers395Votive 447For the Departed 454Common Tones 461Indices473 5. SEASON OF ADVENTFIRST WEEK OF ADVENTINTROIT Ad te levvi (G.H.P.)Ps. 25: 1-3 Cantors Fullviij. Bbbgb vb tsbvbvfb v vbGhcyg. ,b v[b v b G8bkb bhb bGYb b bFTb b bghgb tf,b b{bH8bv kbkbokb bKO?&gt;vb[U N-TO thee, O LORD,* lift I up my soul: O my God,Bbygv bcgvcgbv vfbv FYb ijvbuhbv[vkckv kbkbkvbygvg%v ghgv vg,c]v kv vbin thee have I trus-ted, let me not be con- found-ed; nei-Bkbkbkvghgv klkcuhckbkbkv gcgc[v YG I v vuhcv bhcfcvfb]v cv , therlet mine e- ne-mies tri - umph ov-er me:FINEBvygv Gb &amp;v vg,b b [bvF%cg,Hb kjb b klkb vbhjhv[b bG^cbvhb b byfb bygb vghg cg,v }for all they that look for thee shall not be a-sha-med.CantorsChoirBccgv b chcgijv bKOcb b kb bcb kb v b ]bv vkb ijb bv GYccbijccvv Ps. Shew me thy ways, O LORD: * and teach meCantorsFullBvvhcgb, b}cvgchc8G b b bc}bcgcvts cfc}ccccccvthy paths. Glo-ry be (2)*. Un- to thee,..., (etc.)* See tones for the Gloria Patri on p. 467 ff.5 6. PROPER of the SEASONThe Introit may be sung more simply thus:INTROIT Ad te levvi Ps. 25: 1-3 Cantorsvij.Vbdbygv v vUH v bv cvcccvv cccvbcc[v vcccvvcU N- TO thee, O LORD, lift I up my soul; O myVccccccccccv[v cccvv JOv vkcbv ijcv JI./v]God, in thee have I trusted, let me not be con- foun- ded: ChoirVvugcv HUcccccccccccccc[cccvcvnei- ther let mine enemies triumph over me; for all theyFINECantorsVvvccccccccvvj O v vjv hcvhbhbhbcrdc}vvcvygcvUH bm,that look for thee shall not be a- sham- ed. Ps. Shew me Choir CantorsVvlckcv jckcv ]v jcvgccvhcvfcdc}vcygv v UH v bbv ,mthy ways, O LORD: and teach me thy paths. Glo- ry beVbccccccccccc[vjv v lcvkv v jcvjcvk/v ]v v to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Ho- ly Ghost:6 7. FIRST WEEK of ADVENT ChoirVvugv HUcccccccc[v k/v ] As it was in the beginning, is now, and ev- er shall be: FullVvvjccvgcv hcbfcv vdcvdc}cbdbygv v UH v bv ccccv} m world with- out end. A- men.Un- to thee,..., (etc.)GRADUAL Universi qui te exspctant Ps. 25:3,4 Cantors Choirv. Vvbsv v fcv hcv jcvjcvhcvh.v v{v vfv v hchchcvjcv bFOR all they that look for thee: shall not be a- sham- CantorsVvvgv v hcvrd4b#@cv]v vsvb v vbvfv vcvhchcvjv vjvcvhcvhv. ]bv m ed, O LORD. Make known to me thy ways, O LORD:ChoirVvv hcvjv vcvgcvhcrd4b#@mc}cccccvccccvv vand teach me thy paths. 7 8. PROPER of the SEASONALLELUIA Ostnde nobis Ps. 85:8CantorsAllvj.BfbGYv v v FTcv tfcf,v ]v fbYG v vFTctfcfbfGYbihb6b%$btf,mv }v ccvb AL - LE- LU- IA. Al - le- lu- ia. Cantors ChoirBvvcfcvgcvcccvv g,v v h.v v ]cvcccccfcvcv Shew us thy mercy, O LORD:and grant us thy AllBvvYG v v gv, v fv, v}v vfbYG v vTF ctfcf bfYG bi hb6b%$btfvm, b}cccvcccsal- va- tion. Al - le- lu- ia.OFFERTORY Ad te, Dmine, levviPs. 25:1-3Cantorsij. Xvdv vbv brdv vD6v vv vccccccccc[v cccvcUN - TO thee O LORD, lift I up my soul; O my God;Xvcccccccccccvvygv bHUcbjv cbHUcv vh.c]cin thee have I trusted, let me not be con- foun- ded;ChoirXvvyfvcvFYv vv v cccccccccccvv [v vv ccNei- ther let mine enemies triumph over me; for all 8 9. FIRST WEEK of ADVENTXvvvccccccccccvjv vyfvhcv tdcfgfc}vvcv , they that look for thee shall not be a- sham- ed.COMMUNION Dminus dabit benignittem Ps. 85:13CantorsChoiri. Bvv v fv v GYcv v ccvcvHIcvhvcv vygv v vGY,c]vtfcGYv v .THE LORD shall shew lov- ing - kind- ness: and ourBchvcv hkhv gcvbvfv vfbfbfbv smvcc}ccccccvccc land shall give her in- crease. Verses from Psalm 85 may be sung.9 10. PROPER of the SEASON Second SUNDAY in ADVENTINTROIT Populus SionIsa. 