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Summary of my work with Capricorn Expedition, Outback Camel Company and Australian Desert Expeditions.


<ul><li> 1. Straight across Australiafrom west to eastfollowing the Tropic ofCapricorn.Across the Little Sandy,Gibson and SimpsonDeserts.One man, three camelsand a dog. No vehicleback-up.Raising funds for theRoyal Flying DoctorService.</li></ul> <p> 2. The Expedition began onAnzac Day 1999 on theshores of the Indian Oceanin Western Australia . . . and finished at the Pacific Ocean 229 days later. 3. Expedition Stats:Coast to coast distance along the TOC - 3780 kilometresTotal distance actually walked 4637 kilometresTotal days 229Actual walking days 187 with an average distance per day of 24.7 kmsGreatest distance in one day 49 kilometresTotal number of days without seeing anyone 84Weight loss 19 kilogramsThe last day walking along the pacific ocean beach, December 10th. 4. Departure day April 25th 1999The last dune in the Simpson Desert 5. In the Little Sandy Desert, Western Australia 6. Meeting schoolkids at Newman, WA 7. On the move 8. Typical camp this one in the MacDonnell Ranges, NT 9. Using the HF Radio 10. Morgan at Durba Hills, WA 11. Outside the Australian Stockmans Hall of Fame in Longreach 12. Wash-time! 13. The drought in the Simpson Desert, QLD 14. Termite mounds in the Simpson Desert, NT 15. Shadows of Capricorn 16. Full Moon camp, WA 17. Meeting schoolkids at Bluff State School, QLD 18. The way ahead. This was my view from the dashboard as I walked across the vast Little Sandy Desert in WA 19. Near Rockhampton 20. Filling a container of Indian Ocean seawater on Day 1 . . .and pouring that water into the Pacific Ocean on day 229 21. I now own the Outback Camel Company which conducts commercial treks &amp; expeditions of discovery across all of our great deserts . . .and am Founder &amp; Managing Director of Australian Desert Expeditions,a Registered Environmental Organisation,conducting ecological &amp; scientific surveys. 22. Approximately 70% of Australia is termed arid or semi arid with the ten recogniseddeserts comprising 18% of the mainland. Nearly three-quarters of Australias biodiversity is yet to be identified and 45% of the mainlandhas never been comprehensively surveyed by scientists.* *Source: Bushblitz 2010 The Outback Camel Company and Australian Desert Expeditionshave walked tens of thousands of kilometres actively exploring the:Simpson Desert 176,500 kmGreat Sandy Desert 284,993 kmGibson Desert 156,000 kmLittle Sandy Desert 111,500 kmSturt Stony Desert 29,750 kmStrzelecki Desert 80,250 kmNullarbor 270,000 kmGreat Victoria Desert 424,400 km 23. OUTBACK CAMEL COMPANYDesert Treks &amp; Expeditions Established 1976 . 24. The Outback Camel Companys signature journey is theSimpson Desert Expedition a complete crossing of the desert from west to east, each expedition blazing a new path across the dunes.adventure and hard eco-tourism at its very best.Ive learned a lot about the Simpson, a lot about people, and most especially, a lot about myself the essence of real enriching travelAlan Lane, 2000 25. The Simpson Desert ExpeditionNorthern Territory to Queensland Distance (as the crow flies) roughly 400 kilometres Sand dunes to cross about 900Actual distance walked more like 550 kilometresAmount of water loaded at departure 1364 litresPercentage of the journey that is uphill more than 70Australias horizontal Mount Everest 26. OUTBACKCAMEL COMPANYDesert Treks &amp; Expeditions 27. AUSTRALIAN DESERT EXPEDITIONSScientific &amp; Ecological Surveys Established 28. Corporate PartnersFoundation SupportersAnita &amp; Luca Belgiorno-Nettis FoundationRobyn Davidson author &amp; explorerJohn Wilkinson - cameleerRobyn Williams journalist &amp; science broadcaster 29. Australian Desert Expeditions uses a camel teamto explore &amp; survey the desertwhich since 2008 has seen record rains and floods. 30. Australian Desert Expeditions was established in 2007 conducting their first Scientific Expedition . . . 31. DiprotodonGenyornisGenyornisEmuMegafauna Research Expedition 32. SIMPSON DESERTARCHAEOLOGICAL EXPEDITION 2008 33. 2009 Eyre Creek Ornithological &amp; Botanical Survey Trek in the footsteps of Charles Sturt 34. 2009 Kalamurina Sanctuary Ecological Survey 35. QueenslandEthabuka Ecological Survey Trek 2010 36. Ethabuka Ecological Surveys 2011</p>