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  1. 1. Andrew Goodwin Genre Theory
  2. 2. Andrew Goodwin is a theorist within media, and he believes
  3. 3. Within music videos you get close ups of the main singer within music videos and there are often dancers in the foreground of many shots.
  4. 4. Music Genre Characteristics. Typical of a rap music video; close ups, low key lighting, setting is a club. Typical of a pop music video; wide shots, colourful costume, high key lighting. Typical of an indie music video; low key Lighting, wide shots focused on the band, instruments.
  5. 5. Voyeuristic treatment of the female body.
  6. 6. Relationships between visuals and lyrics. Dont feel like picking up my phone. Throw my hands in my pants. I just wanna lay in my bed.