30:19, 30; Ps. 80 Cantorsvij.Vbdbygv vHUv bv v cccvv[vcccccccccvv vcvbOPEO-PLE of Sion, behold the LORD is nigh atChoirVcvccccvJOccvkv bijv vJI./v]cvugv bHUcvvcccccbb hand to re- deem the na- tions: and in the gladness ofVvvccc[ccccccccccvvjcjcj O v v jv v hcyour heart the LORD shall cause his glo- ri- ous voice toFINE CantorsVvhbhbhbcrd,mc}vvcvygcvHUv vjccvlcckcvkv jcvjv kc]vb/be heard. Ps. Hear, O thou Shep- herd of Is- ra-el: ChoirCantorsVvvccccccgcvhcv fcdcdmc}vcygcvHUv bcbcvb thou that leadest Jo- seph like a sheep. Glo- ry beVbcccccccccccccvlcvkv vjcvjcv k/v ]v v to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Ho- ly Ghost:10 11. SECOND WEEK of ADVENT ChoirVvvugvHUcccccccccccccbv lcbkcbvj.cvk/c] As it was in the beginning, is now, and ev- er shall be:FullVcjccvgcv hcbfcv vdcvdmc}cbdbygv HUv bv ccccvb} world with- out end. A- men. O peo- ple..., (etc.)GRADUAL Ex SionPs. 50:2,3,5CantorsChoirv. Vvbsccvfcvvcccccjccj.cvbh.v {vhcjcv gv v bvbOUT of Sion hath God ap- pea- red: in per- fect CantorsVvvhcv rd4b#@mcv]vcvsvb v vfv v ccccccvvjv vjvchv v beau- ty. Ga- ther my saints to-ge- ther un- to ChoirVvvh.c]bvfcv vccccccccccccvvjv vgccbbv me: those that have made a covenant with me withVvvhvchcrd4b#@mcc}ccccccccccccccc sac- ri- fice. 11 12. PROPER of the SEASONALLELUIA Lttus sumPs. 122:1 CantorsAllvj.BfbGYv v v FTcv tfcf,v v]v fbGYv vFTctfcfbfGYbihb6b%$btf,mv v }vcv b AL- LE- LU- IA. Al - le- lu- ia.CantorsChoirBvv fv gcv cccccccccgv, v hv. ]v vcccccv I was glad when they said un- to me: we will go intoAllBvv hcfcv YG v v gv, v fv, v}v v vfbYG v vTF ctfcf bfYG bi hb6b%$btfvm, cv v}the house of the LORD.Al - le- lu- ia.OFFERTORY Deus tu convrtens Ps. 85:7,8 Cantorsij. Xvv vdv vbv rdv vD6cv cvcccccccccvvccv[vW ILT not thou turn again, O God, and quicken us; ChoirXvccccvv ygv vbHUcbjv vbHUcvhv v vh.c]cvyfcFYv vvcv bthat thy peo- ple may re- joice in thee: shew us thyXvxv vccccvv[v cccvjcvyfv hcvtdv fgf,c}vvccv mercy, O LORD; and grant us thy sal- va- tion.12 13. SECOND WEEK of ADVENTCOMMUNION Iersalem, surge Bar. 5:5; 4:36Cantorsi. Bfv v bGYcbvbhcv vhv [v vHIv vchcvhvcv hcvbygv vGY,c]ccv.JE- RU- SA- LEM, haste thee, and stand on high: ChoirBvvtfcGYvcccccccccc[v vcccccccvv and be- hold the joy and gladness that cometh unto theeBvvHb 8hcvbgcvbvfv fbfbfbv smvcc}cccccccccccvv from God thy Sa- viour.Verses from Psalm 147:12-20 may be sung.13 14. PROPER of the SEASONThird SUNDAY in ADVENTINTROIT Gaudte in Dmino Phil. 4:4-5; Ps. 85 Cantorsvij. Vbdbygv vHUv bv v vccccccccccccccvcv[R E- JOICE ye in the LORD, and again I say, rejoice ye;Vcccccccccccccccccc[cjcOJ cv v let your moderation be known unto all men, the LORD ChoirVvkvijv vJI./v v]v ugv bHUcvvccccccccccvv[vvccis at hand: be care- ful for nothing, nor troubled; butVvvccccccccccccccccccccccin all things, by prayer and supplication, with thanks-FINEVvvcv[vccccccccvvbj O v v vjv v vhcvhbhbhbv rdcv}vm, giving; let your requests be made known un- to God.CantorsChoirVvvcygcvHUvcccccccccvlcv kv vj.v vk/v ]cvcPs. LORD, thou art become gracious un- to thy land: thou 14 15. THIRD WEEK of ADVENTVvvcccccccccccvgvbhcfcdc}vcccvvc,m hast turned away the captivi - ty of Ja- cob. Cantors ChoirFullVvygv v HUcv cv ]v vugvUH cv cv v]v v bdbygv UH cv vccvvbv} Glo- ry be... (etc.) As it was... (etc.) Re- joice ye ... (etc.)GRADUAL Qui sedes, DminePs. 80:2-3Cantorsv. VvbscccfcvvcccccccccccccvcjcbSHEW thy- self, O Lord, thou that sittest up-on the ChoirVvv jcvbhch.v v{v hcjcvgv chcv v hcv rd4b#@mc]vccc Che- ru- bim; stir up thy strength and come. Cantors ChoirVvvcvsvb v fv v cccccvbjv bjvchv hv. {v v fcv hccvv v Hear, O thou Shep- herd of Is- ra- el; thou thatVvvhvchcvjcgv chv vhcvrd4b#@mc}cccccccccv lead- est Jo- seph like a sheep.15 16. PROPER of the SEASONALLELUIA Excita, Dmine Cantors Allvj.BfbGYv v v FTcv tfcf,v v]v fbGYv vFTctfcfbfGYbihb6b%$btf,mv cv v }vbA L- LE- LU- IA. Al - le- lu- ia.CantorsChoirBvv v fv gcv ccccvgv v hv. ]v v hcvfcv YG v v v gv, v fv, } Stir up thy strength, O Lord: and come and help us.AllBvv v vfbGYv vFTctfcfbfGYbihb6b%$btf,mv b}cccccccccvcvAl - le- lu- ia.OFFERTORY Benedixsti, Dmine Ps. 85:2 Cantorsij. Xvdv vbvrdv vcvD6cccccccccccccvc[b v O LORD thou art become gracious unto thy land;Xvcccccccccccchcygv bHUvbjv vbHUchc]cbv .thou hast turned away the cap- ti- vi- ty of Ja- cob:ChoirXvvyfcvFYcvvccccccvjcv yfv vhv vtdv vfgf c}vvcv ,Thou hast forgiven the of- fence of thy peo- ple. 16 17. THIRD WEEK of ADVENTCOMMUNION Dcite: PusillnimesIsa. 35:4 Cantors Choiri.Bfv v GYcbcccvcv vHIv hv hcv ygv vGY.,c]v vtfcGYv v vhv bSAY to them that are of a fear- ful heart: Be strong, fearBbbvc[cccvccccHb 8hcgcvbvfv v fbfbfbv smvccccv} not; behold your God will come and save you. The Second Song of Isaiah, Qurite Dominum may be sung.PROSE Rorte, cli Cantorsi. Bbccbfcv GYcchclcvkvcvvijchcy.g,c{cccccDROP down, ye hea-vens, from a-bove, * ChoirBhv vjcvhcvhcvtfcv dccfccesccvsmcc}cccand let the skies pour down right - eous - ness. CantorsBcvfcgcv vhcvygchvvHUcvhcvhcv[vccccccc1. Be not wroth ve - ry sore, O LORD, neither remember 17 18. PROPER of the SEASONBhcvhcvgv vjv vhv tfcvfv ]v hvbjcvkcccccccvbv in - i - qui - ty for ev - er: thy ho - ly cities are a wilder-Bvkc{v vkckv KOv kb bijv v vhvcvhc]vfcvGYcvccccvc ness, Si - on is a wil - der - ness, Je - ru - sa - lem aBbUG cvhcvygvcfv]v ccvccvvcchccgv v kv vib&amp;b^v {vde - so - la - tion: our holy and our beau - ti - ful house,ChoirBvHUvcvhcvtfcdccfcvescvsc}cvfcvGYccccc} where our fa- thers prais-ed thee. Drop down.... (etc.)CantorsBcvvfcgcvv ccccccccccvvHUcv vhc{vhcv2. We have sin - ned, and are as an un - clean thing, andBhv vgv vjv vhv vgv gv fv ]v hv vbjccccccccccvbv we all do fade as a leaf: and our in - i - qui - ties, like theBvccvkv v lv v vkb bijv hvchc]v fcv YG cvhcvfcgvccv wind, have ta - ken us a - way; thou hast hid thy face 18 19. THIRD WEEK of ADVENTBvvtfcfv ]v fcv gccccccvhcvHUvcvhc6b%b$ccvv from us: and hast consumd us, be - cause of our ChoirBdcvfcvescvsc}ccvfcvYG ccccccccccc} in - i - qui -ties. Drop down.... (etc.) CantorsBcfcgcvv cccccccccvv[vccccccc3. Ye are my witnesses, saith the Lord, and my servantBchv v gv kv v vijvchc{v hv v vhcvhcv lv v v kb bjv v hvc whom I have cho - sen: that you may know me and be-Bvygvcfv]vhvbjcvkclvkcbuhv hcv{v hcvhcv hcv hccv lieve me: I, e - ven I, am the Lord, and be - side meBvhcvbUG chcygcfcv]v fccGYcccccccvvhcbUH v there is no Sa - viour: and there is none that can de - li -ChoirBvhv 6b%b$vdcvrdv sc}ccvfcvGYccccccccvv bc} ver out of my hand.Drop down.... (etc.) 19 20. PROPER of the SEASON CantorsBcvfccvYG chcvhccvhcvgckcbijcv hv{v hchcv lv v4. Com - fort ye, com - fort ye my peo - ple, my sal - va -Bvkbcbbjv v vhv vygcfv ]vhvbjvcvkcv kcvkcKOv kv bijccv tion shall not tar - ry: I have blot - ted out as a thickBhcv [v hctfcv bGUcchcv]v vlcbijchcgv hcvFTccv cloud thy trans - gres - sions: Fear not, for I will saveBvrdc]v fv GYv okv bjchvcvygcvfc{v hcvhcvhchchcv v thee: for I am the Lord thy God, the Ho - ly One of ChoirBvbUH chcvhcvtfcdcvrdccsc}cvvfcvYG ccccvv v}Is - ra - el, thy Re - deem - er.Drop down.... (etc.)20 21. FOURTH WEEK of ADVENT Fourth SUNDAY in ADVENTINTROIT Rorte, cli Isa. 45:8; Ps. 19 Cantorsvij.Vbv dbygvcHUv bv v ccccccvvcv[ccccccvvbDROP down, ye heavens, from above, and let the skiesChoirVcvjcv JOcckccbijv vcvJI./v v]v ugv vbHUv vccccvvbcb pour down righ - teous - ness: let the earth open, FINECantorsVvjcv j O v v vjv v vhchbhbhbv rdc}vccvvygv UH v ccccvv m,and bring forth a Sa - viour.Ps. The hea- vens declareChoirVvvjcvlcckv jv v k/c]vbvccccccccjcv gccvthe glo - ry of God: and the firmament show - eth CantorsVvhv vfcv vdcvdmc}vcygcvHUv bcbcvcccccccvvbhis han - di - work. Glo- ry be to the Father, and to the ChoirVbvjcv jcvlcvkv v jcvjcvk/v ]v v ugvUH cccccccvv Son, and to the Ho- ly Ghost: As it was in the21 22. PROPER of the SEASON ChoirVvvccccccccvvlcbkcbvbj.cvk/c]v vjcv vgcv hv b beginning, is now, and ev- er shall be: world with- out FullVvbfcv vdcvdmc}cbdbygv v HUv bv v ccccccccvvbc} end. A- men.Drop down, ye heavens, ...(etc.)GRADUAL Prope est DminusPs. 145:18, 21Cantorsv. Vvbcscvfcvvccccccccccvhcjcvj.cvbh.v {bT HE LORD is nigh unto all them that call up - on him: ChoirVvfv vcccccvhccjcvgv v bhccvhcvrd4b#@cv]vcv m yea, all such as call up - on him faith - ful - ly.CantorsVvvcvsvb v vfv vcvcccccvhccjv vjvch.v ccccbb My mouth shall speak the praise of the LORD: ChoirVvfcvvccccccccvvhcv jv vgchvchcrd4b#@mcv } and let all flesh give thanks un - to his ho - ly Name.22 23. FOURTH WEEK of ADVENTALLELUIA Veni, Dmine Cantors Allvj.BfbGYv v v FTcv tfcf,v v]v fbGYv vFTctfcfbfGYbihb6b%$btf,mv cv v }vbAL- LE- LU- IA. Al - le- lu- ia.Cantors ChoirBvv v fv cvgcvcccvvhcv gv vhv. ]v vcccccvcv v Come, O LORD, and tar - ry not: forgive the misdeeds AllBvfcvYG v v gv, v fv, v}v v fbYG v vTF ctfcf bfYG bi hb6b%$btfvm, ccccvv}of thy peo - ple.Al - le- lu- ia.OFFERTORY Ave, MaraLk. 1:28 Cantorsij. Xvv vdv vbv rdv vD6ccvccvv v ygv v bHUcbjv vbHUcv vh.c]v H AIL Ma - ry,...</p>